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Vampire Knights – 3

April 30, 2008

Finally it happened, man this episode was scarier than I thought it would be.

Vampire Knights

So, the principal sends Yuuki and Zero to do a spot check on the student’s dorms. In the Moon Dorm, the dorms which the night class students stay in, Kaname is helping with the spot check. Aidou’s things get confiscated. In the day class dormitories, Yuuki is collecting illegally taken photos of the night class and ends up with a bag full of photo albums. She spots Zero outside the dorms. AS she approaches him, he quickly hides his blood tablets, but not before Yuuki notices him hiding something.

They then proceed to inspect the Moon Dorms. However, before they enter Yuuki aks Zero to show her whats in his pocket. Yuuki trips intentionally and manages to grab the blood tablets from Zero’s pockets but he furiously grabs it back and storms out of the moon dorms with Yuuki on his tail.

In town, Yuuki continues her search for Zero but her fears and memories of being attacked by vampires keep her on edge. She sees a small kid whose balloon is stuck in a tree and gets It down for him, but before she can give the balloon back to him the kid runs away. She chases after him and eventually finds the kid in front of a bell tower. The kid turns out to be a vampire and attacks her. Zero, who is in a shop nearby hears her screams and runs after her only to be attacked by another female vampire. She calls him her comrade which shocks Zero and makes him fir his Bloody Rose, killing the vampire immediately. He sees the kid and recognizes him as ‘Ichiru’ before the kid runs away into the bell tower.

In the bell tower Yuuki is cornered by the child vampire. Yuuki fights back but her attacks don’t do any harm to the vampire. However, she is saved in the nick of time by Kaname who laments on the poor state of the child before finishing him off. He tells her to go back to the dorms and that the smell of her blood is to dangerous. Zero, who is hiding just tries to control himself.

My thoughts;

So even though it’s just th third episode we got some major development. As we all knew Zero was going to turn into a vampire, so him biting Yuuki was bound to happen. What we didn’t know was that only pure bloods can turn other humans into vampires and that non-purebood vampires bred by reproducing. Now whats impressive.

What does this mean? It means we get a chance for Zero to not infect Yuuki and turn her into a vampire, which in  my opinion would make a far nicer story. Anyway, with this episode ending on such a gripping cliffhanger I’m so waiting for the next episode to come out. So, until then!


Allison To Lillia – 3

April 27, 2008

I like totally knew he was gonna die. The show just seems to gain depth as it goes. Thats awesome!
Allison To Lillia

Allison and Wil approach the base. Outside a hangar, Second Lieutenant Ker Benedict asks a lady soldier out for lunch, but is stopped by his commanding officers. We then see the old man in the dungeon of a castle in the base. Ker asks whats going on as officers exit the cell but is denied any information. He is told the old man is a spy.

Outside the base, Allison and Wil approach the barricade. They are mistaken as warrant officers of the Royal Guard. Upon asking for a tour they are led to the interior of the castle.

In his cell, the old man remembers his past. In his younger days, he saw the ‘treasure’ and questions himself about his understanding of it. Allison and Wil then reach the cell. Upon seeing the old man Allison commands the guards to get the old man a blanket. The old man thanks them and asks for a pin. He then asks the two to make a run for it. Surprisingly Allison and Wil run into Benedict, who hides them after hearing the footsteps of the guards. It appears as though he was the person who wrote the love letter to Allison in episode 1. They explain that they’re looking for the treasure to end war.

Back in the cell, the old man uses the pin to unlock the doors and knocks out the two guards. After taking a gun he runs off after the two. Back to Allison, Wil and Benedict. Suddenly the alarm rings. While Benedict tries to find out whats going on, Allison and Wil escape into the sewers. There they meet up with the old man who tells them the location of the treasure just in case. They go through a secret door which leads to a basement facing the hangars and make a run for it.

They are forced to duck behind walls because of enemy gunfire. The old man asks Wil and Allison to go on ahead and that he’ll catch up later. He also asks them to take credit for the treasure if they find it and announce it to the whole world. When Allison and Wil leave on a seaplane the old man shoots at a few barrels of oil to detonate it, but gets shot in the process. AS he lays dying he remembers his comrades. Just before he dies he pleads Benedict. The commanders of the base ask Benedict to shoot down the plane but tells his second in command to get another plane to tail him. He is ordered to kill Benedict if he does anything out of order.

In the sky Allison and Wil mourn for the old man but Wil says they have to honour his last wish by finding the treasure themselves.

My thoughts;

A sad episode indeed. I won’t lie to you but I expected the old man to die the moment I he talked about the treasure in episode one. However, its not a wasted death, his final apology to his comrades while tearing was a real clincher for me and like I said earlier, the seriousness level of this anime just went up again.

So it seems the preview shows the treasure to be some sort of ancient pictures. What a totally priceless treasure! I’m quite amazed at the thought put into thew treasure. I won;t say I expected it to be some superweapon or something, but I would never have expected the treasure to be history! Now they can clear up the mess concerning which country is indeed the origin. My guess is that both countries have the same lineage.

So, as you may have guessed, I’m REALLY looking forward to the next episode. So until then!

OPs of the Spring Season Lineup

April 26, 2008

So being the musicaholic (<<<does not exist in the dictionary) that i am. I decided to make a little post about the OP themes that I feel are really worth mentioning this season. I get all my videos from youtube and in no way take credit for posting any of these!

First up, Triangular by Maaya Sakamoto. This is the OP of Macross Frontier.

This one is the full version.

This one is the OP edited version.

Now. I don’t know about you but i think this song rocks. It totally gives the opening the stellar feeling that the show exudes. Now, I’ve always liked Maaya’s work and this is no exception. The only real thing I have to complain about the original video is that I can make no sense of the video. Chairs and a giant triangle? I dunno lawl. What I can make sense of however, is the title of the song. The triangle obviously reflects the pain of being in a three way relationship!

Secondly, Forever We Can Make It by thyme. This is the OP oh To Love-ru.

Full version

Anime Edit

Seriously, what can capture the essence of teenage alien girls in love? It seems this song has done just that. Now, I’m not watching To Love-ru because of my distaste of anime with too much fanservice but I totally couldn’t pass this song. Energy, J-rock and the like? Awesome!

Last but not least, the Opening theme of Itazura Na Kiss (of which at the moment I have no idea what its called)

Do I need to say anything at all about this song? This is probably the song I like the most out of all the three. I’m a total sucker for jazzy upbeat songs. It also gives Itazura Na Kiss the retro feel its supposed to have. So fangirl squeal anyone? (Im a guy btw)

So, these are the songs I happen to like this season. Now, this is just my opinion so don’t flame me if you think otherwise. Hope you enjoy all the songs you listen to this season too!

Itazura Na Kiss – 3

April 26, 2008

Wow, I really love this anime! Its quickly turning out to be one of the best of this season.
Itazura Na Kiss
Kotoko is in bed, in tears after what happened before. She manages to cry herself to sleep before Irie comes into her room saying the bath is empty. He sees the love letter Kotoko wrote on the bed and reads it.

Next morning, Kotoko gets ready for the sports meet. Over breakfast Irie’s mother is ecstatic about the sports meet and promises to take pictures. Kotoko and Irie will be taking 2 events each, one of which they are competing against each other, the boys girls mixed relay.

In school all the classes are out on the track. Class F seem to be making the most noise while the class A guys were very unenthusiastic even to the point of studying. Jinko points out that there is one really big board on the other side. To her dismay, kotoko notices its the Irie family and father, who are cheeing for them.

In the boys 100 meter race, Kin says he’ll never lose to Irie. Much to Kotoko’s surprise Irie does lose to Kin. Next up is the 3rd year girls borrowing race, in which Kotoko takes part in. She finds that she has to search for ‘the one she loves’. Embarrassed she tries to ask Irie to be her race partner, but because of his stare picks Irie’s father instead. They get last place.

After the race, Kotoko finds Irie and says that she was surprised that he lost in the 100 meters relay. He just says that he wasn’t trying his best, which makes Kotoko angry. She calls him a sore loser and challenges him to race his best in the relay race to which he agrees.

Later, In the 3rd year boys-girls mixed relay, Satomi is the first runner. The race continue till Kotoko takes the lead. She is ahead of both class A and E and thinks that if this keeps up Irie won;t even be able to run. However, when she sees Irie in the distance holding his hand out for class A’s baton runner she enters one of her fantasies and crashes into Kin, who ask her what she’s doing. Snapping back to reality she quickly passes the baton to Kin. As he runs Irie catches up to Kin and in the final 50 meters of the lap overtakes him.

While watching Kotoko gets pushed, loses her balance and falls onto the track. Irie, who doesn’t have enough time to step away, trips and falls on Kotoko. He gets worried after she doesn’t reply for a while but when. When she does reply, he takes her to the nurses office. When Kin asks him to hand over Kotoko, he refuses. This makes Kin say Irie’s winning was an accident, to which Irie gives the sore loser taunt Kotoko gave him just now.

Back at home the Irie family and Kotoko’s father are watching a replay of the mixed rally much to Irie’s annoyance. Irie’s mom just says that they look really matching together. Kotoko blushes, while Irie just says thats stupid, which makes Kotoko angry and denies it too. Irie then sarcastically replies that he though Kotoko was interested in him because of the letter she wrote. He then begins to recite it. Be fore he can finish it Kotoko slaps him and calls him terrible.

Irie’s mother aks if Kotoko wrote that letter, to which she says yes. Before the family can react, Kin suddenly barges into the house much to everyones surprise. Kin says that Marriage isn’t a possibility because Irie hates Kotoko. However, Iries just replies that may not be so, after all peoples tastes may change with time. Outside Jinko and Satomi hear what Irie said and stare at each other.

The next day in school. Irie calls Kotoko out of class again. He shows her picture of them together, this time it shows Irie proposing to Kotoko. Irie wonders why people keep drawing this ‘nonsense’ but Kotoko quotes what he said the night before, about hearts changing. Irie, obviously flustered, says that he just did that to annoy Kin but Kotoko just walks of smiling with Irie on her tail.

My thoughts;
I totally gave the dreaded fangirl squeal this episode. Talk about nice pacing and development!

So in this episode we see and improvement in the relationship of Kotoko and Irie. He actually carried her to the nurses office which to me is some definite improvement. Add that to what he said to Kin at night and we have a settled deal.

What caught my interest was the fact that Kotoko stood up to Irie this time. I gotta say that the slap must have made him come to his senses. I wonder if thats what prompted him to say that hearts change to Kin. Loving it!

Anyway, I totally can’t wait for the next episode, I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. Until then chao everyone!

Vampire Knights – 2

April 24, 2008

Time for another vampire knights post!

Vampire Knights

Zero is coughing violently as a blood tablet drops into a sink. Elsewhere Kaname says its already too late.

Valentines day is approaching and everyone is excited about it. Yuuki is asked whether she will give any chocolate to Kaname, she replies she hasn’t thought about it. Some of the guys vote Zero to be the one to receive the most chocolates in the day class, but he stares them down.

In the principal’s office, the principal is alright with having a valentines day, much to Zero’s dismay. The principal still believes that they will be able to instill values into the young vampires. Zero then leaves for lunch.

Yuuki has a flashback about her first encounter with Zero. The chairman brings a young Zero into his house with Yuuki watching. She tries to clean Zero up and notices a huge bloodstain. Zero is in shock and Yuuki notices that.

Next evening, the night class students are about to leave their dorms, and the ground are packed with day school girls. Kaname asks Zero if he’s fine and asks him to take care of himself. Zero replies that if Kaname wants to start anything he’ll be ready.

That night Yuuki is making her own chocolate for valentines, while elsewhere Zero is in pain. He pulls out a blood tablet but quickly throws it away. The chairman arrives and seeing Zero, says that he shouldn’t push himself. Zero just asks him to shut up.

The next evening, Zero says its time for them to escort the night class. Yuuki feels that Zero is acting weird. At the dorms, the vampires are getting ready for their classes. For the chocolate giving event, stands have been set up for the night class students to receive their chocolates. When they finish receiving all the chocolates, Kaname and the rest of the vampires leave. Zero notices that Yuuki missed her chance to give Kaname her chocolates and throws her chocolate to Kaname, who says he’ll keep it.

At night, Kaname notices that Aidou and the rest of the vampires are missing. Out on the grounds, Zero is suddenly surrounded by Aidou and a few others. Kain tries to stop them but gets thrown to the ground by Zero. As Aidou and Kain gear up their elemental powers, Yuuki jumps in and stops them.

Back in the day class dorms, Yuuki finds Zero wet the bathroom. She tries to dry him off and gives him some of her own chocolate, to which he makes a funny face. Zero suddenly spots Yuuki’s neck, puts his hand on her shoulder but manages to control himself. He immediately leaves. Yuuki however, finds a blood tablet on the floor and is puzzled.

In the night class dorms, Kaname is reprimanding the vampires for nearly starting a fight. However, he says that ever since an incident 4 years ago, Zero is no longer the same. In another bathroom, Zero is holding a glass of blood-dissolved water and starts couching violently.

My thoughts;
Well, well, a not so standard valentines day episode? Nice! =D

So things seem to be picking up this episode. I can tell that Zero is very, very close to losing it. Just the fact that he keeps avoiding eating those blood tablets is a bad enough signal. Kaname also seems to know that Zero is losing his cool. Other that that I’ve got nothing to add, though I get the feeling that the next episode will reveal many things.

Anyway, todays review is pretty standard xD
Looking forward to it to the next episode!

Genshiken Manga

April 22, 2008

Well I just finished reading Genshiken the other day. I know its been out a while, and I know theres a Genshiken anime out there too, but my reviews are solely manga based ( I didn’t watch the anime though xD)

This manga was written by Kio Shimoku and has 9 volumes. So a manga about otaku? (Do i need to add an ‘s’ there? I’m not too sure) Sounds right up my alley!

Anyway, a simple synopsis. The manga is basically about the Genshiken, or The Society for Modern Visual Culture, its members and the stuff they do. An uninteresting premise you say? Well that really depends on what you think of the otaku culture. The first book begins with Kanji Sasahara (otaku), who is finding a club to join in his campus, and Saki Kasukabe (NOT OTAKU), accompanying her boyfriend Kousaka (otaku) who is joining the manga club. Someway or another, Sasahara and Kousaka end up joining the Genshiken.


From there on, they begin their descent into otakuness and total whacked up fun.

Now, this manga contains elements that I totally disagree with such as erotic themes, homosexuality, and a whole host of other things that would make most people either cringe or stare hard. I’m in the cringe category. However, I realize that to each his own and that the manga focuses on other more serious matters such as obsession, loneliness and the longing to love and be loved in return.

Timeline wise, I would say that the manga covers a few years of the characters lives. We get to see what happens when some characters graduate, for example Madrame who just can’t seem to leave the Genshiken. Apart from separation issues, we’re also bombarded with many, many, many sexual references. We see Sasahara with his obsession for eroge ( porn games) and the entire Genshiken constantly shopping at the seasonal comic conventions just to pick up doujinshi ( filled with porn >_<). I mean the entire Genshiken room is filled with those.

Of course the main focus of the manga is to show otaku culture in all its ‘glory’. No holds barred. Sections are given to items such as cosplay, doujinshi and anime. Ohno is one good example; with her cosplay and acts of enforcing it on everyone (Mostly Saki and Ogiue xD). Madrame, Sasahara and the rest of the gang fit very nicely under the doujinshi category with their endless splurging on manga and anime related merchandise.

GenshikenGenshiken Chp19 24

However, besides the aim of the artist to show the otaku culture for what it is, I believe that he also intended to show that everyone, anyone, even otaku want acceptance. These guys are basically considered outcasts of society and are looked down upon. Take for example Saki, who says she can’t stand otakus and doesn’t want to be associated with them or Oguie who says she hates otaku ( though she is one). Over time though, these people learn that friendship and love aren’t only bound to stereotypes. I could really feel the emotional struggle and pain that these people were going through.

Which brings me to the the bad habits that these people sometimes try to hide. One good example would be Ogiue, who has a thing for guy on guy action (if you know what I mean >_<). She tries very hard to hide it and because of a past experience doesn’t open up to anyone (initially). However after time, we end up seeing relationships and bonds building between these people. its quite a touching story.
GenshikenGenshiken Chp47 109

Though, this brings me to another thing I disagree with about this manga. Instead of changing, the characters just accept all their bad habits. I personally feel that the message should be to change for the better rather than accepting the bad stuff. Thats just me though.

Anyway overall this manga was a really good read, with comedy, touching moments and the like. It reminded me of a few other manga I read with the same theme, for example; welcome to the NHK. Although that one was way more extreme. So, give Genshiken a try and if you’ve read this far, congratulations to you! No prizes though xD

Allison To Lillia – 2

April 20, 2008

Yeah, I know I’m late with this post too. Anyway, Screenshots as usual.

The episode starts with Allison and Wil flying across the Lutoni River into Sou Beil. While flying they get attacked by a fighter plane. Without weapons Lillia decides that their best shot at escaping is to fake a crash. Using a smoke bomb they try to fake a crash, but end up crashing anyway.

They manage to escape from the wreckage and eat breakfast as the sun rises. Wil says that Allison had always been rash; doing things without thinking them through and getting him in trouble, not that he minds though. While talking a little they spot a fawn. While approaching it, the mother attacks and injures Wil, making him lose consciousness. Allison tries to find help and ends up at a cottage further along a forked road. There she meets a lady, Mrs Radia, who notices at once that Wil is injured. She then invites them into the house.

Later Wil is asleep in a bedroom recovering from his injuries, while Mrs. Radia is talking with Allison. When she hears Allison talking about the treasure she calls them foolish. Apparently, the treasure belonged to a general who lost his gold nuggets and so far many people have been searching for it.

At night will is awake. Allison apologizes and says that she will listen to what Wil says from there on. Wil, on the other hand says that its okay because Allison was able to realize his dream of seeing for himself what Sou Beil was like. Embarrassed, Allison says shes going to sleep outside. Wil offers her half of the bed shes using and they go to sleep. Later that night Mrs. Radia enters the room and tucks the sleeping duo in. While doing so, Wil and Allison thank her in their sleep calling her Mrs. Moot, their old orphanage mistress. Mrs. Radia is shocked.

Next morning Wil wakes up and talks to Mrs Radia. She asks if Wil they know Mrs Moot. He answers that he and Allison were brought up in Mrs. Moot’s orphanage. Wil was abandoned there and Allison was orphaned there after her father died in the war. Mrs. Radia says that Mrs. Moot was a well known noble and called a traitor for defecting to Roxche to start an orphanage. When asked how Mrs. Moot was doing, Wil answers that she had already passed away. Wil questions Mrs. Radia why she lives so close to the border and she answers that she does so to meet any enemy that tries to invade her country in revenge of her two sons. While Wil goes to gather firewood, Mrs. Radia accidentally calls him Levin, her dead son.

Allison wakes up and finds both Wil and Mrs. Radia getting breakfast ready. While carrying her jacket, her identification plate fell off. Wil remembers the old man saying something earlier while looking at Allisons jacket. He realizes that the old man was telling the truth and says that he wants to find him. Mrs. Radia interrupts the two and says that they should go home. Wil says that they can’t since the treasure had the potential to end the war. Stunned, Mrs. Radia brings out two old uniforms which belonged to Tims and Levin, her sons. She gives it to Wil and Allison saying that if her sons were alive they would probably have joined the two in their quest too. She also gives Wil a gun while saying that the uniforms are high ranked and would allow the two to get into any rural base without question.

Later, Wil and Allison leave on a truck. From afar, Mrs. Radia talks to Tims and Levin in her heart, saying that she hated the people of Roxche for killing them, but notes that there are people who are out to end the war from that side too. Allison and Wil head out to the base.

My thoughts;
Another great episode. Theres definitely some chemistry going on between Wil and Allison thats for sure. I think this sort of innocent outlook really gives the theme of war more depth. Mrs. Radia also serves to strengthen that theme with her personal loss of her two sons. I felt that the interaction between Allison, Wil and Mrs. Radia was really touching. Both sides suffered some loss from the war, one way or another. In this episode we find out why Allison came to the orphanage; another sad story.

Anyway, I’m really interested in where this series is going. 26 episodes is a long time. I think theres enough room for great character development, something I’m looking forward too.

On the other hand Wil getting owned by a deer was pretty bad for his image. Although, If normal people were to get kicked by deers I think there would be a big gaping hole in their skull, not just some bruise on their heads. >_<

So, preview shows our heroes breaking into the base. Looking forward to it!

Itazura Na Kiss – 2

April 19, 2008

Hi everyone! Yeah, I know I’m a little late with this post and all but forgive me. xD
So screenshots!
Itazura Na Kiss

So, even though Kotoko is getting used to staying in Irie’s house, theres still tension between the two. Over breakfast, Kotoko is admiring Irie’s eccentric but seemingly alluring eating habits. They then leave for school.

In the train station Irie warns Kotoko not to spread the word that they’re staying together. On board, the train is so crowded that Kotoko gets pushed out by alighting passengers at the wrong station, only to have the doors close when she tries to get in. Late for school, she asks Irie why he didn’t stop the train doors from closing. Irie just says that he hates absent minded girls more than stupid ones. Ouch.

In class and angry Kotoko vows to defeat Irie and claim the number 1 position for herself in the coming test. Her friends, shocked by her drive say its impossible. Calming down Kotoko thinks that she wants to get into the top 50, at least. At night she tries studying but obviously isn’t doing too well. Irie’s mother enters and brings dinner for her. Taking a break Irie’s mother says that she never has the chance to make anything for Irie, because he never studies. After a panic attack from Kotoko, Irie’s mother decides to show her Irie’s baby photo album.

The photo album at first glance has many pictures of a cute young girl. To Kotoko’s shock, Irie’s mother says that the ‘girl’ in the photo is Irie. She bought girls clothing because she was so sure that her baby was going to be female. Kotoko guesses that she has no choice but to keep this a secret.

At school the next day, Irie calls Kotoko out of the class and says that his mother misplaced their lunch boxes. Her friends are looking at them through a window. Irie manages to make Kotoko angry again and she uses a photo of Irie’s childhood to threaten him. She manages to get Irie to tutor her for the coming exams.

At night in their house Irie tutors Kotoko on maths through the night despite her many rather futile attempts at learning. Out of no where Irie’s mother takes a photo of the two of them, to the objection of Irie. Next day, in class Kotoko’s friends ask her how things are at her temporary home. She answers that everythings okay.

The following night, Irie is coaching Kotoko at english. He wonders how her english got so horrible. The hours past and both of them end up sleeping. Irie’s mother spots them and can’t help but taking a few pictures. The next morning, she hands Kotoko a good luck charm. On the train Kotoko is once again swept out of the door my passengers, but this time Irie stops the door from closing. During the test Kotoko realises that she knows how to do the questions, despite her friends statements that the test was hard.

A week pases and Kotoko rushes to the notice board bearing the students positions in the mid-terms. As expected, Irie is first. Irie on the other hand ichecks the board and tells Kotoko that she did it. Looking at the board, Kotoko notices that she got the 50th in the entire year. She screams and thanks Irie, but Irie just asks for the photo back.

In class Kotoko notices the good luck charm Irie’s mother gave her. Her friends open it and are shocked to see that inside the envelope is a picture of Kotoko and Irie sleeping, the exact picture that Irie’s mopther took that night. Kotoko clears the confusion up by saying that her fathers friend happens to be Irie’s father and makes her friends promise not to say anything.

One day Irie storms into class and drags Kotoko out of class. She says that people might suspect something if they’re seen together. Irie just replies that people already know and shows her a picture people have put up on a wall. Its a drawing of the two of them living together. Irie crushes it, angrily asks Kotoko to stops ruining his life and walks away. Kotoko starts tearing, realising, sadly, that she still loves him after all.

My thoughts;

WOW, a great episode! I thought the first episode was awesome and the second episode takes it even further. I absolutely loved the developments so far; Kotoko blackmailing Irie into submission was nearly too much to watch, and Irie’s childhood photos were a barrel of laughs too. Add in a few touching moments, Kotoko’s realization that she still loves Irie and we’ve got the icing on our cake. Awesome!

One problem I have with the animation so far is that Kotoko’s character design keeps changing.

Another thing I forgot to mention were the opening and ending themes. Needly to say I’m hooked on the opening theme, I just love it! It suits the bubbly yet romantic nature of this anime. For those who have yet to catch it, heres a youtube video of it!

[Again I take no credits for this video!]

Previews show some sort of sports rally going on, which means more chances for total awesomeness!

To end my post let me say; So far so good! I don’t think that any other romance anime in this season will be able to top Itazura Na Kiss. I’m almost giddy with anticipation, Until next time everyone!xD

Vampire Knights – 1

April 18, 2008

Okay, after much thought I decided that I won’t be blogging Kure-nai anymore. One reason being that its rather hard to give a clear thought on kure-nai, which may affect my overall opinion of it.

Anyway, after watching 2 episodes of Vampire Knights I’ve decided to blog it. It seems to be one of the few shows with substance in this season, so anyway, yeah screenshots!
Vampire Knights
One winters day Yuuki, our female lead was attacked by a vampire. However, just as the vampire lunges at her, the vampire is impaled. Our heroine was saved by Kaname, another vampire.

We then fast forward 10 years into the future. In a school evening is approaching and a crowd, mostly female, is gathered in front of a gate. Yuuki, now a prefect, is trying to stop the girls from rioting and failing. They are waiting for the night class. A group of people then exit the gate, these people are the night class. While the crowd is busy crowding the night class students Yuuki is knocked to the ground, right in time for Kaname to help her up. Before they can continue their conversation Kaname is stopped by Zero another male prefect and says that the night class is about to start, and that Kaname should get going.

After the night class leaves Yuuki gets angry with Zero and starts hitting him. Zero seriously states that her love for Kaname shouldn’t get too deep. She agrees and says that the night class are different from them.

At night, the night class is in session and a lecturer says that the fact that the Night Class is testing blood tablets is a matter of great pride. He ends the lecture and leaves. The Night class students, all vampires are discussing among themselves about the events that took place earlier. One of the vampires, Aidou gets angry with Zero for grabbing Kaname’s arm earlier. While the rest of them are bickering Kaname noticed the moon going behind the clouds. As their eyes glow red he says that it’s the night of the vampires.

Yuuki explains that their school Cross Academy is responsible for keeping the secret of the existence of vampires. She goes on to explain that the vampire students here are helping to test new methods for peace between humans and vampires. In the Principles room, the principle who also happens to be Yuuki and Zero’s foster father is discussing a matter with the two. He then goes on to give an impassioned monologue about his dreams of breaking the walls between the two races, which makes Zero get angry and leave. It’s then explained that Zero’s great hatred for vampires stems from the death of his parents at the hand of a rogue vampire.

Yuuki goes to make her rounds in the school grounds and meets Kaname and Ichijou, another male vampire. After talking she thanks him for the event 10 years ago and leaves. Ichijou mentions that the vampire students have started liking the cross academy but might still listen to others, even though Kaname is a pureblood. Elsewhere, Zero is sitting in a park somewhere in the school when he suddenly gets a headache. He then takes out blood pills from his shirt and eats them.

Next day, Yuuki and Zero are asleep in class and get punished, supplementary classes, which Zero ends up skipping. Yuuki finds him in a barn and says its time to go perform their duties because the night class is about to leave their dorms.

At night, Zero and Yuuki are on duty and continue with their usual antics. Zero states that the only reason he’s a guarding is to find a way to defeat vampires and goes to patrol the other areas. Yuuki suddenly spots two Day Class students wandering around the premises. She jumps of the building she’s, on, lands in front of the students and tells them off. Then without notice, Aidou and Kain, another vampire appear. Blocking Yuuki’s metal rod with his hands Kain says they’re not here to start anything. Aidou says he was attracted by the smell of Yuuki’s blood. She apparently cut herself when she jumped of the building. Just as Aidou pricks Yuuki’s hand with his fangs, Zero appears; pointing his gun, the bloody rose at Aidou. Zero’s shot is directed away by Yuuki who says she doesn’t want anything to happen.

Suddenly Kaname appears and politely asks Zero to lower his Bloody Rose, saying that its very dangerous to Vampires. He placates Aidou and reproaches Kain for not stopping Aidou. The schoolgirls memories are then erased and taken to the chairman. Zero angrily grabs Yuuki’s hand and drags her away to a bridge where he uses his necktie to bandage Yuuki’s wound.

In the bathroom, Yuuki is drying here hair while thinking about what happened, when Zero enters. Yuuki pouts when Zero doesn’t bother that shes there at all. She then tells him about the incident 10 years ago, and wonders if her blood really smells that good. The moment she says this Zero gets another panic attack and quickly leaves the room.

In the night class dorm Aidou mentions how nice Yuuki’s blood tasted while Kain says that they shouldn’t be talking about it. Kaname appears and slaps Aidou with an angry look. In his room Kaname notices a wound on his hand and licks it.

My thoughts;
Wow, that was just an awesome first episode. I had trouble doing this summary cause every part was so intense! Well, where should I start? Right now I can say the most interesting character in this anime is Zero, with his vampire dilemma and constant panic attacks. I think he makes this anime feel very real, not to mention that his voice acting is done splendidly. Yuuki and Kaname give off the vibes they’re supposed to give too. Yuuki’s voice acting is really solid and Kaname’s voice gives him exactly the type of pondering look he should have. The side characters are also very interesting.

The story feels very real to me. Despite the whole vampire versus humans thing’ I’m glad to see the matter is discussed in a more modern way. I really like the idea of having two intelligent species. It makes sense that for society to advance vampires and humans should be seeking a way to cooperate rather than kill each other at every chance they get. Thats why I feel the story could develop really nicely.

The opening and Ending theme fit the dark and thoughtful atmosphere of Vampire Knights really well. The ending Still Doll by Mana fits the cake really well. Here’s a youtube link of it.

[I do not claim anything!]

Anyway, till next time. Review of episode 2 will be out as soon as possible!

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Impressions

April 17, 2008

Wow, brain spasm >_<
That was the first reaction I had after I finished the first episode. Anyway, screenshot spread time.
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Well that was an interesting first episode. Wacky would be the best way to describe this anime, with all the chaos and randomness flying in all directions.

Characters seem quite interesting. Ouka playing the role of the poor guy who gets into bad situations, Kyouka as the trouble inducing omnipotent catgirl, and a bunch of other weird characters. I mean, we can tell easily that Black Thirteen or Hyouka as he is going to be referred to as from now on is a blatant parody of  the Predator movies.  It was even easier for me to  catch that Teika, the lion is a parody of Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7. Not bad.

The Opening and Ending theme didn’t help ease my headache. Effective in demonstrating what this anime could and would do to the viewer, i think it served its purpose well (to my dismay xD).

As for the story. Well I guess it’s safe to say that the story isn’t really that important here is it?

So, overall as a comedy I don’t really know what to expect from Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. Heres to hoping that this anime will induce some laughter from me xD. So until next time!