First Post FTW!

Hello all potential readers. I’ve just decided (with much influence) to start my own animeblog.

Now, I don’t expect any of you readers to expect too much from this blog since I started it to view my ideas on the anime I watch to friends and stuff.

So a little background info for all of you. I’ve been following anime for about 5 years now, which means I started actively around 2004 or so. Which in turn would mean that I wasn’t ‘around’ in the era of masterpieces like evangelion and other stuff.

Okay, my preferences of anime include those with substance, so I basically toss fanservice based anime out my window (I’m a guy, yes, I am). I also look for inspiration in my anime, so alternative and experimental anime are my targets too.

So, I hope to get along with all potential viewers of this blog.


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