Spring 2008 Lineup

Okay, I’m just gonna list a few of the series I will be following/blogging this season.

First up, Kure-nai

The premise of this anime is about a boy, Shinkurou Kurenai, who is a sort of conflict mediator who is asked to protect the daughter of a influential family. Well, at first glance this anime looks really stylish, its animation is really fluid especially in fight scenes, and has a storyline that seems quite interesting. Something I’m probably going to be following through.

From what I gather this anime was originally adapted from a light novel of the same name and is being animated by the studio Brain’s Base.

Next, Itazura Na Kiss

The show is about Kotoko Aihara, the girl above who has had a crush on the main male lead Aoki Irie. After a disastrous confession and a series of unfortunate events (her house crashes down after an earthquake) Kotoko ends up living with Aoki. Well this show is your typical shojo and so far, looks like it has potential. The art makes me quite nostalgic, reminding me of the old days of manga (Ranma 1/2 esque). So, I’ll be blogging this.

Now Itazura Na Kiss is an old manga which I read was around since 1990 but was never finished due to the untimely demise of the mangaka. I hear its going to be resolved in the anime version. It’s being animated by TMS Entertainment.

Last but not least, Allison to lillia

This anime is about two countries, on a single continent separated by a mountain range, which have been at war for 130 years. The countries have been at ‘peace’ for the past 10 years though. The female lead, Allison is introduced as a pilot, while the male lead wil is your average academic achiever with a mild demeanor. They are reunited after not seeing each other for some time and while riding on wils motorcycle are met by an old man who claims to have the secret to ending the war between the two nations. However, before he can complete his tale the old man is abducted and taken away by a large plane. The two then borrow another plane and give chase.

Now, I really liked the setting of this anime. The story, setting and characters give me the impression that this might just be the anime of the season. Even though I don’t really like the art, I don’t think It will detract much from this anime. So, yeah, blogging this.

It is based of the Allison light novels and is produced by Madhouse in collaboration with Tezuka Productions, along with Geneon which is in charge of music.

So thats, all i will be blogging this season. While, I will be watching a lot more these are going to be my main focus. Feel free to discuss about any other anime I might be watching though.


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