Allison To Lillia – 1

Allison To Lillia
The year is 3287 and our male lead Wil is introduced. Reading a book under a tree in a school during his summer holidays, Wil is asked by a teacher to assist in his class. Apparently Wil is a prime student.

So he teaches a geography lesson and we get introduced to the setting. Two warring countries that have been going at it for 130 years, Roxche, their country and Sou Beil. Their dispute is the claim both civilizations try make; that they are the origin of humanity. However, there had been a truce for the past 10 years between the two countries.

His lesson is interrupted by a plane, apparently from the Roxche Air Force. it flies over them and lands in a plain beyond their class. Obviously excited, all the kids rush to the plane leaving Wil to catch up to them.

Once he arrives, a blond girl steps out of the cockpit and removes her visor. She then says hi to Wil, while he gives a feeble reply to her.

The two then catch up under a tree. They haven’t seen each other for half a year. Allison explains that she was just transferring the plane as part of her job in the air force. After conversing for a few moments Allison tells Wil something interesting; she recieved a love letter from a second lieutenant of the Sou Beil army on a joint training exercise. Wil says that its interesting that the soldiers of both factions would get along so well while Allison pouts from his lack of interest.

The screen then shifts to Wil driving his bike while Allison sits in its side car. They talk more about their lost time during the past few months. Will tells Allison about his winning a Shooting tournament. She asks him why he didn’t tell her sooner, but Wil replies that he didn’t want to brag.

They then meet an old man sitting on a bridge. Wil explains that that old man is always aloof in that area, and if famous for telling wacky stories. They talk to him and end up giving him a ride home because he asked.

Once they arrive, the old man invites them into his house.

He then proceeds to tell them stories of his past. Allison is quick to point out that they’re all bogus. The old man just laughs and agrees. With a serious tone he decides to tell them a real story from his past.

A car approaches.

He then tells them that he knows the location of a precious treasure, reaffirming that its true despite his other lies. When prompted by Allison he reveals that it is extremely valuable; a treasure that can end the war between Roxche and Sou Beil. This shocks the two, while the old man explains more about it. Apparently he was a soldier an found out about it in a poison gas operation that his platoon was sent to execute. Wil and Allison state their knowledge of the event, apparently it was vital to Roxche’s victory but cost the life of the entire platoon. The old man goes on, saying that the entire event was a lie by the army and that the depiction of the event by history was conconted.

The old man reveals that the treasure is in the west of Sou Beil, across the lutoni river. Allison enthusiastically asks the old man to lead the way to the treasure, but before he can finish there is a knock on the door. A man claiming to be from the town square enters and asks to talk to the old man in person. He then asks the old man to follow him.

After they leave Wil suspects something; that man seemed suspicious. Allison then hops onto the bike and forces will to follow her. As soon as they spot the car a man fires a gun at them. In the nick of time they dodge the gunfire, but at the expanse of Wils bike. They follow by foot and reach a hangar where they spot a huge plane fly from it, they suspect that the old man is aboard. They find a plane in the hangar and Allison decides to pilot it in pursuit of the old man. Allison’s flying terrifies Wil, which makes Allison ask Wil how it feels. He replies that he once wrote it in a letter to her, and thinks that it feels better than he imagined. They then fly off into the night sky.

My thoughts;

Wow, that was a long first review.

I personally like this episode alot. It explains alot and makes me curious about what the treasure could really be. I also like the dynamics of Wil and Allison’s relationship. A solid start! The preview shows a few scenes with dogfights in them. OH YEAH! Until then!



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