Itazura Na Kiss – 1

Itazura Na Kiss
The episode begins with a wedding scene between Kotoko aihara and Irie Naoki. After exchanging marriage vows and a kiss, we find out its just Kotoko fantasizing. She inspects the love letter she has just written and is happy with it.

At school she is instantly rejected by Irie. Her friends then question her about her crush on him. Irie is apparently a top student. A flashback to 2 years ago at an assembly, shows that it was then that Kotoko’s crush on Naoki began. The differences in their classes; Irie being in class A while Kotoko being in class F seemed to be main reason she was rejected.

She then decides shes going to give up on him.

Kotoko and her friends are on the way home form school. It’s revealed that Kotoko just moved into a new house and is living alone with her father. Suddenly they spot Irie and his friend, Kin, a male friend of kotoko’s, asks Irie why he rejected he rejected her. He bluntly replies that he hates stupid girls.

Back at her house, Kotoko and her father are having dinner. It appears her mother passed away some time ago. The bell rings, its her friends who’ve come for a housewarming party. The matter of Kotoko being rejected gets brought up again. Kin gets angry and starts hitting the wall which causes the house to shake. They think its an earthquake and everyone evacuates the house, except her father but before they can get him the house collapses.

Rescue workers arrive and start clearing the rubble. Miraculously Kotoko’s father is just trapped but unharmed. There was an earthquake, but apparently only Kotoko’s house collapsed. The next day on the way to school we find out that she and her father will be staying at a friends house.

They spot Kin collecting donations for Kotoko. She is obviously embarrassed but before she can stop Kin, Irie arrives and acts coldly towards the whole matter. This gets Kotoko really upset, making her scold him.

Later on, Kotoko and her father are on the way to his friends house and arrive at a mansion. He says that his friend has a son who attends the same school as Kotoko. She spots the name ‘irie’ on a doorplate and feels suspicious. However before she can go any further she spots Irie, followed by the woman who took her photo earlier. She is still in shock but before she can say anything the family’s youngest son, Yuuki, is also introduced. After asking for some help on his homework, which Kotoko has no idea about, Yuuki calls her retarded and stupid. She is obviously down.

Later she unpacks, while the mother explains that she’s always wanted a girl. Irie arrives and mother leaves them to go prepare dinner. Alone, Irie expresses his disdain of her and leaves the room. She is obvious very down.

My thoughts;

Haha, this first episode really hit all the right chords with me. The introduction of the characters was good and the setting was well done. After all is said and done it seems we have the usual girl-gets-into-accident-and-is-forced-to-stay-with-boy-scenario, not that its bad or anything. Kotoko’s disastrous confession also cracked me up, poor girl!

I have to mention that love comedies like these always manage to grab my attention. A previous few that I can remember such as Bokura Ga Ita and Lovely Complex were also awesome! Overall a very interesting episode; totally can’t wait for the next!



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