Code Geass R2 First Impressions

First let me say I won’t be blogging this series, following it for sure, but not blogging it, and yeah no summary for this episode. Cheers! =D

Code Geass R2

Wow, that was a chaotic first episode, but then when was Code Geass ever un-chaotic?

Anyway, it seems that through most of the first episode Lelouch was under some imposed amnesia. Not a very good way to start the second season in my opinion, but does a good job of pumping up the viewers.

So, fluid motion as always and in HD too! It seems the animation really went up a notch so I’ve got nothing to say in that area.

The opening looks very awesome, done by Orange Range, I love the song and the animation sequence. The ending however seems a little vague. I get the feeling they got our respectable artists back at clamp to draw the wings on our characters! Anyway, ending song also done by Orange Range.

So overall, a solid start (though I don’t really like it! xD) to the second season which leaves many more questions I assume will be answered in the course of time. Code Geass R2 has began, heres to the coming awesomeness!



2 Responses to “Code Geass R2 First Impressions”

  1. Code Geass R2 - 19 « Anime Under The Sun Says:

    […] watched episode 19 and I’ve got to say this series is just messed up. I remember writing my first impressions on R2 a few months ago and boy, was I expecting some great things from this series. Well, it’s kind […]

  2. Fortress Guy Says:

    R2 got a little TOO twisty IMO. It got so you did not know who to root for. Even the person you rooted for the previous episode may no longer be someone you can in the next.

    It was still enjoyable, however not as much as first season. Here are my takes on both seasons with lots o’ pics and perhaps a little wit:

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