Special A Impressions

Well, time for another first impression. Todays fare is Special A and no summaries for this impression either. Now I’m not completely sure that I’ll be following anime. I guess it depends on the next few episodes, who knows it may be good =D
Special A

So yeah, Special A. The premise of this anime is about a class of 7 elite students at a school. Good grades, athletics and the like, you name it. So on to our main female lead; Hikari. Hikari is exactly what her appearance impresses; very high-energy, spunky and all that jazz. Our male lead Kei is exactly what you’d expect him to be too; overachiever, good grades, athletic, and very calm (or cold if you look at it form another angle).

Now, the episode felt quite okay to me, but didn’t leave very much of an impression. Some people have also been comparing it to Ouran High School Host Club (Which by the way I thought was a barrel full of laughs xD) but though the premise of Special A is right up that lane, the story could very well go in a new and interesting way.

Characters looked quite standard so far in terms of characterization and design. Although one problem I have with the character design is that they gave Hikari way too skinny legs. She kinda looks like a stick figure, but other than that the animation seems rather standard.

So all in all, Special A is to me, anime that looks pretty interesting but didn’t really manage to capture my interest. However, who knows? It may end up being a rather interesting watch and as usual I may post up stuff about it if anything ever prompts me to do so. So until then this is Ezra ( yeah thats my name, did I ever mention that before?) signing out.



6 Responses to “Special A Impressions”

  1. Hynavian Says:

    I think the art work is much better than that of Vampire Knight if I’m to pit both series side by side. Been reading the manga for both series and did some cross comparisons with the anime. I won’t be following since the anime is an exact replica of the manga; watching a re-run of something can be boring at times.

    However, it’ll be a good watch if I have the spare time. (:

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Hmm, I’ve been keeping the later episodes on my ‘to watch’ list for some time now. XD

  3. elva Says:

    i love this anime!!! it’s so funny and nice. Love it!!!

  4. shainne Says:


  5. Marjorie Says:

    Know what….I love the S.A (a.k.a) Special A…
    They are special to me! I love one of the characters in Special A especially Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima…They are the best couples for me
    I’m really addicted to it!…I’m sad cuz it has only 24 episodes I want to make it so many episodes…Wish there is season 2 of it!… Special A ….. Thanks!…

  6. harukachen Says:

    the SA IS SO BEAUTIFUL . feeling q ang yaman q dahil sa mga ginagawa ni akira it so fantastic . grabe ang gwapo talaga ni k

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