Vampire Knights – 1

Okay, after much thought I decided that I won’t be blogging Kure-nai anymore. One reason being that its rather hard to give a clear thought on kure-nai, which may affect my overall opinion of it.

Anyway, after watching 2 episodes of Vampire Knights I’ve decided to blog it. It seems to be one of the few shows with substance in this season, so anyway, yeah screenshots!
Vampire Knights
One winters day Yuuki, our female lead was attacked by a vampire. However, just as the vampire lunges at her, the vampire is impaled. Our heroine was saved by Kaname, another vampire.

We then fast forward 10 years into the future. In a school evening is approaching and a crowd, mostly female, is gathered in front of a gate. Yuuki, now a prefect, is trying to stop the girls from rioting and failing. They are waiting for the night class. A group of people then exit the gate, these people are the night class. While the crowd is busy crowding the night class students Yuuki is knocked to the ground, right in time for Kaname to help her up. Before they can continue their conversation Kaname is stopped by Zero another male prefect and says that the night class is about to start, and that Kaname should get going.

After the night class leaves Yuuki gets angry with Zero and starts hitting him. Zero seriously states that her love for Kaname shouldn’t get too deep. She agrees and says that the night class are different from them.

At night, the night class is in session and a lecturer says that the fact that the Night Class is testing blood tablets is a matter of great pride. He ends the lecture and leaves. The Night class students, all vampires are discussing among themselves about the events that took place earlier. One of the vampires, Aidou gets angry with Zero for grabbing Kaname’s arm earlier. While the rest of them are bickering Kaname noticed the moon going behind the clouds. As their eyes glow red he says that it’s the night of the vampires.

Yuuki explains that their school Cross Academy is responsible for keeping the secret of the existence of vampires. She goes on to explain that the vampire students here are helping to test new methods for peace between humans and vampires. In the Principles room, the principle who also happens to be Yuuki and Zero’s foster father is discussing a matter with the two. He then goes on to give an impassioned monologue about his dreams of breaking the walls between the two races, which makes Zero get angry and leave. It’s then explained that Zero’s great hatred for vampires stems from the death of his parents at the hand of a rogue vampire.

Yuuki goes to make her rounds in the school grounds and meets Kaname and Ichijou, another male vampire. After talking she thanks him for the event 10 years ago and leaves. Ichijou mentions that the vampire students have started liking the cross academy but might still listen to others, even though Kaname is a pureblood. Elsewhere, Zero is sitting in a park somewhere in the school when he suddenly gets a headache. He then takes out blood pills from his shirt and eats them.

Next day, Yuuki and Zero are asleep in class and get punished, supplementary classes, which Zero ends up skipping. Yuuki finds him in a barn and says its time to go perform their duties because the night class is about to leave their dorms.

At night, Zero and Yuuki are on duty and continue with their usual antics. Zero states that the only reason he’s a guarding is to find a way to defeat vampires and goes to patrol the other areas. Yuuki suddenly spots two Day Class students wandering around the premises. She jumps of the building she’s, on, lands in front of the students and tells them off. Then without notice, Aidou and Kain, another vampire appear. Blocking Yuuki’s metal rod with his hands Kain says they’re not here to start anything. Aidou says he was attracted by the smell of Yuuki’s blood. She apparently cut herself when she jumped of the building. Just as Aidou pricks Yuuki’s hand with his fangs, Zero appears; pointing his gun, the bloody rose at Aidou. Zero’s shot is directed away by Yuuki who says she doesn’t want anything to happen.

Suddenly Kaname appears and politely asks Zero to lower his Bloody Rose, saying that its very dangerous to Vampires. He placates Aidou and reproaches Kain for not stopping Aidou. The schoolgirls memories are then erased and taken to the chairman. Zero angrily grabs Yuuki’s hand and drags her away to a bridge where he uses his necktie to bandage Yuuki’s wound.

In the bathroom, Yuuki is drying here hair while thinking about what happened, when Zero enters. Yuuki pouts when Zero doesn’t bother that shes there at all. She then tells him about the incident 10 years ago, and wonders if her blood really smells that good. The moment she says this Zero gets another panic attack and quickly leaves the room.

In the night class dorm Aidou mentions how nice Yuuki’s blood tasted while Kain says that they shouldn’t be talking about it. Kaname appears and slaps Aidou with an angry look. In his room Kaname notices a wound on his hand and licks it.

My thoughts;
Wow, that was just an awesome first episode. I had trouble doing this summary cause every part was so intense! Well, where should I start? Right now I can say the most interesting character in this anime is Zero, with his vampire dilemma and constant panic attacks. I think he makes this anime feel very real, not to mention that his voice acting is done splendidly. Yuuki and Kaname give off the vibes they’re supposed to give too. Yuuki’s voice acting is really solid and Kaname’s voice gives him exactly the type of pondering look he should have. The side characters are also very interesting.

The story feels very real to me. Despite the whole vampire versus humans thing’ I’m glad to see the matter is discussed in a more modern way. I really like the idea of having two intelligent species. It makes sense that for society to advance vampires and humans should be seeking a way to cooperate rather than kill each other at every chance they get. Thats why I feel the story could develop really nicely.

The opening and Ending theme fit the dark and thoughtful atmosphere of Vampire Knights really well. The ending Still Doll by Mana fits the cake really well. Here’s a youtube link of it.

[I do not claim anything!]

Anyway, till next time. Review of episode 2 will be out as soon as possible!



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