Itazura Na Kiss – 2

Hi everyone! Yeah, I know I’m a little late with this post and all but forgive me. xD
So screenshots!
Itazura Na Kiss

So, even though Kotoko is getting used to staying in Irie’s house, theres still tension between the two. Over breakfast, Kotoko is admiring Irie’s eccentric but seemingly alluring eating habits. They then leave for school.

In the train station Irie warns Kotoko not to spread the word that they’re staying together. On board, the train is so crowded that Kotoko gets pushed out by alighting passengers at the wrong station, only to have the doors close when she tries to get in. Late for school, she asks Irie why he didn’t stop the train doors from closing. Irie just says that he hates absent minded girls more than stupid ones. Ouch.

In class and angry Kotoko vows to defeat Irie and claim the number 1 position for herself in the coming test. Her friends, shocked by her drive say its impossible. Calming down Kotoko thinks that she wants to get into the top 50, at least. At night she tries studying but obviously isn’t doing too well. Irie’s mother enters and brings dinner for her. Taking a break Irie’s mother says that she never has the chance to make anything for Irie, because he never studies. After a panic attack from Kotoko, Irie’s mother decides to show her Irie’s baby photo album.

The photo album at first glance has many pictures of a cute young girl. To Kotoko’s shock, Irie’s mother says that the ‘girl’ in the photo is Irie. She bought girls clothing because she was so sure that her baby was going to be female. Kotoko guesses that she has no choice but to keep this a secret.

At school the next day, Irie calls Kotoko out of the class and says that his mother misplaced their lunch boxes. Her friends are looking at them through a window. Irie manages to make Kotoko angry again and she uses a photo of Irie’s childhood to threaten him. She manages to get Irie to tutor her for the coming exams.

At night in their house Irie tutors Kotoko on maths through the night despite her many rather futile attempts at learning. Out of no where Irie’s mother takes a photo of the two of them, to the objection of Irie. Next day, in class Kotoko’s friends ask her how things are at her temporary home. She answers that everythings okay.

The following night, Irie is coaching Kotoko at english. He wonders how her english got so horrible. The hours past and both of them end up sleeping. Irie’s mother spots them and can’t help but taking a few pictures. The next morning, she hands Kotoko a good luck charm. On the train Kotoko is once again swept out of the door my passengers, but this time Irie stops the door from closing. During the test Kotoko realises that she knows how to do the questions, despite her friends statements that the test was hard.

A week pases and Kotoko rushes to the notice board bearing the students positions in the mid-terms. As expected, Irie is first. Irie on the other hand ichecks the board and tells Kotoko that she did it. Looking at the board, Kotoko notices that she got the 50th in the entire year. She screams and thanks Irie, but Irie just asks for the photo back.

In class Kotoko notices the good luck charm Irie’s mother gave her. Her friends open it and are shocked to see that inside the envelope is a picture of Kotoko and Irie sleeping, the exact picture that Irie’s mopther took that night. Kotoko clears the confusion up by saying that her fathers friend happens to be Irie’s father and makes her friends promise not to say anything.

One day Irie storms into class and drags Kotoko out of class. She says that people might suspect something if they’re seen together. Irie just replies that people already know and shows her a picture people have put up on a wall. Its a drawing of the two of them living together. Irie crushes it, angrily asks Kotoko to stops ruining his life and walks away. Kotoko starts tearing, realising, sadly, that she still loves him after all.

My thoughts;

WOW, a great episode! I thought the first episode was awesome and the second episode takes it even further. I absolutely loved the developments so far; Kotoko blackmailing Irie into submission was nearly too much to watch, and Irie’s childhood photos were a barrel of laughs too. Add in a few touching moments, Kotoko’s realization that she still loves Irie and we’ve got the icing on our cake. Awesome!

One problem I have with the animation so far is that Kotoko’s character design keeps changing.

Another thing I forgot to mention were the opening and ending themes. Needly to say I’m hooked on the opening theme, I just love it! It suits the bubbly yet romantic nature of this anime. For those who have yet to catch it, heres a youtube video of it!

[Again I take no credits for this video!]

Previews show some sort of sports rally going on, which means more chances for total awesomeness!

To end my post let me say; So far so good! I don’t think that any other romance anime in this season will be able to top Itazura Na Kiss. I’m almost giddy with anticipation, Until next time everyone!xD



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