Allison To Lillia – 2

Yeah, I know I’m late with this post too. Anyway, Screenshots as usual.

The episode starts with Allison and Wil flying across the Lutoni River into Sou Beil. While flying they get attacked by a fighter plane. Without weapons Lillia decides that their best shot at escaping is to fake a crash. Using a smoke bomb they try to fake a crash, but end up crashing anyway.

They manage to escape from the wreckage and eat breakfast as the sun rises. Wil says that Allison had always been rash; doing things without thinking them through and getting him in trouble, not that he minds though. While talking a little they spot a fawn. While approaching it, the mother attacks and injures Wil, making him lose consciousness. Allison tries to find help and ends up at a cottage further along a forked road. There she meets a lady, Mrs Radia, who notices at once that Wil is injured. She then invites them into the house.

Later Wil is asleep in a bedroom recovering from his injuries, while Mrs. Radia is talking with Allison. When she hears Allison talking about the treasure she calls them foolish. Apparently, the treasure belonged to a general who lost his gold nuggets and so far many people have been searching for it.

At night will is awake. Allison apologizes and says that she will listen to what Wil says from there on. Wil, on the other hand says that its okay because Allison was able to realize his dream of seeing for himself what Sou Beil was like. Embarrassed, Allison says shes going to sleep outside. Wil offers her half of the bed shes using and they go to sleep. Later that night Mrs. Radia enters the room and tucks the sleeping duo in. While doing so, Wil and Allison thank her in their sleep calling her Mrs. Moot, their old orphanage mistress. Mrs. Radia is shocked.

Next morning Wil wakes up and talks to Mrs Radia. She asks if Wil they know Mrs Moot. He answers that he and Allison were brought up in Mrs. Moot’s orphanage. Wil was abandoned there and Allison was orphaned there after her father died in the war. Mrs. Radia says that Mrs. Moot was a well known noble and called a traitor for defecting to Roxche to start an orphanage. When asked how Mrs. Moot was doing, Wil answers that she had already passed away. Wil questions Mrs. Radia why she lives so close to the border and she answers that she does so to meet any enemy that tries to invade her country in revenge of her two sons. While Wil goes to gather firewood, Mrs. Radia accidentally calls him Levin, her dead son.

Allison wakes up and finds both Wil and Mrs. Radia getting breakfast ready. While carrying her jacket, her identification plate fell off. Wil remembers the old man saying something earlier while looking at Allisons jacket. He realizes that the old man was telling the truth and says that he wants to find him. Mrs. Radia interrupts the two and says that they should go home. Wil says that they can’t since the treasure had the potential to end the war. Stunned, Mrs. Radia brings out two old uniforms which belonged to Tims and Levin, her sons. She gives it to Wil and Allison saying that if her sons were alive they would probably have joined the two in their quest too. She also gives Wil a gun while saying that the uniforms are high ranked and would allow the two to get into any rural base without question.

Later, Wil and Allison leave on a truck. From afar, Mrs. Radia talks to Tims and Levin in her heart, saying that she hated the people of Roxche for killing them, but notes that there are people who are out to end the war from that side too. Allison and Wil head out to the base.

My thoughts;
Another great episode. Theres definitely some chemistry going on between Wil and Allison thats for sure. I think this sort of innocent outlook really gives the theme of war more depth. Mrs. Radia also serves to strengthen that theme with her personal loss of her two sons. I felt that the interaction between Allison, Wil and Mrs. Radia was really touching. Both sides suffered some loss from the war, one way or another. In this episode we find out why Allison came to the orphanage; another sad story.

Anyway, I’m really interested in where this series is going. 26 episodes is a long time. I think theres enough room for great character development, something I’m looking forward too.

On the other hand Wil getting owned by a deer was pretty bad for his image. Although, If normal people were to get kicked by deers I think there would be a big gaping hole in their skull, not just some bruise on their heads. >_<

So, preview shows our heroes breaking into the base. Looking forward to it!



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  1. Su Sheng Loong Says:

    Hi Ezra aka rroknedaj,

    I just found out your anime blog from your original blog(I think it is your original blog). This blog is pretty cool, just like Andrew’s one. He has been working(enjoying, more precise) on his anime blog. I think you are aware of it, aren’t you? I am still busy with my preparation of A level final exam. I will start a new personal blog written in English after this exam. By then I will inform you, looking forward to be your ‘blogmate’ soon! Lol!

    Sheng Loong.

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Yeah, I linked Andrew’s blog also XD.

    Hehe, finish your A-levels then talk. XD

  3. Su Sheng Loong Says:

    Hi Ezra,

    I just found out that you actually display Google Adsense on your blog. I thought does not allow people putting advertisement? You better check it out if not can always shut down your blog without giving any prior warning.

    Sheng Loong

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