Vampire Knights – 2

Time for another vampire knights post!

Vampire Knights

Zero is coughing violently as a blood tablet drops into a sink. Elsewhere Kaname says its already too late.

Valentines day is approaching and everyone is excited about it. Yuuki is asked whether she will give any chocolate to Kaname, she replies she hasn’t thought about it. Some of the guys vote Zero to be the one to receive the most chocolates in the day class, but he stares them down.

In the principal’s office, the principal is alright with having a valentines day, much to Zero’s dismay. The principal still believes that they will be able to instill values into the young vampires. Zero then leaves for lunch.

Yuuki has a flashback about her first encounter with Zero. The chairman brings a young Zero into his house with Yuuki watching. She tries to clean Zero up and notices a huge bloodstain. Zero is in shock and Yuuki notices that.

Next evening, the night class students are about to leave their dorms, and the ground are packed with day school girls. Kaname asks Zero if he’s fine and asks him to take care of himself. Zero replies that if Kaname wants to start anything he’ll be ready.

That night Yuuki is making her own chocolate for valentines, while elsewhere Zero is in pain. He pulls out a blood tablet but quickly throws it away. The chairman arrives and seeing Zero, says that he shouldn’t push himself. Zero just asks him to shut up.

The next evening, Zero says its time for them to escort the night class. Yuuki feels that Zero is acting weird. At the dorms, the vampires are getting ready for their classes. For the chocolate giving event, stands have been set up for the night class students to receive their chocolates. When they finish receiving all the chocolates, Kaname and the rest of the vampires leave. Zero notices that Yuuki missed her chance to give Kaname her chocolates and throws her chocolate to Kaname, who says he’ll keep it.

At night, Kaname notices that Aidou and the rest of the vampires are missing. Out on the grounds, Zero is suddenly surrounded by Aidou and a few others. Kain tries to stop them but gets thrown to the ground by Zero. As Aidou and Kain gear up their elemental powers, Yuuki jumps in and stops them.

Back in the day class dorms, Yuuki finds Zero wet the bathroom. She tries to dry him off and gives him some of her own chocolate, to which he makes a funny face. Zero suddenly spots Yuuki’s neck, puts his hand on her shoulder but manages to control himself. He immediately leaves. Yuuki however, finds a blood tablet on the floor and is puzzled.

In the night class dorms, Kaname is reprimanding the vampires for nearly starting a fight. However, he says that ever since an incident 4 years ago, Zero is no longer the same. In another bathroom, Zero is holding a glass of blood-dissolved water and starts couching violently.

My thoughts;
Well, well, a not so standard valentines day episode? Nice! =D

So things seem to be picking up this episode. I can tell that Zero is very, very close to losing it. Just the fact that he keeps avoiding eating those blood tablets is a bad enough signal. Kaname also seems to know that Zero is losing his cool. Other that that I’ve got nothing to add, though I get the feeling that the next episode will reveal many things.

Anyway, todays review is pretty standard xD
Looking forward to it to the next episode!



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