Itazura Na Kiss – 3

Wow, I really love this anime! Its quickly turning out to be one of the best of this season.
Itazura Na Kiss
Kotoko is in bed, in tears after what happened before. She manages to cry herself to sleep before Irie comes into her room saying the bath is empty. He sees the love letter Kotoko wrote on the bed and reads it.

Next morning, Kotoko gets ready for the sports meet. Over breakfast Irie’s mother is ecstatic about the sports meet and promises to take pictures. Kotoko and Irie will be taking 2 events each, one of which they are competing against each other, the boys girls mixed relay.

In school all the classes are out on the track. Class F seem to be making the most noise while the class A guys were very unenthusiastic even to the point of studying. Jinko points out that there is one really big board on the other side. To her dismay, kotoko notices its the Irie family and father, who are cheeing for them.

In the boys 100 meter race, Kin says he’ll never lose to Irie. Much to Kotoko’s surprise Irie does lose to Kin. Next up is the 3rd year girls borrowing race, in which Kotoko takes part in. She finds that she has to search for ‘the one she loves’. Embarrassed she tries to ask Irie to be her race partner, but because of his stare picks Irie’s father instead. They get last place.

After the race, Kotoko finds Irie and says that she was surprised that he lost in the 100 meters relay. He just says that he wasn’t trying his best, which makes Kotoko angry. She calls him a sore loser and challenges him to race his best in the relay race to which he agrees.

Later, In the 3rd year boys-girls mixed relay, Satomi is the first runner. The race continue till Kotoko takes the lead. She is ahead of both class A and E and thinks that if this keeps up Irie won;t even be able to run. However, when she sees Irie in the distance holding his hand out for class A’s baton runner she enters one of her fantasies and crashes into Kin, who ask her what she’s doing. Snapping back to reality she quickly passes the baton to Kin. As he runs Irie catches up to Kin and in the final 50 meters of the lap overtakes him.

While watching Kotoko gets pushed, loses her balance and falls onto the track. Irie, who doesn’t have enough time to step away, trips and falls on Kotoko. He gets worried after she doesn’t reply for a while but when. When she does reply, he takes her to the nurses office. When Kin asks him to hand over Kotoko, he refuses. This makes Kin say Irie’s winning was an accident, to which Irie gives the sore loser taunt Kotoko gave him just now.

Back at home the Irie family and Kotoko’s father are watching a replay of the mixed rally much to Irie’s annoyance. Irie’s mom just says that they look really matching together. Kotoko blushes, while Irie just says thats stupid, which makes Kotoko angry and denies it too. Irie then sarcastically replies that he though Kotoko was interested in him because of the letter she wrote. He then begins to recite it. Be fore he can finish it Kotoko slaps him and calls him terrible.

Irie’s mother aks if Kotoko wrote that letter, to which she says yes. Before the family can react, Kin suddenly barges into the house much to everyones surprise. Kin says that Marriage isn’t a possibility because Irie hates Kotoko. However, Iries just replies that may not be so, after all peoples tastes may change with time. Outside Jinko and Satomi hear what Irie said and stare at each other.

The next day in school. Irie calls Kotoko out of class again. He shows her picture of them together, this time it shows Irie proposing to Kotoko. Irie wonders why people keep drawing this ‘nonsense’ but Kotoko quotes what he said the night before, about hearts changing. Irie, obviously flustered, says that he just did that to annoy Kin but Kotoko just walks of smiling with Irie on her tail.

My thoughts;
I totally gave the dreaded fangirl squeal this episode. Talk about nice pacing and development!

So in this episode we see and improvement in the relationship of Kotoko and Irie. He actually carried her to the nurses office which to me is some definite improvement. Add that to what he said to Kin at night and we have a settled deal.

What caught my interest was the fact that Kotoko stood up to Irie this time. I gotta say that the slap must have made him come to his senses. I wonder if thats what prompted him to say that hearts change to Kin. Loving it!

Anyway, I totally can’t wait for the next episode, I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. Until then chao everyone!



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