OPs of the Spring Season Lineup

So being the musicaholic (<<<does not exist in the dictionary) that i am. I decided to make a little post about the OP themes that I feel are really worth mentioning this season. I get all my videos from youtube and in no way take credit for posting any of these!

First up, Triangular by Maaya Sakamoto. This is the OP of Macross Frontier.

This one is the full version.

This one is the OP edited version.

Now. I don’t know about you but i think this song rocks. It totally gives the opening the stellar feeling that the show exudes. Now, I’ve always liked Maaya’s work and this is no exception. The only real thing I have to complain about the original video is that I can make no sense of the video. Chairs and a giant triangle? I dunno lawl. What I can make sense of however, is the title of the song. The triangle obviously reflects the pain of being in a three way relationship!

Secondly, Forever We Can Make It by thyme. This is the OP oh To Love-ru.

Full version

Anime Edit

Seriously, what can capture the essence of teenage alien girls in love? It seems this song has done just that. Now, I’m not watching To Love-ru because of my distaste of anime with too much fanservice but I totally couldn’t pass this song. Energy, J-rock and the like? Awesome!

Last but not least, the Opening theme of Itazura Na Kiss (of which at the moment I have no idea what its called)

Do I need to say anything at all about this song? This is probably the song I like the most out of all the three. I’m a total sucker for jazzy upbeat songs. It also gives Itazura Na Kiss the retro feel its supposed to have. So fangirl squeal anyone? (Im a guy btw)

So, these are the songs I happen to like this season. Now, this is just my opinion so don’t flame me if you think otherwise. Hope you enjoy all the songs you listen to this season too!



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