Allison To Lillia – 3

I like totally knew he was gonna die. The show just seems to gain depth as it goes. Thats awesome!
Allison To Lillia

Allison and Wil approach the base. Outside a hangar, Second Lieutenant Ker Benedict asks a lady soldier out for lunch, but is stopped by his commanding officers. We then see the old man in the dungeon of a castle in the base. Ker asks whats going on as officers exit the cell but is denied any information. He is told the old man is a spy.

Outside the base, Allison and Wil approach the barricade. They are mistaken as warrant officers of the Royal Guard. Upon asking for a tour they are led to the interior of the castle.

In his cell, the old man remembers his past. In his younger days, he saw the ‘treasure’ and questions himself about his understanding of it. Allison and Wil then reach the cell. Upon seeing the old man Allison commands the guards to get the old man a blanket. The old man thanks them and asks for a pin. He then asks the two to make a run for it. Surprisingly Allison and Wil run into Benedict, who hides them after hearing the footsteps of the guards. It appears as though he was the person who wrote the love letter to Allison in episode 1. They explain that they’re looking for the treasure to end war.

Back in the cell, the old man uses the pin to unlock the doors and knocks out the two guards. After taking a gun he runs off after the two. Back to Allison, Wil and Benedict. Suddenly the alarm rings. While Benedict tries to find out whats going on, Allison and Wil escape into the sewers. There they meet up with the old man who tells them the location of the treasure just in case. They go through a secret door which leads to a basement facing the hangars and make a run for it.

They are forced to duck behind walls because of enemy gunfire. The old man asks Wil and Allison to go on ahead and that he’ll catch up later. He also asks them to take credit for the treasure if they find it and announce it to the whole world. When Allison and Wil leave on a seaplane the old man shoots at a few barrels of oil to detonate it, but gets shot in the process. AS he lays dying he remembers his comrades. Just before he dies he pleads Benedict. The commanders of the base ask Benedict to shoot down the plane but tells his second in command to get another plane to tail him. He is ordered to kill Benedict if he does anything out of order.

In the sky Allison and Wil mourn for the old man but Wil says they have to honour his last wish by finding the treasure themselves.

My thoughts;

A sad episode indeed. I won’t lie to you but I expected the old man to die the moment I he talked about the treasure in episode one. However, its not a wasted death, his final apology to his comrades while tearing was a real clincher for me and like I said earlier, the seriousness level of this anime just went up again.

So it seems the preview shows the treasure to be some sort of ancient pictures. What a totally priceless treasure! I’m quite amazed at the thought put into thew treasure. I won;t say I expected it to be some superweapon or something, but I would never have expected the treasure to be history! Now they can clear up the mess concerning which country is indeed the origin. My guess is that both countries have the same lineage.

So, as you may have guessed, I’m REALLY looking forward to the next episode. So until then!



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