Vampire Knights – 3

Finally it happened, man this episode was scarier than I thought it would be.

Vampire Knights

So, the principal sends Yuuki and Zero to do a spot check on the student’s dorms. In the Moon Dorm, the dorms which the night class students stay in, Kaname is helping with the spot check. Aidou’s things get confiscated. In the day class dormitories, Yuuki is collecting illegally taken photos of the night class and ends up with a bag full of photo albums. She spots Zero outside the dorms. AS she approaches him, he quickly hides his blood tablets, but not before Yuuki notices him hiding something.

They then proceed to inspect the Moon Dorms. However, before they enter Yuuki aks Zero to show her whats in his pocket. Yuuki trips intentionally and manages to grab the blood tablets from Zero’s pockets but he furiously grabs it back and storms out of the moon dorms with Yuuki on his tail.

In town, Yuuki continues her search for Zero but her fears and memories of being attacked by vampires keep her on edge. She sees a small kid whose balloon is stuck in a tree and gets It down for him, but before she can give the balloon back to him the kid runs away. She chases after him and eventually finds the kid in front of a bell tower. The kid turns out to be a vampire and attacks her. Zero, who is in a shop nearby hears her screams and runs after her only to be attacked by another female vampire. She calls him her comrade which shocks Zero and makes him fir his Bloody Rose, killing the vampire immediately. He sees the kid and recognizes him as ‘Ichiru’ before the kid runs away into the bell tower.

In the bell tower Yuuki is cornered by the child vampire. Yuuki fights back but her attacks don’t do any harm to the vampire. However, she is saved in the nick of time by Kaname who laments on the poor state of the child before finishing him off. He tells her to go back to the dorms and that the smell of her blood is to dangerous. Zero, who is hiding just tries to control himself.

My thoughts;

So even though it’s just th third episode we got some major development. As we all knew Zero was going to turn into a vampire, so him biting Yuuki was bound to happen. What we didn’t know was that only pure bloods can turn other humans into vampires and that non-purebood vampires bred by reproducing. Now whats impressive.

What does this mean? It means we get a chance for Zero to not infect Yuuki and turn her into a vampire, which in  my opinion would make a far nicer story. Anyway, with this episode ending on such a gripping cliffhanger I’m so waiting for the next episode to come out. So, until then!



2 Responses to “Vampire Knights – 3”

  1. Andrew_ Says:

    Try blogging nabari no ou…

    One anime I feel the both of us can actually enjoy… A rarity ever since the likes of Blood+ > <

    I’m too lazy to do so, and you need more shounen………………………….

    Besides, the op song is awesome, and its published by square.

    1st ep was meh, 2nd ep was fappage.

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Blogging Nabari No Ou episodically is a bit hard on my schedule. I was planning on doing a first, middle and end impression of it though.

    Well get to it! XD

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