Macross Frontier First Impressions

Yeah, I know I’m a bit late with this, but I totally forgot to do a cover for it. Right now, I’m currently watching episode 4. So forgive me for the late post! xD
Macross Frontier

The first episode totally blew me away, no other way to explain it.

Now, I haven’t been following the macross series so I’m relatively speaking the ‘noob’ on this matter but from what I’ve heard from a few other people Frontier is supposed to be some sort of tribute to the original macross.

Now since the first episode I’m writing on is the non-decultured version that aired just before new years, I have to say that the animation totally blew me away. Since this first episode is more of a preview I guess it makes sense that the animation is far better, but that won’t stop me from adoring it. From the gorgeous CG battles to the concert/dogfights I was glued to my seat, or rather my eyes were glued to the screen.

Storyline wise, I guess I don’t have much of an opinion of it because this is a first impression after all. I guess we’ll have to find out in time won’t we?

Okay, characters. Princess-like hero complete with long flowing blue hair? Check! Cute green haired female damsel in distress with tragic past? Check! Lastly, popular inter-colonial songstress/diva? Check! Add this to transformable fighter spaceships, Ubercool insect-like droids and a host of other interesting characters and we probably got ourselves the anime of the season!

Now, on to music and voice acting. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I think that the Opening and Ending themes just suit this series perfectly. The voice acting is also done, in my opinion, very well. Alto has the voice of your typical hero, Sheryl has that mature songstress voice, while Ranka has the cutest voice of all.

So, in closing I urge all of you who haven’t yet watched this anime to go watch it now! So until next time then!



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