Allison To Lillia – 4

Impressive and sad at the same time, and I guess I was correct about the treasure. xD
Allison To Lillia

So we start off where the last episode ended.

Allison and Wil are in the air and end up in a dogfight with Benedict. Since the plane Allison was piloting only had paintball rounds, no one was hurt. However they are soon pursued by other enemy planes. Benedict shoots down the planes by destroying their engines, leaving no casualties.

The three then arrive at the cave and remembering the old mans directions find the entrance. After walking some distance they find the treasure; a mural of the two nations on the cave walls. It shows symbols of both nations; the spear of Roxche and the sabre of Sou Beil. The three are certain that the drawings of the two symbols are signs that both nations were once at peace, and that civilization stemmed from both countries.

Allison and Wil ask Benedict to be the one who proclaims the discovery of the treasure. He argues but then realizes that its for the best. Suddenly the commander and his aide arrive, he asks for the treasure but Benedict says that no the treasure that they found will not satisfy the commander. Before they fire at the three, Wil shoots the aides shoulder causing him to misfire unto the cavern celling. Part of the cave then collapses on him and the commander. The three manage to escape.

Some time later in town, news of the murals existence gets out and the end of the war is proclaimed. Back in the old mans house, Allison and Wil are having tea with the old mans housekeeper. She is saddened about his death but knows that he’s finally found peace.

Later on, Wil is riding his bike with Allison in its sidecar. Back in the old mans house, his housekeeper is crying. As Wil rides on, he says his summer break is about to end.

My thoughts;

Now this is what I call an episode. From the great dogfights, the discovery of the treasure, even that sad little montage of the old man. I only wish the studio had the funds to animate the series better, but thats a very minor problem. On the other hand, the background music

So, it seems we’re done with one arc. Previews show that its until the next winter that the two meet up with Benedict again. Makes me wonder how the end of the war has affected the two nations. Haha, I’m already waiting dying for the next episode. xD

So, until the next episode gets released then!



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