Itazura Na Kiss – 4

So, 3 chapters in one? Thats what it felt like watching this episode.

However, it didn’t detract in any way from the pure glee I felt from watching this episode though. xD
Itazura Na Kiss

Its the summer break and Kotoko has to attend summer school. On the way out she notices Yuuki writing something in a book. Asking what it is he just says its his summer homework. Later shots show that its just a log of Kotoko’s daily antics. Irie, on the the other hand has to go to school for extra curricular activities, which for him means tennis.

After class, Kotoko and her friends check on the construction of her house, only to find that there hasn’t been any progress at all. She rushes home to find her father and the Irie’s talking about expanding the house for the Aihara family. Irie gets angry as usual, followed by Kotoko and they end up fighting.

Some time later, Kotoko and Irie’s fathers leave for a class reunion leaving the rest behind. Kotoko and her friends on the other hand decide to go to Waterland after their extra classes. Irie’s mother catches notice of their plans and sends Irie and Yuki there too.

Each minding their own business, Yuuki asks Irie to get him some ice cream while he slips out of the childs pool into the adults pool. He slips and nearly drowns but is saved by Kotoko. He runs away in embarrassment but eventually is found by Kotoko. She cheers him up by asking him to join her on the parks famous water slide. Kin and Yuuki go first and land spectacularly but Kotoko ends up getting a leg cramp on her way down. She is saved by Irie who brushes away her thanks and says its repayment for saving Yuuki. Nearby, a picture of the two is taken by Irie’s mother.

Some time later, Irie’s mother says she has leave Kotoko and Irie alone to go to her parents house. Kotoko is obviously flustered, but Irie completely unabashed askes her to make dinner. Of course she fails to do so and Irie saves the day by cooking for the two. Elsewhere, Irie’s mother and Yuuki are in a hot spring. Apparently it was all part of her ‘plan’ to get the two together.

Back in the house Kotoko is trying to finish her homework and decides she can’t do it. By a stroke of genius she decides to copy Irie’s instead. The moment she steps into his room she kicks a table which causes Irie to wake up, though he pretends to sleep. Kotoko finds Yuuki’s logbook, complete with all of Yuuki’s demeaning thoughts about her. She then ‘corrects’ his logbook for him and looks for Irie’s textbook. As she tries to leave the room Irie grabs her hand and pulls her onto his bed. In panic Kotoko fumbles over her words, saying that they should have a wholesome relationship before going any further. This makes Irie release her and laugh, it was just a joke. Irie offers to help her with her homework as an apology, which Kotoko readily accepts much to his dismay.

We see Irie helping Kotoko out with her homework.

My thoughts;

Can anyone say awesome episode? This episode was just pure gold, totally awesome! I totally loved Irie’s mother’s ‘plans’, I mean they just create so many awkward moments for us to laugh at. Irie’s mother is quickly turning into one of my favourite characters in this series, though I wouldn’t want her to be related to me in any way for the sake of my manly pride. Not to mention Irie’s little prank on Kotoko. Man that was hilarious, but too bad it backfired on him. xD

Itazura Na Kiss

Also, we get to hear Irie’s monologue for the very first time. ” She’s really something else”, ” What am I getting so worked up for?”. PURE GOLD. These are sure signs that he’s slowly warming up to Kotoko. Don’t you just wanna go ‘aww’?

So, next episode is about Kotoko getting Irie to tutor the entire class F. Awesomeness? You bet it!



7 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 4”

  1. pcbon Says:

    hey ez teach me how to dl anime,how and where!!!haha thankyou
    maybe you can post a post that teach your readers about that:Dwahaha

  2. pcbon Says:

    1:42am!! ommg now is 945 btw haha

  3. Su Sheng Loong Says:

    Hi Ezra,

    Is there any method to download the anime besides using BT? I just do not like BT. If there is any method that can direct download the anime please reply to my comment!

    By the way, I created my new blog. It is at I am looking forward to seeing your comment there! And don’t forget to add me to your blogroll.

    Sheng Loong

  4. rroknedaj Says:

    Haha, suddenly both of you ask me. I usually go to for my downloads.

  5. Su Sheng Loong Says:

    Hi Ezra,

    Thank you for telling me. But I still do not have my own Internet connection. So sad.

    Anyway please check out my new post on my blog!

    Thank you!

  6. Andrew_ Says:

    U all Phail…

    DDL from

    or the best way ever, IRC!

    Heck I did a post on irc downloads ages ago T_T

    I’ll do a post on downloading anime in my blog this weekend,

    Been pretty busy designing a new blog heading pic, last one took me 3 hours, this one took longer

  7. rroknedaj Says:

    Haha, I forgot about lolipower. But thats probably because they banned my IP last time for no reason =_+

    IRC still rocks though XD. So Bon, Sheng Loong here are your links. XD

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