Vampire Knights – 4

Oh no! Not Zero! A really interesting episode though.
Vampire Knights


Yuuki is still in shock after being bitten by Zero, and Kaname immediately brings her away. Before he leaves he asks Zero whether Yuuki’s blood tastes good, which snaps Zero out of his daze, making him realize what he just did. Later on, Kaien (headmaster) tells Yuuki about the effects of a pureblood bite on humans making her realize that Zero was bitten by a pureblood too.

While in a hallway Yuuki realizes the extent of Zero’s suffering. Finally realizing that the blood pills were for him and that for the past 4 years he’s been suffering. She overhears Kaien and Kaname talking about transferring Zero to the night class. She also realizes that her calling vampires ‘beasts in human form’ must have hurt him alot.

After class the next day she decides to talk Kaname out of transferring Zero out of the day class. She uses her authority as a prefect to enter the moon dorm, but she meets Aidou along the way. They start talking and Aidou says that he knows the smell of blood the night Zero bit her came from her and that Kaname asked them to keep quiet about it. This makes Yuuki happy but angers Aidou. He freezes the ground and her arm with his powers and tries to force out information on who bit her. Before  he can do anything else Kaname arrives and melts all the ice, slaps Aidou and asks him to leave.

Kaname asks her if shes okay and asks her to leave, saying that the moon dorm is not a safe place. Before she leaves she pleads Kaname not to transfer Zero, saying that she really hurt him with her words. Kaname says he can’t do it even for her. He goes on to say that even Zero would eventually become a type E vampire, losing his sanity, like the child vampire in the previous episode. This shocks Yuuki greatly.

At night, Zero thinks about what he’s done and tries to shoot himself with his Bloody Rose. He is stopped by Yuuki who came by to apologize. He then pins her down and asks her to shoot him before he turns into a level E, which she refuses straight on. Zero then gets up, leaves for the moon dorm and asks Yuuki not to bother with him anymore. She runs after Zero, hugs him from behind and says that everythings okay and that she will support him, which causes him to stop.

Elsewhere, Kaien meets with a man who is dressed in ornamental chinese robes. The man asks how Zero is doing, to which Kaien replies is doing fine. He also says that he has an agent is Cross academy who will set right anything that he deems is going wrong with the vampires, a threat.

My thoughts;

Wow, I actually feel really sorry for Zero. Some people I know think he’s too emo a character for their liking, but I can’t say I feel the same way. In this episode, Zero is portrayed as a very lonely and troubled person. I mean 4 years trying to suppress his vampire nature is quite a feat. Its like getting a drug addict to go 4 months without drugs with no rehab.

On the other hand, Kaname’s personality is slowly revealed to us. From what I can see, He’s a very lonely person too. Now this love triangle thing could go many ways but at the moment I’m more interested in seeing the relationship between Zero and Yuuki develop than the alternative.

Anyway, thats all for today. This is Ezra signing out!



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