Itazura Na Kiss – 5

Haha, I remember the days of studying for my finals too. Oh those hectic and eternally stressful days, can’t say I miss them but looking back they were rather fun. Too bad college life isn’t the same. Oh well, on to the screenshots.

Itazura Na Kiss


Very short summary today. This episode skips forward a few months, Kotoko and the rest of class F are getting ready for the finals. They’re worried that with their abysmal results they’re not going to be able to get into college. Somehow, Jinko and Satomi manage to get Kotoko to ask Irie to tutor them. He evntually does, though unwillingly. The matter then escalates until the whole of class F, with the exception of Kin want Irie to tutor them.

After tutoring them, its night time and Kotoko makes some tea for Irie who is out on his houses balcony. They talk about getting into a university and Irie reveals that he doesn’t really want to go a university because he doesn’t see the need too.

Soon after, the students of class F end up getting a present for Irie, since he tutored them. Kotoko wants to get a christmas present for him too and spots a germanium bracelet on display at a jewelery store. She gets a part time job at a restaurant to earn money to buy it for him. Initially a secret, Irie spots her working anyway while out with his friend.

Back home, the entire family exchanges presents. Kotoko decides to give Irie his present, the bracelet she was working to buy, which Irie says is a health item for old men. Poor Kotoko. Irie’s parents give Kotoko a present too, a photo holder. When asked where his present for Kotoko was, Irie just replies he has none but agrees to one picture with Kotoko, much to the delight of everyone.

Just as the picture is about to be taken Irie repeats the welcome line Kotoko used when working at the restaurant, shocking Kotoko and thus making the only picture Irie was ever willing to take with her a funny spectacle to keep.

My thoughts;

They say shoujo anime/manga can leave a smile on your face that won’t come off without use of excessive force. Today, I’ve just learned thats true.

This episode was so chock full of funny and ‘aww’ moments that I was grinning my entire way through this episode. I think I’ve said this before but the 10 years of manga time this anime will cover would be a great way to see a couple such as them develop. Sweet, really sweet! =D

Anyway, as usual I totally can’t wait for the next episode. Did I mention that time flies in this anime? Cause in the next episode its already valentines day. Oh the catastrophic chain of madness induced film we will undoubtedly see next episode is going to be much fun. So until then!



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