Allison To Lillia – 5

Just when I thought things had cooled down, we’re off on another adventure again. Loving it? YES MUCH!

Allison To Lillia


Again, I‘ll try to make this as short as I can possibly make it.

So, summer has passed and winter has just arrived. Wil is on a school trip to Ikstova (not sure how its spelled yet). While visiting a famous site, a cliff with an enormous drop, Wil gets ‘kidnapped’ by three men. They push him into a jeep, and false alarm, its actually Allison at the wheel.

They drive off down the snowy country scape while catching up. Allison is in Ikstova for a joint rescue operation with the Sou Beil army, which had just finished yesterday, leaving the two free. She also wants to tell him something important but backs out, first confession; fail. They see posters of a politician running for presidency, who is going to hold a speech the next day, apparently wanting to break free of Roxche.

They continue talking on the way about the local trading until they reach the Sou Beil military encampment. There they meet Benedict, who has become a hero and a major since their last adventure together. They have a talk over tea about both countries reducing the size of their military. While this doesn’t bode well for either Allison or Benedict, he is happy that they’re not enemies anymore.

Benedict asks them to join a party with him later as they get ready to leave the camp and they agree. Allison talks Wil into getting some tea at another town. On the way Allison tells Wil of her ‘secondary income’, smuggling caviar, despite reproach from Wil. She tries to confess to WIl again but, second try; fail. They are suddenly caught in a snowstorm. Allison changes her plans and tries to reach a nearby village for shelter.

Back in camp, Benedict decides to go look for the two using some sort of snowmobile, except with a propeller at the rear, called the Aerosun. Back on the road, Allison and Wil reach a small village. The first person they meet is an old woman who tells them to take shelter at the town square. After they leave, she immediately contacts some people through a phone in a basement claiming that the two are suspicious.

In a town, Benedict is crossing out towns on a makeshift map he made. He still can’t find the two and continues his search. In the town square, Allison and Wil have tea while conversing with an old lady. Wil comments about the insignias of the royal family of Ikstova they see on a wall. He notices something peculiar about the insignia of the princess, a twinflower, which seems to have only one flower left. The old lady leaves them hastily to join her comrades outside, who want to take the two into questioning. Inside, Wil tells Allison about the history of the royal family of Ikstova, whom all apparently died in a fire. However, the bodies had gunshot wounds on them.

Later, Allison tries to ask Wil to stay with her after he graduates, since Wil is aiming to study at the federal university. Just as she pops the question she finds Wil asleep, but suddenly she starts to feel drowsy too. They both fall asleep, there we’re sleep inducers in the tea.

Benedict arrives outside a path with tire tracks that is supposed to lead nowhere and follows it. On the way he sees a girl, and asks her to have some tea with him, which she flatly denies. Giving up, he asks her the name of the town ahead. However, instead of answering him, she takes one look at the paper he used as a map, the poster of the politician and starts crying.

She asks him to take her to the capital immediately but gets interrupted by her friends to whom she runs off too. Benedict follows suit.

My thoughts;

I tried to write a short summary, I really did but I guess I got carried away. Thats how gripping this episode was. I heard a few people complaining about the pacing of this show, but with this episode, I’d like to think they’ve changed their minds. To me, this episode was the best so far, from the chat on the road to their discussion of the condition of Ikstova.

Anyway, two lessons to learn from this episode. Lesson one, tea is nice and all but don’t drink it if you don’t know where it came from! Or rather don’t drink it if a suspicious old lady gave it to you! By my count they must have drank tea some way or another in every episode, is tea the beer of ‘Allison and Lillia’?

Lesson two, if you’re gonna confess to someone you like don’t beat around the bush or you might be stopped by snowstorms or drugged tea! Furthermore, Its hot in here? Thats the most revealing line you could use! Love can do funny things to people. I have to sympathize with poor Allison here, one failure I can understand, two I can accept, but three? The poor girl. On a second though, I like her forwardness. To me, she is the driving force behind their relationship with Wil being the ever bemused male.

Back to their conversations on the road. It really warmed my heart to see the two interacting like they did while taking a drive through the country. They really looked like a married couple (although no guy should let his girl drive him, thats not manly! xD) for all its worth. Benedict seemed to be a little lonely in this episode with all the unwanted attention hes getting, but I see a remedy for that in Fiona

With the introduction of Fiona, the other girl we see in the ending theme, I’d say the main cast is complete. I’d like to know what her part in the coming coup d’etat will be.

Allison To Lillia 5.1
So thanks for bearing to read this really long post and If you’re hoping for the next episode as much as me, I’d just like to say that it should be worth the wait. Ezra signing out!



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