Nijuu Mensou No Musume First Impressions

Nijuu Mensou No Musume, or translated; the daughter of Twenty Faces is quite an interesting watch. Now up to episode 4, I’ve got to say I’m rather impressed.
Nijuu Mensou

Now the story of Nijuu Mensou No Musume is centered not around twenty faces (the legendary thief of old) but his daughter, Chizuko (not biological), who is in essence his successor. Now, I had a vague feeling that this show would be more than it seemed and man was I right. In the first episode itself we’re shown the brilliance of Twenty Faces in his thieving endeavors, and man was that escape blimp cool. So basically, this anime should primarily be about thieves, namely Chiko, Twenty Faces and his merry band.

Okay, so I guess first I’ll talk about the animation. Well, compared to the other anime with reasonable budgets this season (means no macross, soul eater and the like) I’d say Nijuu Mensou is above average in the animation department. I don’t know if I’m saying that because I have the pleasure of watching the episodes in HD or not, but the animation is smooth, background and character designs are good. Plus, you can really feel that 1930’s vibe Nijuu Mensou is all about, talk about retro-cool!

Next up, storyline. I know there’s some history with Nijuu Mensou and its popularity when he first appeared on the airwaves and japanese culture alike, but it’s nice to see this anime focus on a new character, namely Chiko. So, Chiko joins Twenty faces’ crew after being abducted (with her consent) from her stepparents house. While on her adventures with Twenty Faces she learns how to be a thief, steadily proving that she has more natural talent than she knows.

I also like the personalities of Twenty Faces’ crew. From ken, the young thief aspirer to Skipper, the old and wise one, I just love the way they interact and how they came to be with Twenty Faces. They just feel so much like a band of thieves that I can’t help but grin at their antics together.
Nijuu Mensou

Okay, time for the big one. Voice acting is really great too. Twenty Faces just exudes the kind of suaveness a master thief would have, I just love his voice! However, the greatest shocker for me was the highly acclaimed Aya Hirano who voiced certain other characters such as Haruhi ( from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, another anime I liked!) and Konata (from Lucky Star, in which I really couldn’t tell it was her). Now, many people we’re and still are raving about how great her voice acting is and I share that same sentiment. Her acting as Chiko is just so fitting, I mean, It’s hard to believe that she can adapt her voice to the character she voices so easily, but hey, I guess it’s a gift!

Musicwise Nijuu Mensou does just fine, suiting the era and perspective very well. The car chase theme in the first episode felt like some old detective movie to me, which in my opinion is really cool! The jazzy music for Twenty faces’ escape is what really shines though, adding to that whole master thief look!

From the OP and ED I’m also guessing that Twenty Faces will disappear sooner or later and that Chiko will be looking for him. I don’t know what to make of it yet, but I’m guessing it’ll cool too! So with all that said, I think that Nijuu Mensou No Musume will be an awesome ride and I’m really looking forward to future episodes. Hope you enjoy it too!



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