Vampire Knights – 5

Sorry for the delay on this post, but I had trouble getting a subbed version of this episode. Though, I seriously regret not trying to find it earlier, this episode is intense!
Vampire Knights


Yuuki’s resolve to help Zero is understood by Kaien, who gives her a method (in the form of a ring) that can subdue Zero temporarily. With this he is allowed to remain in the day class by Kaname.

At night, Yuuki is performing her prefectorial duties and notices Zero isn’t there. The next day, there is a new teacher who is teaching Yuuki’s class ethics, introducing himself as Yagari Touga. However, at the sight of Touga, Zero immediately leaves the classroom followed by Yuuki who volunteers to bring him back.

As she catches up with Zero at the school gates, they are met by Kaien who gives them things to do in town. After completing Kaien’s tasks, Zero and Yuuki settle down in a cafe. Zero leaves the cafe after being called a night class student by one of the attendants and gets a strange feeling in his head and dissapears. While looking for him, Yuuki gets attacked by a vampire but before it can do any harm is stopped by Zero. The Level E lunges again but is sliced in half by Ichijou. When asked why he killed another vampire, Ichijou asks them to come to the moon dorm later at night.

At night, Yuuki reaches the moon dorm gate and sees Zero already there. Before they go in, Zero hands Yuuki a gun and asks her to use it on him if he gets out of control stating that the method Kaien gave them was only temporary. She accepts it but states that she will never use it.

On entering the Moon Dorm, they meet with Aidou and Kain, who are their guides for the night. They reach a space in the moon dorm where the vampires are gathered and meet Ichijou. Apparently, he called them here for his birthday. Going straight to the point, Yuuki asks why Ichijou disposed of the Level E. He with the help of Aidou, explain that level E’s are the lowest in the hierarchy of vampires and were once made into weapons in the war between vampires and vampire hunters. So it is their responsibility to dispose of Level E’s.

Kaname, who is sitting on a chair watching asks both Yuuki to sit with him, saying that it is the safest place among the vampires there. He uses his powers to heal Yuuki’s hands and asks if Zero sympathized with the Level E earlier. Zero draws his bloody rose in anger but is stopped by Seiren, Kanames aide. Aidou retorts in ager and states that committing such an act to a pureblood is intolerable. This surprises Yuuki, who didin;t know Kaname was a pureblood. To stop fights, Ichijou asks everyone to enjoy the party.

In the headmasters room, Kaien and Toudou are talking about the incident earlier. When asked why Toudou is at the academy he justs says that he has an oath to fulfill.

At the party, Zero suddenly runs off and is followed by Yuuki. She finds him beside a pool and is told the horrible truth that Zero’s body is unable to accept blood pills. Just as Zero is about to bite her, she throws herself along with Zero into the pool, which wakes him up.

Suddenly Zero is shot on the shoulders by Toudou. Though shocked Zero manages to calls him master.

My thoughts;

My goodness, they just don’t let up on pounding the poor guy do they? Not long ago we find that Zero was showing vampiric tendencies, even sooner he ends up biting Yuuki, and now his body doesn’t accept blood tablets? This episode really made me sympathize with Zero’s condition. I mean not only is he unable to turn back into a human, now he can’t even control himself anymore. Now, what I really like about this episode is that Yuuki still decides not to give up on Zero, which in my predictions will be very vital to the story of Vampire Knights.

However, one person I’m not liking at the moment is Kaname. I don’t know but I feel that he has a touch of dominatrix in his personality. Even though he cares very much for Yuuki, I don’t think he gives a hoot about Zero’s condition or his subordinates. Anyway, only time will tell.

So, I’m already downloading the next episode as I’m typing this. Look forward to a review on episode 6 soon!



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