Itazura Na Kiss – 6

Nice episode, the awesome LOL moments that we’ve come to expect from Itazura are replaced by relationship development, but hey, thats awesome too!
Itazura Na Kiss


Just the main Highlights today.

So we find out that Kin won’t be going to college (because he failed his entrance exams >_< ) and will be getting a job as a chef apprentice with Kotoko’s father.

Kotoko also manages to mess up Irie’s center exams. Because he has a slight fever, Kotoko gives Irie fever tablets which cause drowsiness. But hey, no problems there although he ends up seeing two papers instead of one. Oh okay, Blunder #1

Irie feels that he doesn’t want to go to Tokyo University, much to the surprise of everyone else. However, his father forces him to take the exams though.

Kotoko makes chocolates for Irie (valentines day!) but ends up not giving them to Irie, thinking that there were problems with the chocolate because she got a stomach ache after sampling one.

Entrance exam day, Kotoko decides to go with Irie to Tokyo University to make sure he takes the exams. She ties a good luck charm to his bag, which gets stuck between the train doors. They make it out of that though. Blunder #2

On the way to Tokyo U, Kotoko’s stomach pains act up again. She forces herself to see Irie all the way to the gate, telling him its nothing but collapses once Irie enters through it. Irie of course brings her to the hospital and ends up missing his exams even though he could have gone in once he got Kotoko to the hospital. Blunder #3? Nah, its all appendicitis’ fault! Not the poor girls!

Thinking its her fault Irie missed the exams (thus making sure he won’t be able to enter Tokyo U) she tries to run away from the Irie household. She’s stopped though, by Irie who says its not her fault. He’s decided to take the escalator system and attend the local college thanks to her influence. Life seems more interesting that way, or so he thinks.

Next day, she tries to give chocolates (again) to Irie, but as usual he rejects it. He also points out that she spelled “love from Kotoko’ wrongly, turning it into “love flom Kotoko”. Seriously! xD

My thoughts;

Wow, thats the shortest summary I’ve ever done.

Its pretty amazing how shoujo anime can make a person lose his ability to form any coherent sentence without bursting into feats laughter. Its also amazing what having watched the next episode of an anime and wanting to blog it so badly with one episode still left to cover can do to your determination. >_<

That aside, this episode was really sweet. Even though it didn’t have as many funny moments as the previous episodes, I’d say they built up Irie and Kotoko’s relationship a bit more. Though, I nearly died laughing at the end. Love flom Kotoko. Hahaha, that cracked me up real good! xD

Well, as you might have garnered from my post this time round, I’ve already watched episode 7 and believe me I’m trying really, really, hard to keep myself from screaming out how totally awesome it was. So don’t look forward to the next episode, GO WATCH IT NOW! xD



One Response to “Itazura Na Kiss – 6”

  1. Nagato Says:

    Get ready for some real ACTION next episode. Haha. XP

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