Allison To Lillia – 6

Okay, so Fiona is the princess of Ikstova, and a survivor of the assassination of the Ikstovan royal family? Not that I didn’t see that coming but oh well.
Allison To Lillia


I notice the summaries I make are seriously too long, so I’ll try to cut them short. xD

So, Allison and Wil wake up in a basement of some sort and escape through a skylight and take cover in a garage. Meanwhile, Benedict is moving through the village but notices armed men walking about. He finds out that they’re looking for two escaped prisoners with details matching those of Allison and Wil. Eventually, he manages to find them and they try to flee the village.

On the way they see Fiona being asked to stay in her own house for her own safety by one of the guards. Benedict asks her for shelter after the guard is gone. At night, Fiona asks them to take her to the capital once again saying that she’ll turn them over to the guards if they don’t. Later, they exchange information. Allison explains that she and Wil were wrongly accused, drugged and captured while we find out that Fiona is living alone. Benedict says to wait until the next day before they leave, because the snowstorm will make the way dangerous.

Fiona explains that her real name is Francesca and that shes actually the princess of Ikstova. She wants to go to Owen Nihito’s speech to declare that she is alive, and a member of the royal family. She later asks Benedict if he’d ever shot anyone and if he could teach her how to use a gun. Benedict just says that it’s not something anyone would want to learn and yes, he has killed before. Benedict hands her gun over to WIl. After a little hassle they all go to bed.

The next day, after breakfast they sneak out through the snowfields under a white sheet, so to camouflage themselves. As they follow the route to the Aerosun, they see a guard. Benedict pretends to be Fiona’s captive to get them all past the guard but at the last moment Benedict punches the guy in the gut, taking him down. However, before he collapses he sounds the alarm and the entire village is alerted.

Fiona defends them, asking them to leave her alone. The village chief asks her to leave the three to them. Instead, Fiona reveals her true identity to the villagers. The old lady who drugged Allison and Wil in the previous episode asks her if her grandfather told her about her true identity and what she’s going to do when she leaves. After she tells them her purpose, the village chief allows her to leave saying that she’s now 20 and should chose what to do herself. He entrusts her care to Benedict, the hero.

Everyone then bids Fiona and the gang farewell and they leave on Benedict’s aerosun. After reminiscing on her life in the village, Fiona, Wil, Allison and Benedict head for the Kunst the capital of Ikstova.


Not a bad episode. It seems that I was mistaken about the village. I initially thought they would be organizing a coup d’etat but it seems they were only secretive to protect Fiona’s true identity. Fiona’s Valley indeed. They did let her go a little too easily though.

One thing bothers me though. Aren’t Allison and Wil a bit too relaxed for their own good? Maybe not Wil so much, but Allison doesn’t seemed bothered by the fact that she’s being hunted by a gang of gun totting villagers. However as I said in my review of episode 5, I really like their small talk. Not only is it great character development, we get to know more about their customs, personal quirks and some world info at the same time.

Anyway, I think I should start calling Allison To Lilla; Allison, Lillia and Tea! After all, they do drink tea every episode. Whats not to like about it though? It has more caffiene than coke! xD



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