Vampire Knights – 6

Gee, I’m updating an awful lot today aren’t I? Two posts in one day isn’t really my usual flair but hey, I gotta cover up for the episodes I’m behind on.

It probably helps that today is vesak day and that I get a free holiday from it. No offence to my buddhist buddies! xD

Anyway, this episode is really something. Lots of plot and character development, lots of emotional moments, great episode.
Vampire Knights


A flashback. A young Zero apologizes to Touga for making him lose an eye. Touga just replies that he didn’t give his eye up for Zero to make sad faces. Zero asks why vampires hurt people, Touga answers his rhetoric by saying vampires are beasts that act impulsively; enough reason to hunt them.

Back to the present, Touga apparently shot Zero with bullets imbued with anti-vampire magic. He lifts his gun to fire again but is stopped by Yuuki. Zero pushes away and prepares himself for another shot but is cut short by Kaien who stops Touga. When asked who he is, Touga says he’s a vampire hunter and Zero’s master.

Depressed by her inability to help Zero, Yuuki can only cry in her dorm. Over the next two days Zero is absent from class and isn’t even in his room. She forces Touga to tell her where Zero is and finds out that he’s been put into isolation given his current state. He then enters into a class, followed by Kaname who wonders if it’ll be better for Zero’s sake to have him transferred to the night class.

Inside the class Touga introduces himself to the night class as their ethics teacher. After a short introduction we find out that Touga is apparently the top vampire hunter around. After his lesson, Touga exits the classroom to find Yuuki still there. After asking him, she finds out that Zero is being held in the chairman’s guest room. She finds Zero in his self imposed prison and forces her way in. Apparently, Zero’s was a family of vampire hunters and Touga was his teacher. He lost an eye while defending Zero from a Level E.

Yuuki is unfazed by his past and forces her way into the room. Bringing Zero to the bathroom she makes him drink her blood, much to Zero’s protest, thinking it’s the only thing she can do for him. Losing to his instincts Zero bites her neck. He regains himself but is disgusted at his inability to control his blood lust, saying that nothing works for him; not the blood tablets or Yuuki’s blood. Yuuki says that she’ll stop at nothing to keep her promise to him, asking him to come to school the next day.

On the way back to her dorm she meets Kaname who obviously notices what happened. He lets it, although he wishes that Yuuki wouldn’t get herself hurt while protecting Zero. This pains Yuuki greatly. Kaname is stopped by Touga asking him what his plans are and why he doesn’t destroy Zero for what he did. Kaname’s reply is simple; he doesn’t want to lose Yuuki.

Next day, Ethics class is on self study making Yuuki worried. In the Chairman’s guest room, Touga meets up with Zero and questions him about his wound. Implying he knows what Zero did Touga pulls out a handgun. Yuuki reaches in time to hear two gunshots go off, but Zero stopped Touga from shooting him. Seeing that he’s got his will to live again, Touga asks him to struggle until the end and entrust him to Yuuki. Before Touga leaves he tells Zero that ‘that woman‘ is still alive, causing Zero to go wide eyed with shock. Zero just tells Yuuki that he won’t run away anymore.

My thoughts;

I fail. I just can’t write short summaries. Although it may just be because of the intensity of this episode. I mean I had to follow through with every single detail to feel satisfied with the review. Obsessive compulsive much? xO

Anyway this episode should mark the end of Zero’s self pity. I wonder what they’re going to do now that Zero got his will to live back. I’m kinda curious about how they’re going to solve Zero’s problem.

Kaname on the other hand seems to be torn between letting Yuuki go and trying to keep her for himself. Not much has been revealed to us about our mysterious pureblood, yet, but somewhere down the road they’ll eventually have to flesh him out a bit. Touga is probably the easiest to decipher though, I mean it was pretty obvious that he missed on purpose with his whole I-shot-you-to-teach-you-life-lessons do. xD

So, I’m getting really pumped up about this series. This episode especially made me feel that Vampire Knights has the potential to be one of the top contenders for this season. Not much of a surprise eh?



2 Responses to “Vampire Knights – 6”

  1. Nagato Says:

    Don’t worry about it. You’ll get lazier, and your summaries will get shorter. I guarantee it.

    Zero’ll still be emo though, no worries. ^^

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Haha. For all intents purposes I hope firstly for a yes and secondly for a no. xD

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