Kurenai 6 & 7 – Musicals galore & Love for dummies?

Despite me not blogging Kurenai. I’d have to be stupid to not notice what an awesome show it is. Though episodes 1 to 5 we’re awesome in their own ways, Episodes 6 and 7 were the real show stealers.

So, episode 6. Benika gets thumbs up from me for her splendid execution of their ‘music night’, I totally wasn’t expecting that and I’m extremely glad I didn’t.

Kurenai 6.1

Nice Hair?

Anyway, words can’t express the awesomeness of this episode. I’d say about 70% of the entire episode was one whole big musical and though I wasn’t getting that sound of music vibe, I was pretty much stunned beyond my capacity to speak. I can’t remember the last time I watched an anime with so many innovative slice-of-life moments, much more any of those with musicals.


The hills are alive with the sound of music?

What got me the most was Yamie and Yuuka’s tone deafness, I was practically rolling in my seat when they started singing out of pitch. Yamie asking Yayoi for singing advice was really funny though, maybe Yayoi should try taking up professional singing rather than listening to all of Yamie’s widow stories. xD

However, the most awesome thing about the episode was when they transitioned from regular rehearsing to a full blown musical complete with flowy hair effects and dramatized facial expressions. Though they did look as if they drank too much. xD

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it; watch it.

Episode 7. Well this episode had a more serious tone didn’t it?

Talk about the ups and downs of relationships. I was really interested in Tamaki’s at-glance sum of passerby couples while dragging Murasaki all around. Her being confronted by her boyfriend with Murasaki at her stride must have been something sort of eye opening for our little princess.

Now this episode made me think about all the stereotypes associated with couples. Is the entire game only about pleasing the other party? DO relationships revolve around some sort of equilibrium that both people are supposed to maintain? Though I’m sure Tamaki’s dissection of their relationships is true to some extent I feel that this probably isn’t representative of all courting couples, although I’m pretty sure thats the case with most young relationships.

Anyway Poor Tamaki being dumped like that and all only to find her former boyfriend going out with someone else. Bad Tamaki for teaching Murasaki things that no seven year old should be learning. I mean Lolicon? Seriously! xD

Thats it for this out of the blue post on Kurenai from me, and I’m glad that I’m following this series because everything up to now has built what I would say is a really solid slice-of-life anime. Thats all folks! (couldn’t resist)



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