Itazura Na Kiss – 7, Wow, Just WOW!

Awesome episode, ’nuff said.

So, Itazura na kiss (started with a kiss) indeed, after all, it did start with a kiss. =D

Itazura Na Kiss 7


It’s graduation day, Kotoko and Kin end their speeches as class representatives and get much praise, even from Irie. Outside, girls swarm over Irie asking for his second button but Irie says that it’s reserved; for his one true love, Kotoko. He then gets on his knees and gives his button to Kotoko. After that he carries Kotoko in his arms and poses for his mothers camera. Just as they’re about to kiss…

Kotoko wakes up. Yeah, it was obviously a dream.

Later, Irie and Kotoko get ready to go and as usual Irie’s mom gives him the ‘go out with Kotoko!’ prep talk. As they walk to the train station Kotoko reflects on how wonderful the last year had been, to this Irie replies that our of all his 18 years walking the earth this had been the most troublesome much to Kotoko’s dismay.

Behold the face of a guilty girl O_o

At school Kin tries, again, to win Kotoko’s heart and is also really unhappy with the fact that Irie going to the same college as Kotoko. Soon the assembly starts and Irie is called up to give his speech while Kotoko’s mind wanders. She flashes back to the time she first saw and fell in love with him, also an assembly. Soon it’s Kotoko and Kin’s turn. They both cause a ruckus with Kotoko spacing out and Kin fantasizing about marrying Kotoko. Popping back to reality he grabs the mic and challenges Irie, causing Irie’s mom to retort back, causing Kotoko to slip and make a fool of herself in front of the entire student body.

Speech over, Kotoko, Jinko, Satomi and Irie’s mom are walking in the courtyard when they spot a couple kissing. While the girls jealously question their luck with boys, Irie’s mother goes into her rage mode immediately. They spot Irie from a distance. He fends off two girls who confess to him, which makes Irie’s mother force Kotoko out. Comparing the situation to her dream, she asks him for his second button but is denied immediately. Button, fail. She asks him for a picture but is also denied immediately. Picture, fail. Grasping the situation Irie’s mother forces them to have one picture together which is ruined by Kin entering the scene. Picture 2, FAIL. The poor girl.

Photo attempt #2, FAILED

At night, Kin organizes a farewell party for Class F only to have it crashed by Class A who coincidentally also chose the same restaurant. As they sit at their own tables Kotoko gets upset about the class A girls fawning over Irie. However, just as she’s about to stand up Kin starts singing a song about his devotion to Kotoko. Obviously embarrassed, Kotoko tries to stop him but just as she gets up Kin gets a call from her father asking him to come to work. He dashes off, day saved.

Later, Class A’s homeroom teacher makes a comment about Kin failing his test which angers Class F’s homeroom teacher. He then turns his eyes on Kotoko saying she was the reason Irie failed to take the Tokyo University test. Irie denies this though, saying that he did it on his own accord and that Kotoko was beneath him. He then mocks her feelings for him in front of both classes. Kotoko, angry, pulls out his baby pictures (from episode 2) and tells everyone around. Shocked to his core, Irie grabs the pictures before more harm can done.

He then pulls Kotoko out the door and into an alley. Kotoko is unfazed by his anger and says that his mocking her feelings was just mean. She starts to cry saying she’s had enough and that she’ll stop loving Irie anymore. She goes on saying that she’ll forget everything they went through and start anew in college, causing Irie’s gaze to soften. Then, before she can continue…

He kisses her.

Irie walks away, leaving a very stunned but very happy Kotoko.

My thoughts;

Okay, I don’t care anymore. Call me a sucker for romance, you can even call me a softie, but THIS EPISODE WAS JUST TOTALLY AWESOME. My brain shut down the moment he kissed her, and nothing, not even a sugar overdose, can top shoujo anime in that area.

[Deep breath]

Phew, finally calmed down abit. Anyway, this episode was just awesome. It had the right amount of hilariousness topped with some really touching moments. I mean, I just couldn’t stop laughing when Kin (this time it’s him) said his marriage vows in front of the headmaster or when Kotoko’s dreams got shattered like that. Irie’s mom’s expressions were also extra comedic this time round. I can’t imagine her without that disgruntled, high pitch squeal anymore (“UMOUU!!!!” BWAHAHAHA! xD).

Okay, on to more serious matters. People all over have been speculating about Irie’s kiss, some saying it was out of spite or that he was having revenge on her. However I think, no offense, that thats not how it went down. To me, Irie seemed rather genuine and probably at this point probably has some feelings for Kotoko. I mean, it seemed to me that seeing her break down like that made him realize that he had hurt her, more than usual. So, it seemed o me that even though unsure, he probably tried to make amends. He even stuck his tongue out at the end! I don’t see how that kiss could possibly have any trace of malicious intent in it.

So, awesome episode, awesome show and as usual I’m totally waiting for the next episode. A penny for your thoughts? =D



3 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 7, Wow, Just WOW!”

  1. Nagato Says:

    I spooooiled myself by reading Hinano’s entry on Itazura 8. Naoki’s back to his old self, poor Kotoko.

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Aww poor Kotoko and the great temptations that are spoilers. You either hate them or love them.

    Now that you mentioned it, I wanna watch episode 8 too T_T xD

  3. Fusillade Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Fusillade!!

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