Allison To Lillia – 7, “Like, may I call you Fi?”

Hmm, not the most believable episode but we’re given some interesting plot developing moments.

Allison To Lilla 7


Short summary today, most of the scenes can be grouped in one sentence anyway. xD

So, Benedict gets Allison some wings by causing a diversion. Faking engine failure he lures all the guards away from the hangars, giving Allison and Wil some time to hijack one of the new fighterplane models, Benedict then restarts his engines and flies off . However, before Allison and WIl can take off the end of the runway is blocked. Allison immediately drives (yes, she drives the plane) out of the base and into the town and off the cliffside of the Srankarans. Yeap, they have liftoff.

In the air they meet up again and fly to the Ikstovan Capital, Kunst. As the planes fly in silence, Fiona confesses to Benedict that she’s not the real princess and that she’s faking the princess who died 10 years ago. This shocks Benedict, but after a silent explanation he gets the situation. Benedict also confesses that credit for the discovery of the mural should have went to Allison and Lillia and that he’s sick of all the undeserved attention he’s getting. They stare at each other before Benedict asks if he can call Fiona ‘Fi’.

Allison notices that Benedict and Fiona are lagging behind and slows down to check on them. She finds Benedict kissing Fiona’s hand and immediately goes into a jealous rage. Wil worsens the situation by being oblivious, as usual, to Allison’s frustration. She does a few barrel rolls and nosedives to pay him back. Noticing what just happened, Benedict asks Wil if he’s okay but before he can reply they see Kunst below.

Benedict executes a hero’s landing; right into the crowd (who cheer him on raucously) and brings Fiona up unto the stage. He asks a slightly stunned Owen Nihito for permission to speak. Thinking he’s supporting his campaign, Owen hands him the mic. Benedict then introduces Fiona to the assembly as Princess Francesca, daughter of the late queen of Ikstova and pushes her to the front. However just as she’s about to speak she is stopped by a grim faced Owen Nihito, much to everyones surprise.

My thoughts;

Okay this episode was a little too unbelievable for me. Allison hijacking that fighter plane was still okay by me since Benedict allowed it, but his landing into the assembly was a tad too forceful to be believable. Even worse, forcing his way unto the stage and asking for a chance to speak was just too much. I’m kinda surprised Owen Nihito even allowed Benedict to make a speech. His “I object!” line should have came before Benedict started his speech.

Anyway, I don’t want to sound too disappointed with this episode cause it was rather but I wish there’s a limit to how much I can accept. On the other hand, I’d say my dissatisfaction is due mainly to the realism I’ve come to expect from this anime, so I might be a bit biased in that sense. Anyway for all of you who did watch this episode, what are your opinions?



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