Vampire Knights – 7, Hmm… development?

Flashback, but intense all the same.

Vampire Knights 7


So we find Yuuki in a shooting range watching Zero while he practices. She asks him if he’s okay, he says he is and asks Yuuki to stop wearing the bandage she wears around her neck. Yuuki replies that it’s to keep people from seeing his bite marks. Zero continues on, asking her if she’d prefer it if it was Kaname who sucked her blood not him which offends Yuuki, causing her to leave.

In her dorm Yuuki collapses on her couch, reflecting on what Zero said, thinking that her secret with Zero was pushing Kaname away from herself. Her thoughts then overwhelm her, making her recall the past.

In Kaien’s room we see a young Yuuki and Kaname. Yuuki who’s lost her memory realizes that Kaname is a vampire, like the one who attacked her and reels in shock. This makes Kaname decide to go home to what Kaien refers to as a nest of demons. out to use him. A little while on, we see Kaien adopt Yuuki legally. Skip, Kaname visits Yuuki again and her antics cause him to laugh genuinely much to the concern of Kaien. As he tries to leave Yuuki calls out his name and smiles at him.

Her thoughts surround her again, bringing us closer to the present. This time we see Yuuki waiting for Kaname in the snow, two years have passed and its Yuuki’s birthday (the day he saved her). Kaname congratulates her. Even closer to the present, Yuuki is in middle school now and it dawns on her that Kaname is not the average vampire. Another time skip, we see Yuuki in the streets looking for Kaname but instead spots another vampire. He bows to Kaname, who suddenly appears behind Yuuki, who in turn greets Kaname. Next, we go to the time Zero was introduced to the Cross household. We’re shown that same memory of Zero clawing his neck.

Back to the present, Zero fires a shot and lowers his gun.Now we’re shown his memories.

Zero remembers Yuuki asking him to stop clawing his neck. He also remembers his and Kaname’s first encounter. After realizing that Kaname was a vampire, Zero tries to stab him but is stopped by Kaname who says that his hate is misdirected. Later on. Yuuki apologizes to Zero for not telling him about Kaname earlier but he just pushes her away saying that all vampires are bad. We fast forward to the day the night class was created. After hearing that, Zero adamantly disagrees and says that humans and vampires cannot live together, they have too much history. Addressing his concerns, Kaien says that Kaname would be joining the night class to keep the vampire students in check.

Back to the present, Zero says that his target of revenge was wrong. Kaname silently walks away from the target range. We’re now shown his thoughts, he wants to see the success of the night class. Back to the present again, Kaname stops at the bank of a pond.

Vampire Knights 7.1

No curry before bed Yuuki, apparently it has the same effect on vampire-exposed-girls as psychotropic drugs.

Once again, Yuuki wonders to herself whether vampires understand their partners thoughts through their blood. Another flashback, Yuuki goes to visit Kaname in the newly established moon dorms and meets Ichijou who quickly ushers her out. She enters again and spots Aidou, Ruka, and Kain walking on the second floor landing. Yuuki realizes that Ruka admires Kaname too.

Young Yuuki falls asleep on the stairs and is approached by another vampire but before he can do anything is stopped by Kaname. Shooing him away, Kaname nearly bites her too but refrains. He then brings her back to a dorm within the vampire residence. There he sees Kaname biting into Ruka’s neck and immediately flees, all according to his plan. Some time later, we see Yuuki thanking Kaname for taking care of her, right before he disappears into the moon dorms.

Finally in the present Zero covers Yuuki, who is asleep, with a blanket. As he nears her neck he gets the urge to bite her again but manages to hold himself off. He sees Kaname leaning on the door post, who invites him out for a walk. Out on the ground Kaname finally explains why he lets Zero, a level E live. Kaname goes on to say that Zero’s the only one who won’t betray Yuuki and that he’ll protect her.

My thoughts;

Man that was a seriously long write-up, but hey, long write ups mean great episodes right? Anyway, I really did like the way the animators did this episode; skipping from Yuuki’s thoughts to Zero’s and then to Kaname’s. It made the episode feel much more significant.

Anyway, this flashback episode was great (again). It revealed to me so many new things about our three lead characters. More importantly, we managed to get some exposure on Kaname’s cold attitude. What surprised me was how cheerful he was as a young vampire, around the time he saved Yuuki, which makes me wonder; what happened to him? Was it familial influence? A bad childhood? I’m quite interested to see what made him the Kaname he is now.

That aside, more light is shed on Yuuki’s connection to Kaname. Kaiens whole, ” Kaname is broken!” gig was really funny too. Although, while rather cute, it makes me wonder again, what was on Kaname’s mind when he pushed her away from him? He obviously still likes her. Possessive and pushy at the same time? Woah.

Anyway, it’s also good that Zero realized that his hate was misdirected, but just when I thought he was gonna patch things up with Kaname, they’re at it again. Anyway, great episode. I can’t wait for the next one!



5 Responses to “Vampire Knights – 7, Hmm… development?”

  1. Sheng Loong Says:

    Hi Ez,

    Why don’t you just embed the download link of each anime series that you review on this blog? If not I don’t know where to find the anime. But I am not sure whether it is legitimate to do so in Singapore. Better check it out yourself. Thank you!

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    I wish I could but it’s illegal and dangerous to those sites. xD

    If you want message me as usual, hahaha.

  3. Nagato Says:

    Well that’s because Kaname had the shoulder all the … actually, I’ll not ruin it for you, xD
    (psst, go read the manga!)

  4. rroknedaj Says:

    Im not that desperate… yet! xD

  5. Sheng Loong Says:

    yea..I will contact you after my A level exam…No time to watch anime now..

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