Nabari No Ou 1-8 & First Impressions

Hmm so I was thinking, do I categorize this post as an initial impression or should I just label it as ‘Nabari No ou 1-8’? After much thought (few seconds?) I decided to just add 1+2 together and behold my title!

Yeah, I should probably get to the impressions, yes?

Nabari No Ou 2

Anyway, if I was given just one word to describe Nabari No Ou, it would be ‘unexpected’. I’m quite sure that many of those who’ve seen the first episode would probably chuck it into the ‘mindless action, shounen, and looks like naruto‘ bin. Hey, first impressions right? Well, I was proven wrong after the third episode or so, when the plot broke out of the conventional shounen anime plot cycle and treaded down an entirely different path, storywise.

Plotwise, Nabari No Ou is more or less about ninjas, not your typical ninjas mind you, but rather urban ninjas. In contrast to the modern and seemingly normal society, the ninja society lurks in the background, hidden. It’s here that we’re introduced to Miharu Rokujo our male lead and the possessor of the Shinrabanshou, a legendary secret scroll that has been the cause of ninja wars throughout the centuries. Despite his nonchalant behavior towards the matter, ninja villages all over still want to possess the Shinrabanshou, obviously causing him quite a lot of trouble. So the story basically follows him through his journey to remove (not use) the Shinrabanshou from his body.

Characterwise, I’d say Nabari No Ou has a certain amount of diversity. Ranging from friends who’ve sworn to help him, the people who want to use him, and the people who just seem to be sitting on the proverbial fence. The main characters each have their own personalities; Rokujo with his total apathy towards everything, Thobari’s (the teacher) over protectiveness, Aizawa’s uncertain attitude and Raimei’s whole steady but ‘cute’ personality. Even the villains are fleshed out pretty well, for example Yoite who just wants to erase himself from the world and our carefree writer friend, Yukimi (ninjas with guns rock by the way. xD).

Artwise the animation is rather constant and fluid, no big surprise seeing as Sunrise is behind the animation of Nabari No Ou. Speaking of which, Sunrise has been making their presence felt this season, in Nabari as well as many other anime this season such as Soul Eater. Back on topic, character design is rather good too, with Thobari’s being my favourite. Also, the rest of the cast have definite facial or physical traits that differentiate themselves rather well. The colour plate is reminiscent to that of light toned water colours, giving Nabari No Ou a slow paced feel and artistic touch (contrary to the things going on in the story) .

Nabari No Ou 1

One of the earlier screencaps I took. This one covers episode 1.

Soundwise, I don’t have much to complain about the BGM suits the pacing of the show quite well. The only problem I can spot is the voice casting. I mean Rie Kumigaya playing Rokujo, a male? Shana I can live with, Nagi I found amusing, I didn’t even mind her role as Nena Trinity but casting Rie as Rokujo was just weird. Although I’ve got to give her credit for adapting her voice quite well over the episodes (even though she reverts back to that high pitch wail of hers once in a while. xD).

Overall, Nabari No Ou shows alot of promise and with 26 episodes could go a long way in making it’s mark in this years ‘top anime’ rankings. Great promise, great action, interesting storyline and all that jazz. So check it out if you haven’t yet!



One Response to “Nabari No Ou 1-8 & First Impressions”

  1. pcbon Says:

    haha Ez i watched a few episodes of nabari no ou already,not bad though will continue watching:)

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