Itazura Na Kiss – 8, Seriously out of fashion D=

Quite a cool episode. Nothing much bothered me, except for the fact that all students of the college were wearing suits and dresses. Now I may be wrong but do any institutes of higher learning still require dress codes? Being from a polytechnic (in the science department whats more), I’d have to say that theres no real dress code enforced. AS long as it’s decent its acceptable sort of thing. Anyway screenies.

Itazura Na Kiss


Short summary for today.

So it’s the first day of college for both Kotoko and Irie. Kotoko as usual is fantasizing about the glamorous campus life she thinks she’ll have. They both then leave for campus.

They part after they reach campus; Irie being in the engineering department and Kotoko in arts. She meets with Jinko and Satomi and tells them about her ‘progressing’ relationship with Irie and his kiss. Their shock doesn’t last long as they meet with the rest of the previous class F, only to realize that their class is labelled as the class F on the campus.

After a overenthusiastic lecture by their lecturer, Kotoko, Jinko and Satomi go to the engineering department to find Irie talking to Matsumoto Yuuko, a black haired girl from his current class. Noticing Kotoko, Irie shakes off Matsumoto’s question about him and Kotoko and leaves both of them behind. The two girls exchange death stares.

Back at home Kotoko asks Irie about Matsumoto, only to have Irie heartlessly put her down by praising Matsumoto, faking another kiss and then laughing while going into his room.

Next day Kotoko tries to buy food at the cafeteria after getting ditched by Jinko and Satomi (who both have home made food) only to meet up with Irie. While ordering the same dish at the same store, Irie complains about his small portions as compared to Kotoko’s only to find Kin working there. Oh my.

While still in line, Irie is approached by a senior who begs him to join his club. After being pestered for some time Irie gives in. However, he refuses to answer Kotoko as to which club he’s joining because he knows that she’ll try to get in too.

After classes, Kotoko stalks Irie all around the campus until he reaches at his club room. Much to Kotoko’s dismay she sees Matsumoto there too. As Matsumoto and Irie go into the club room Kotoko is approached by the senior earlier and immediately joins the club, which we find out is actually the tennis club.

Briefing time. We see Kotoko, Irie, Matsumoto and other newcomers out in the tennis court. Kotoko immediately realizes her choice was a bad one when she finds out how tough the clubs training sessions are. Matsumoto being the Eastern Division Championship Girls runner-up obviously doesn’t help much either.

My thoughts;

There are only two things I’m thinking as I write this post. One of them I mentioned earlier, the other I’ll mention soon enough.

So yeah, clothes. As I said earlier I’ve got some major problems with Kotoko’s choice of clothing. Although, since the manga literally had a 90’s fashion sense and that colleges at the time must have had really stringent rules on clothing, something like this should’ve been expected from the start. That doesn’t mean I like it though. Unless I’m wrong the animators altered the character’s clothing set to match the current fads a little better, so I’m hoping they’ll do something about Kotoko’s college clothes (SAtomi’s looked pretty good though!).

Itazura Na Kiss 8.1

Excuse me while I find people to throttle for the guys’ awful outfits, especially KOTOKO’S D= (except for Satomi, you rock!)

On to the second matter. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the phrase “digging your own grave”? I’d say that pretty much describes Kotoko in this episode. Tennis club? You’ve got to be kidding. Kin reappearing didn’t lighten my mood either. I’m sure by now most of you guys have probably been irritated by his unfunny antics to the point of breaking, I know I have. Sure I give the guy points for patience and persistence but he looked like a male nurse this episode! =_+

So, either than what I’ve mentioned theres not much of a problem with the series. Although I’ve come to see what a difference Itazura Na Kiss has compared to Kare Kano (after reading it) even though these popular milestone series’ we’re only 5 years apart. Anyway, just goes to show that there’s no school like old school, right? (ugh.. that was lame >_< )



2 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 8, Seriously out of fashion D=”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    Oh noes, you can’t go comparing Itazura with (the superior?) KareKano, that’ll just spoil the plain fun of watching this show!
    Watching Kotoko dig her own grave hasn’t gotten old though 😛

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    [Watching Kotoko dig her own grave hasn’t gotten old though]

    Ditto. =D

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