Allison To Lillia 8 – Wow, I want a set of intricately decorated knives too!

SO Fiona’s arc is finally concluded. Took some time though.

Anyway, good episode. Alot of light was shed on Fiona’s history and how it had anything to do with the royal family of Ikstova.

Allison To Lillia 8


The story continues where episode 7 left off. Nihito tries to convince the people that Fiona is an impostor. He manages to get the support of the crowd and ridicules Benedict’s naivety. However, Fiona pulls out the medallion that she’d been wearing around her neck ( o thats what she’d been holding all this time!) and claims that it’s a royal treasure. Nihito claims its fake but Rean Warren, his guard (the one in blue) steps up to claim its authenticity. Stating that he was a surviving royal guard, he notices that the insignia of the single twinflower on Fiona’s medallion is similar to the medallion he was shown when he was still a royal guard.

The crowd is ecstatic with joy as they welcome their princess back. However, just as Nihito walks away, Fiona stops him, pulls out a cuff link bearing the Nihito family insignia. She says that she got it 10 years ago on the night of the fire, when she pulled it off her kidnappers wrist, Nihito’s wrist. She immediately orders Nihito’s arrest.

Surrounded by guards, Nihito grabs Fiona and tries to escape. Warren tries to stop him but gets stabbed in the leg by Nihito. Benedict trails him as he tries to escape with Fiona and finds them at the top floor of the palace. Nihito ignores Benedict and tries to stab him with another knife, whom Benedict promptly stops with his watch and a punch. Before Nihito can do any more damage he is blown off the railings by the turbulence from Allison and WIl’s plane, falling to his death.

A week later, Fiona tries to explain to Allison and WIl about her princess act. However, before she can speak Wil tells her that he knew she wasn’t the real princess Francesca. He knew this after seeing the twinflower insignia back at the village and how it was inversed compared to the one on Fiona’s medallion. Fiona goes on by telling them how she met the real princess Francesca 10 years ago, after the fire at the palace. A young Francesca passed on all she had to Fiona, telling her that she would know the reason in years to come. Among the things passed on to Fiona was Nihito’s cuff link which she recognized when she saw Nihito’s photo on his speech flier.

Wil goes on to say that Fiona’s existence was kept a secret because of the Ikstovan
Royal Family law which states that only one child could be born. Therefore Fiona’s village was built for the sake of protecting her. Touched, Fiona wonders if she’ll ever be able to return to her village, to which Benedict replies that she could.

My thoughts;

Oh well that was quite a good end to Fiona’s arc, although there were a few problems with this episode.

First one. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think politicians would usually be hiding twin knives on their bodies. Whats more, those knives were as big as your average kitchen knives and had elaborate handles! I mean if you’re gonna carry weapons why not settle for a handgun at the least?

Second problem. I would think they would have a more specific way to authenticate whether someone was really a member of the royal family. Medallions can be copied you know. Whats more, how would anyone be able to accept a testimony of a supposedly dead royal guard? I mean we find out Warren was a surviving guard out of the blue, whats more he happens to be one of those guards that were shown princess Francesca’s medallion. Thats just too far fetched for me.

However, I guess I shouldn’t be expecting too much realism from this anime. After all, good fantasy is all about breaking away from the norm right? Anyway, next episode shows the entire gang a few years older. Although not much seems to have changed, I just can’t accept Benedict’s beard. It’s weird! xD



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