Vampire Knights – 8

This week we see Zero dealing with his problems as a vampire/vampire hunter. Well, it’s about time wouldn’t you say?

Vampire Knights 8


Its morning and we find Ichijou outside Kaname’s room, trying to get him to come out. His efforts draw concern from the rest of his friends but before they can dwell long on it, Ichijou gets word that his grandfather is coming to visit Cross Academy, much to his dismay. His grandfather, Ichijou Asatou (or Ichiou as they call him) happens to be among the top of the vampire nobles although they still fall below the pure bloods.

At night, the vampire students are anxiously awaiting Ichiou’s arrival. When he does arrive, Kaname greets him. It turns out he was once Kaname’s guardian. Cutting to the chase, Ichiou wonders aloud how it would feel to be able to drink the blood of a pureblood but just as he takes hold of Kaname’s hand he’s stopped by both Ruka and Aidou. Unfazed, he states that he only allows Ichijou to study at the academy because of Kaname’s presence and bows to him.

At night Ruka visits Kaname’s room, asking him about what happened earlier. She tries to comfort him with her blood, noticing that he’s been rather down but is immediately rejected. Running into Kain, she breaks down in front of him, saddened by the fact that her blood wasn’t enough to please Kaname.

Later on, Ichiou asks Ichijou to keep watch on Kaname’s movements as he prepares to leave. However, Ichijou refuses saying that he wouldn’t harm his friends. Ichiou criticizes the schools ideals but is interrupted by Yuuki and Zero who’ve come to show him around. He refuses and leaves.

Later in the bathroom, Zero is deep in thought about what Kaname said to him the other nights only to be interrupted by Yuuki who barges in. She states that she’d never thought of giving blood to Kaname. Zero then pretends to force himself on her, stops after he finds her trembling and asks her to get out. After that, Kaien calls Zero into his office and gives him his first assignment as a vampire hunter. He also says that Zero has no choice. Later on, Kaien wonders to himself about the effects that the vampire hunters association and the council of the ancients could have on the school.

The next morning, Yuuki notices Zero going into the city and tails him to a run down mansion. Rima and Shiki, who’ve also been assigned to hunt the level E enter the mansion through the other entrance and meet up with Yuuki. Inside, Zero finds the level E still holding one if his victims, but before Zero can shoot it the Level E escapes. Noticing the gunfire, Yuuki enters only to find the Level E waiting. Shiki immediately attacks but the vampire escapes again, only to have Yuuki separated from him.

The Level E surprise attacks Yuuki but is shot by Zero who gets ready to finish the job. Telling the Yuuki about his assignment from the association he gets ready to shoot the Level E, only to have it say its apologies. Obviously affected, Zero shoots it. Shiki and Rima bring the girl the level E was holding earlier asking them to take her because she’s still alive. Elsewhere a silver haired girl complements Zero’s sad look from afar and decides to attend Cross academy too.

My thoughts;

Geez not again, apologies for another awfully long summary. Although, this episode was rather interesting to write about.

So this episode we started off with the night class taking the spotlight. This change of perspective brought the struggles of the vampires into my consideration. If i remember correctly Kaname only drank Ruka’s blood to get Yuuki to forget about him, so seeing Ruka all flustered made me think of Kaname as the badguy this episode. Poor Ruka.

Vampire Knights 8.1

Behold the funny faces!

Anyway, we also got to see Zero’s first job as a vampire hunter. Not much to say about the whole fight sequence except that Shiki’s abilities are quite cool. After all using your own blood as a whip sounds pretty cool to me. Pressing on to this topic a bit more, so far we’ve only managed to see a few vampires and their powers; Kain with his fire and Aidou with his ice.

Okay, so far vampire knights has managed to maintain its melancholic mood quite consistently. I’d say this pretty much helps build up the happenings much better, as opposed to a few people I know who’ve said that vampire knights is just too emo for them. Funy, coming from people who watch utterly depressing chinese dramas. After all, a sad atmosphere makes for good drama doesn’t it?

Anyway, thats all for today. Still enjoying my holidays! =D



2 Responses to “Vampire Knights – 8”

  1. Hynavian Says:

    Same here, I’m having my holidays.

    I hope for more Rima and Shiki action though they’re only supporting characters. Hopefully the anime will give them more screen time and as there’s little on them (manga).

    PS: What depressing chinese dramas do they watch? I might have seen some too. lol XD

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Problem is, I can’t remember their names! =O

    All I remember are the plot devices; car accidents, accidental death, accidental pregnancy and a whole host of other recipes for a depressing show. xD

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