Itazura Na kiss – 9 Stalking is bad!

So in this episode we have Kotoko and Sudou stalking Irie and Matsumoto. Its surprising sometimes how good episodes like these can turn out! =O

Itazura Na Kiss 9


We find Kotoko having a meal in the cafeteria with Jinko and Satomi who’re talking about how great the guys in the ski club are. Kotoko, sporting a racquet  mark on her face dissaproves but is cut short by Sudou who’s  come to greet her. Jinko and Satomi comment on how nice he is after he leaves but Kotoko knows otherwise.  Apparently, Sudou turns into a manic instructor when holding his tennis racquet. Flashback, we see Kotoko, Matsumoto and the other new recruits on the court. Sudou, in his tennis mode, starts smashing tennis balls into everyone. Kotoko blocks, but the racquet leaves a grid patterned mark on her face. Kotoko goes on to say that Irie laughed at her because of it too.

Later, during practice Kotoko is on ball picking duty opposed to Matsumoto who’s already training for the beginners tournament.  Noticing Irie’s absence  Kotoko  is perplexed, only to have Matsumoto say that Irie’s under special conditions, namely; he only joins tournaments  and comes when he feels like it.  Poor Kotoko.

On the train later, Kotoko notices people talking about a new couples movie thats currently airing; metal heart and decides to ask Irie out. At night she asks him but is promptly rejected (as always), Irie even asks her to go alone. The next day Matsumoto asks Irie out to see the same movie, and she has tickets too. The following day, Kotoko is alone at the cinema entrance because Jinko and Satomi bailed out at the last moment. Having her fantasy about how wonderful a time she’d have with Irie if he came along interupted, she noticed Irie and Matsumoto going to watch the movie. Before she can mope long about it she notices Sudou nearby in a similar situation. He’s got tickets and they both decide to stalk Irie and Matsumoto.

In the cinema they take turns stopping Matsumoto from advancing on Irie, much to Sudou’s delight (he gets to touch her hand). Later on outside, Matsumoto comments on how shallow the movie was but Irie thinks otherwise stating that he’d like to build a cyborg like the main character of the movie. They settle at a restaurant and Matsumoto asks Irie what type of girl he would prefer. He settles on a girl who’s; intelligent, classy and pretty much to Kotoko’s disappointment. Matsumoto’s taste mirrors Irie’s much to Sudou’d disappointment too. Matsumoto goes on to say that they’d probably make a good couple. Irie agrees much to Kotoko’s horror.

The two then go shopping for a new racquet. Seeing how close the two are Kotoko dejectedly decides to give up and go home, wishing for Irie’s happiness with Matsumoto. Just as she tries to leave she bumps into a burly, gangster looking man and spills his beer on his shirt. The man demands a ridiculous amount of compensation for cleaning and keeps up the pressure on Kotoko. However, before the man can do anything Irie steps in, mocks the guys taste and claims the shirts a fraud. He then drags Kotoko away, Leaving Sudou to handle the situation. Before he goes though, he whispers to Sudou to act impressively because Matsumoto’s watching. He also puts Matsumoto’s racket in Sudou’s hands and all hell breaks loose.

Later on, Kotoko apologizes to Irie and goes on to say that if he does like Matsumoto she wont bother him anymore. Irie ignores her statements and asks her out on a real date. They both go on a boat ride, which keeps Kotoko in a daze. Noticing that there are no other couples in the lake Kotoko wonders aloud about it only to have Irie state and urban myth that couples who ride on the lake break up eventually. Kotoko, with her usual overreaction manages to topple the boat.

Later on as they dry off, Kotoko apologizes to Irie again for giving him so much trouble. Irie however, says that thats not such a bad thing seeing as Kotoko’s made his life more challenging. He also sees her as his first real challenge, the first he’s had to deal with, and that her staying in his house turned out to be a good thing after all. Kotoko breaks down and says that he’ll love him always, which makes Irie smile in earnest for the first time.

As they walk home, Kotoko gets a call from her father asking her to meet him. Later in her fathers shop, she’s told the devastating news that they’re going to move out of the Irie residence.

My thoughts;

Aww, what a heartwarming episode. I love episodes like this because writing the summary is actually fun. I also get to understand the characters motives better as well.

Anyway, Kotoko’s antics were fun to watch as usual. I personally laughed out loud at the moment Irie laughed at Kotoko’s grid-scarred face. I talked alot in my last post about ‘digging ones own grave’, a perfect analogy I would think. XD

So, on to the main discussion of this episodes happenings. We finally get some insight on Irie’s thoughts and yes, even though he does act mean, awkward, and all that jazz towards Kotoko, he does have feelings for her. Even though this development was rather predictable (to me i guess) I’d have to say the particular scene was done really well. The whole buildup to that point was a really thoughtful addition too. Drying oneself off gives the same effect as that whole ‘stranded on an island’ thing; you’re compelled to open up.

So towards the end I thought this episode was going to be pure fluff, but lo and behold we’re actually promised some drama in the next episode. Kotoko moving back to her own house should create enough tension to warrant more character development. Sweet. =D

Thats all good, although now I really, really want to watch the next episode.  SO, until the next episode then. xD



2 Responses to “Itazura Na kiss – 9 Stalking is bad!”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    Woohoo Kotoko X Irie !!! (Okay so I only supported the Kotoko side up till now) Is it just me or is Sudou senpai and that new chick rather yucky side characters, even though they’re nothing compared to Kin-chan?

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    I’d have to agree with you on that. Also, buzzcuts and mustaches only work for army men. XD

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