Allison To Lillia – 9, Wheeee train episode! =D

Haha, it seems Allison To Lillia is finally going back to what made it so interesting (to me) in the first place; the seemingly meaningless yet highly entertaining joyrides. I’ll explain more after the summary. =D

Allison To Lilla 9


It’s his spring break and WIl is getting ready to board the Transcontinental Express, a train from that goes from Roxche to Sou Beil. He gets into some trouble with the guards but gets saved by Allison, whom he hasn’t seen in a while. Not long after, the meet Fiona who’s in disguise as a photographer.

Aboard the train they’re led to their rooms, which apparently fall into the luxury coach category. They exchange small talk over cups of tea and the train leaves. They talk about a few things; from Benedict’s room, Allison being able to take a leave for the trip (which she made possible by ‘breaking’ a leg), Fiona’s installment as the queen of Ikstova (not yet) to her new state-of-the-art cameras.

Allison To Lilla 9.1

Army boots with dresses? Yup, thats our Allison all right! =D

An announcement is made through the speakers asking the passengers to take a look at the Roxche army’s disused artillery. Somewhere on the train, a grim faced blond haired man comments on how the artillery field will be the last thing the passengers see, to which his black haired companion agrees.

The train stops at Green Island, an island in the middle of the Lutoni river to allow passengers to pay respects for the people who died there. The island is also where Allison’s father, Major Oscar Whittington died. Wil comments that he may have been killed by an ally, as stated on his death certificate, because of his high ranking position in Roxche’s Intelligence Agency. In an all out attack by the Sou Beil Army Allison’s father along with a subordinate went missing. So rather then allowing Major Oscar to be captured and interrogated by the Sou Beil army, it’s believed his subordinate shot him to prevent an information leak.

After Allison pays respect to her father, the train leaves again. On the docks at the Sou Beil bank of the Lutoni River, Major Stork from the Sou Beil army is looking out unto the river. His subordinate arrives and Stork comments on how the Lutoni river, once a great divide, has now become a bridge connecting the two nations. He then spots a seaplane landing, carrying on it a high ranking officer who’s come on vacation. The officer disembarks from the plane and Stork at once recognizes him as Benedict.

At the train station Stork introduces himself to Benedict, who realizes his covers been blown. Benedict goes on to explain that he only took the plane to the station to meet his friends. Though Stork’s mission is supposed to be a secret, he tells Benedict about it when asked. Apparently he’s been asked by the military to cater to some people onboard the train that will be vital to the trade industry between the two countries in the future. Benedict promises his silence.

When Fiona and the others disembark, Stork sees through her disguise and asks whether they’re the friends Benedict is looking for. Thanking Stork he leaves to board the train together with the Fiona and the gang. Onboard the train, Wil tells Benedict that Mrs. Radia (the widow from the third episode) will be meeting them once they arrive and wants him to keep it a secret from Allison.

Before dinner, Allison drags Wil into their room to get some quiet time together. WIl, as blockheaded as he always is goes out onto the observation deck to view the scenery followed by a ticked of Allison. After dinner, they return to their rooms and once again Allison tries to tempt Wil to take a peek at her changing but as usual; she fails.

My thoughts;

Awesome, just awesome. I mentioned earlier that I love episodes like this one which in my opinion is what Allison To Lillia should be commended for. It’s in episodes like these that character development and small talk just blend together so perfectly, under the guise of a train ride.

I remember writing about how the directors make every small moment, every bit of small talk seem so important in one of my earlier episode reviews. It’s as if we get to see the world (of Allison To Lillia) through the limited eyes of the characters. I really felt at home watching Fiona talk about her new cameras or when Wil was asking how Allison managed to get a leave from her work, so much so that the more unbelievable portions of the plot don’t detract from my enjoyment.

In this episode we also find out a few other things. One important thing is that we now know why Allison’s father left no pictures for her. As a secret service agent he had to make many sacrifices, including him leaving no pictures for Allison. The fact that he was murdered by his subordinate didn’t help too much either. Another thing is that everyone looks very much older, especially Wil. I mean 6 months isn’t exactly a long time for someone to grow, but then again I’ve seen some of my friends do better in 3. xD

Allison To Lilla 9.2

MAN, I wish I looked as good as WIl does when I was a student. Although Benedict’s look isn’t half bad either. =D

Also, the next episode promises action! That was awfully fast. Didn’t we just finish one action arc an episode ago? Oh well, doesn’t matter too much i guess. Anyway, what are your comments on what I talked about above, do you get that cool, relaxing, travel vibe whenever you watch episodes like these? If you do, do tell! xD



6 Responses to “Allison To Lillia – 9, Wheeee train episode! =D”

  1. Shin Says:

    Nice to see someone who’s loving this as much as I do. Looks like things are picking up again after the dismal conclusion to Fi’s arc. Why am I thinking of Baccano all of a sudden?

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Fiona’s arc was a little disappointing, but yeah it’s nice to see things back on track.

    Also, I didn’t watch baccano so I’m not so sure about what you meant. xD

  3. Sheng Loong Says:

    Hi Ezra!

    Another long review on the anime series. It’s cool but too bad I have not watched this anime. I am still busy with my exam(so poor). Haha. By the way, how did you extract the screen shot from the video? What software are you using to do so?

    Sheng Loong.

  4. rroknedaj Says:

    Ooo I use the same software that Andrew uses. Just go and type Image Grabber 2, thats the software

  5. issa-sa Says:

    I want to ride on that train!!
    I find it rather odd that despite how the secret service is supposed to be hush hush, all the conjectures surrounding Allison’s father’s death were so easily disclosed to her (but that’s just a triffling matter)
    LOL at Benedict, he looks Harima from School Rumble

  6. rroknedaj Says:

    Yeah, exactly what I was thinking when I saw that screenshot of him. Of course my pic of Harima might have helped too! xD

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