So how has Anime/Manga affected your life?

Okay as far back as I can remember even before the days whence downloading anime became a pastime, before my fingers were permanently grafted unto my keyboard, and even before I became one with my computer; I’ve always loved animation. Granted that in those days animation meant shows like Power Rangers, Ultraman and a host of other shows most people wouldn’t be caught dead watching (although I’d watch all of them! Except Power Rangers…) and we’re far cries from the animation of today, it played a vital role in sculpting my personality as it is today.

Secondary only to my Christian upbringing, TV shows in those days were like my window to the world and to the impressionable young boy I was; growing up in a somewhat rural area (you know the usual small town wide range setting) those shows we’re my lifeline to the big world of whats known today as creative arts. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it was those shows that started me off on the things I love doing; things like drawing.

Now, you’re all probably saying ‘what does this have to do with anime or manga?’. Well, it’s common knowledge that though its not exactly anime or manga, ultraman has its roots planted deeply in japanese culture. I mean c’mon can you think of any other people who can imagine up giant people who look like they’re wearing tightsuits coming to earth to battle monsters? Power Rangers is also the western worlds take on the lovely ‘HENSHIN!!!!’ shouting sentais of the day. xD

Anyway, the first manga I read would have to be Dragon Ball. Yes, yes, yes before you start pulling clumps hair from your heads remember that I was young (around 9) and to a kid all this was like opening a treasure chest filled with manly men fighting! Yeah, suffice to say that Dragon Ball was probably the most interesting thing to me back then. Doraemon came next. I still have fond memories of saving money every week just to buy the softcovers from the local convenience store. I can’t remember even anticipating anything as much as I did back then. Good times, good times.

My comics

Yes, yes, I know they’re pretty torn up and in malay but they’re my comics! yes and I know my table is pretty messy too.. =_=

After that, well many things happened. I shifted, from my old settlement to somewhere a little bit more urban. This change opened new doors for me in terms of accessibility. Internet, a good TV and what have you. It was probably around then when I started watching anime actively. Even now in my tertiary years where coming home means dinner and anime there’s still not much of a change. So, no need to talk about the present right?

Which brings me to my main point; how has anime affected my life in earnest?

Most importantly, like any good kid. It made me want to draw, and I mean really draw. I was at it non-stop, from notebooks to textbooks, even on my walls! xD And though I’ve lost quite alot of my old drawings I’ve managed to keep a few. Like this;


I know the quality is bad! Anyway, I suppose you can guess who this is?

Or more recently;



Also, being the violent (just joking) guy I am, anime even made me take up sports chanbara a toned down sports form of kenjutsu. I’d try to explain it to you but it’s best to just see it yourself. Here’s a youtube link of what it’s supposed to be like;

Not my dojo. Somewhere in japan I guess.

Another example.

Ignore the horrible music >_<

SO what do I have to say at the end of this horrendously long post? Well, first thing I want to say is congratulations on even making it halfway through, I admit I get carried away when I write stuff like this. I also hope you guys will post your thoughts the matter. How has anime/manga impacted your life? Has it made a significant difference in the way you think? or has it taken over your life? Feel free to write what you feel. =D


8 Responses to “So how has Anime/Manga affected your life?”

  1. Lss Says:

    humm saw that sports chanbara thing once during my coaching course. does it hurt at all when you get hit?

  2. rroknedaj Says:

    Hmm, not really. It really depends on the person who’s hitting you, and where you’re being hit. Generally it’s quite painless. XD

  3. blissmo Says:


  4. Shin Says:

    Funny story actually, I used to buy every issue of the DB comics you have right there, although 9/10 of it are now missing. I still have my Ah! My Goddess from the same publishers though P:

  5. rroknedaj Says:

    Thanks I think O_o

    Exactly, except now a few of mine are missing too. XD

  6. chaos Says:

    Hey, Thanks for your comment on my Tezuka’s post. While reading through your post, I’ve notice ultraman, and I remember this fact that I read on Tezuka’s manga biography – when Tezuka first anime (and Japan’s first anime) Astro Boy were broadcasting, rival television studios came with some rival for the ultra popular Astro Boy. Guessed who already? Yes, it was Ultraman!

  7. rroknedaj Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that! O_o

  8. Chance Macentee Says:

    Fantastic advice throughout that page, anime consumes a lot of of my personal work-time.

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