Vampire Knights – 9

Well, this episode introduces yet another character who seems to be vital to the storyline. In this episode Zero also spends most of his time succumbing to lapses paranoia. Anyway, screenies!

Vampire Knights 9


Zero wakes up from a dream of his past; one of him being held by the silver haired pureblood woman who bit him. Later on, while finishing their normal prefect tasks (keeping hordes of screaming fangirls from the night class students) Yuuki gets pushed by the crowd all the way to night class’ classroom where she gets rescued by Aidou who pulls her in. Kaname asks him to let her go and Zero pulls her out. The vampires comment on how tiring the upcoming ball is going to be. At night, a carriage approaches and a girl in a hood gets off.

In his room Kaien tells Yuuki that it was Zero’s duty to exterminate the Level E (last episode) and asks her to give Kurenai Maria, the new night class student a tour. On the way to the night class classroom, Maria talks about her insecurity in fitting in with the other vampires but Yuuki quickly encourages her. The night class students have a discussion over the new student too but are interrupted by Maria herself, who creates a spectacle by fondling Kaname’s hand, much to the shock of the other vampires. She then leaves, leaving the class in confusion.

On the grounds Yuuki spots Zero and goes to talk to him. She asks for his thoughts on his recent mission and he says its not her problem, on the contrary Yuuki say’s it is her problem since he’s her responsibility and he gives up. Suddenly he sees Maria and instantly pulls out his Bloody Rose pointing it at her. Shocked, Yuuki stops Zero, who shakily wakes from his daze. Maria thanks her and runs off.

The next evening, class starts for the night class. Addressing the class Touga notices Maria staring at him, while from behind Zero watches over her. At night, Maria visits Kaname’s room and asks him to let her stay at separate dorms because she can’t adapt to the moon dorms yet, he agrees, to the shock of the other vampires. On a balcony Aidou and Kain check through Maria’s background. Kain finds nothing weird but Aidou changes the subject and asks if he’s ever met Hiou Shizuka, the woman who killed Zero’s family. He replies that he hasn’t and they stop talking about the subject.

The next day, Yuuki, Zero and Yori stopped by their class president who warns Yuuki to study for her test to make sure that their class doesn’t end up on backstage duty for the ball. They hear screams and see Ichijou trying to catch up with Maria, who’s running all over the grounds. Aidou also comes to visit them, this time wanting to talk with Zero. He hugs Yuuki on purpose causing all the girls around to chase her in jealousy. She tries to hide and meets Ichijou who lost Maria because he’s also hiding from the girls. They have a little talk about Kaname and how he doesn’t use his ability to control other vampires as a pureblood.

On a rooftop, Zero asks Aidou what Maria’s relation to Hiou is. Aidou says that Maria’s just a distant relative. Unsatisfied, Zero wonders if the reason no one could find Hiou for four years was because her appearance had changed. He says he doesn’t know and wants to know how Zero feels because Zero’s the only one who has a bloody bond with Hiou. Suddenly, Zero notices Maria watching him and she runs away.

At night, Kaname asks Ichijou to take care of Maria. Elsewhere, Maria talks to her masked companion about how much Zero has grown.

My thoughts;

Wow, another episode with alot happening in it. It’s getting harder to shorten my summaries because episodes like these keep popping up. Which brings me to another point; obviousness.

Now, it’s pretty obvious that Maria’s relation to Hiou Shizuka is more than just as relatives. I won’t say too much about that but it makes me wonder if the directors have been studying how to direct from the great big book of cliched developments. Anyway, it’s not my place to comment on that.

Also, the identity of our silver haired masked man seems pretty obvious too, doesn’t it? Even those who haven’t watched episode 10 (I should really write these reviews before the next episode comes out huh?) should be able to figure out his real identity.

That aside, this was a good episode with a lot of plot development. Is it just me or does Kaname seem to get more sinister in every episode? I thought that his conversation with Ichijou at the end of the episode would qualify very well as an evil villians monologue. xD

So look forward to the next episode (assuming you haven’t watched it yet) and sorry for the long review (as usual)!



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