Gurren Lagann OST Music Videos, sweet!

Now, this has been out for a while but just thought I would show it here too.

Can anyone say awesome? I loved the way they used rap is a man’s soul (row row fight the power! xD)as the favoured soundtrack to work on. Since it’s a music video I guess it’s normal that you can’t hear what the guys are saying (duh?). Other than that I had no real problems with the whole thing.

Now, the medieval setting was really cool. I also loved the way the story played out, with Viral as the main man having his lady kidnapped to serve as a handmaid to our beloved imprisoned princess, Nia. Simon and Kamina’s roles were really cool too and I totally loved the capes. I’ts also good to see that they made Viral’s wife from the dream dimension (episode) Viral’s damsel in distress. xD

Hope to see more works like these soon, well at least until the movie comes out though. =D


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2 Responses to “Gurren Lagann OST Music Videos, sweet!”

  1. Shin Says:

    There will be a lot more from what I heard. Can’t wait for Libera me from Hell.

  2. issa-sa Says:

    Yea, it was ‘cute’ to see Viral and his dream gal together, which made me think that the whole video is really Viral’s imagination at work (though the rest of the cast steal the show)

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