Itazura Na Kiss – 10

So this is the motherload of all episodes eh? So, in this episode we finally see love in full bloom for our lovable ‘couple’. Amongst all the angst ridden shows this season, this episode definitely feels fresh! =D

Itazura Na Kiss 10


Continuing where we left off last episode, Kotoko’s told by her father that they’re going to move out from the Irie residence. So with their things packed and ready to be moved, everyone says sadly says their farewells. Kotoko tries turns to Irie who just says a simple goodbye and goes back into the house. Teary eyed, Kotoko and her father leave in a taxi. The house is much quieter with the Aihara’s gone.

On campus Kotoko tells Jinko and Satomi the news and they proceed to taunt her about it. When they reach the cafeteria they notice a sign that highlights her leaving Irie for Kin, obviously set up by our intrepid chef. Matsumoto then arrives with her arm around Irie’s and seeing the sign taunts Kotoko further, but Irie brushes her off and goes to order his lunch. When asked how things are at home, Irie just replies that he feels that everything went back to the way it was.

Days pass without Irie and Kotoko meeting each other. One day, Kotoko ends up at the Irie residence without thinking. She hears something breaking and goes inside only to find Yuuki crouching in pain. Irie gets her call on his cellphone and calmly gives Kotoko, who’s stuttering in panic, instructions on what to do. Later on, the ambulance arrives, Kotoko follows Yuuki to the hospital.

We later found out that Yuuki had developed intestinal complications, was operated on and warded in the outpatients ward. Irie then joins Kotoko in the ward. Sitting down he thinks about his misdiagnosis of Yuuki’s condition. Kotoko tries to comfort him but ends up crying, only to have Irie hug and thank her. On some other day, Kotoko comes to visit Yuuki, only to find that his mother was already there and soon after, Irie. Kotoko’s father also comes to visit Yuuki but after seeing how happy they are together leaves.

Amidst their usual banter, Non, a resident outpatient starts to laugh. Finding out that he’s been warded for 6 months Kotoko volunteers to tutor him only to have Yuuki and Irie dash her hopes. The nurse then asks them all to shut up. In his shop Irie’s father thinks about Kotoko’s happiness since they left the Irie residence while sipping some tea.

Back in the hospital, Kotoko and Irie have come to visit Yuuki. They agree to help Non study once his fever has subsided. Later that night on the way back Kotoko wonders if Irie should become a doctor, since he did a good job helping Non. Irie is stoic as usual but thinks about it. The days pass, and it’s finally time for Yuuki to be discharged. Non thanks Irie and Kotoko for their help while Yuuki says that it was fun. As Yuuki leaves on a taxi he sees looking from a window and they both end up crying.

Back in the Irie home, Kotoko is shocked by the welcome party the adults have thrown to welcome Yuuki and her back. The adults announce that they’ll be living together again, much to Yuuki’s horror. Later that night, Yuuki sheepishly thanks Kotoko for her help. Passing by Irie’s room, he welcomes her back too.

My thoughts;

Haha, great episode! Not to say that I wasn’t expecting these developments though. Although easy to predict, I really like the way the directors did this episode. Call it a perfect mix of fluff and drama if you like.

Okay, on to the main points of the episode. All in all, hospitalizing Yuuki seemed like a very elaborate plot device to draw Kotoko and Irie back together again. Although, it’s not as if they don’t see each other on Campus right? I can understand that it’s natural for there to be some distance between them since Kotoko left the house but if she really wanted to see him she could. I guess it’s a necessary circumstance though.

Also, Non’s introduction seemed a little tacky but I guess trying to cram many chapters into one episode isn’t exactly easy so I’ll let it go. We also start to see the first telltale signs of Irie’s future profession which not surprisingly was Kotoko’s suggestion. It’s about time they warmed up to each other don’t you think?

One interesting part of this show was the insert song which fit quite well I might add. Anyway, thats all for this episode, since I have a Mid semester test to study for and all that. So until next time then! =D



3 Responses to “Itazura Na Kiss – 10”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    For someone who looks so cold aloof and cynical, it’s funny that Irie falls back to generic choices in life. The Kotoko humanizing effect at work!

  2. Shin Says:

    Oh snap, I didn’t notice this was out. Anyway, good luck with your test. Don’t end up like Kotoko now wwww

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    Every guy needs his woman, or so I’m told ^^

    Since it’s a mid semester and all, I seriously hope not. >_<

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