Vampire Knights – 10

Another thrilling episode, and as expected we find out Kurenai Maria’s true identity! Screenie time!

Vampire Knights 10


It’s evening and as usual Yuuki and Zero are getting ready to escort the night class students to their classrooms. Zero feels uncomfortable when Maria passes by and tells Yuuki to distance herself from Maria later.

At night, Kaien is tutoring Yuuki for the upcoming tests and as he leaves Zero takes over. She notices him covering his neck and asks whats wrong. Zero says that his bite mark is aching, and that he can never forget what Hiou did to him and his family. Yuuki then goes to make them both some coffee but asks Zero if somethings wrong when he grabs her hand. In his room Kaname asks Maria what her plan is but she just shakes him off. In the hall Yuuki asks Zero whats wrong and he says that it’s probably thanks to her that he’s managed to live on, right before leaving. Yuuki senses something wrong and follows him.

Zero goes to Maria’s residence, and confirming that she really is Hiou Shizuka tries to kill her. but can’t pull the trigger. Yuuki overhears their conversation and is shocked to find out Maria’s true identity. Hiou says that her current body isn’t hers, right before her masked companion drops a katana into her hand. As Hiou and Zero exchange blows Yuuki tries to stop them, but is instead stopped by Kaname who erases her memories. Zero feels extreme pain from the wound he inflicted on Hiou and passes out.

Yuuki wakes up in her own bed but feels very dazed. This continues through the next day until she meets Kaname on the grounds. He talks to her about the coming dance, about how they danced when they were little and says that he doesn’t want to see her get hurt before leaving. In Kaien’s office, Touga asks him why he let Maria (Hiou) into the night class, but Kaien says vampires have their own rules. Touga asks whether he thinks Zero is a vampire but when Kaien doesn’t reply the storms off.

During the evening, Yuuki meets Maria who calls her a terrible person for forgetting about Zero. SHe suddenly remembers what happened the night before and asks Maria where Zero is. Maria replies that he’s safe and that she (Hiou) is the only one who can save Zero from his vampire self. She proposes a trade with Yuuki. During the night, Zero, sleeping in a bed dreams about his past with his family and brother.

Back in the past, Zero’s class with Touga has just finished and his brother, Ichiru rushes to him. As they prepare to go home they see the real Hiou Shizuka. Ichiru thinks she’s very beautiful but Zero, knowing she’s a vampire just drags Ichiru away. Back at home, Zero takes care of a sick Ichiru who knows that he’ll never become a real vampire hunter with his weak body. Then, on a snowy night Zero, who’s with his parents notices Hiou approaching. As he opens the door to find Ichiru, Hiou grabs him and jumps away as Zero’s parents attack her. Claiming revenge for someone they killed he bites Zero and kills his parents. Before Zero collapses he sees Ichiru with Hiou and asks him to run.

Zero wakes up an notices the masked man who helped Maria earlier sitting across the room. Zero asks him to remove his mask and calls him Ichiru.

My thoughts;

Well with this episode we finally see the return of action and blood. As I figured, Maria is Hiou.

Anyway, we see Zero warming up to Yuuki even more in this episode. However, thats right before he tries to kill Maria. We also find out that his bond of blood with Hiou is stronger than it seems, which makes me wonder; was it the slash Maria gave him or something else that caused him to collapse? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that slash since he was still standing afterwards.

Kaname also seemed more sinister in this episode. Up till now, I don’t think his motives have been made clear yet. We all know that he wants to protect Yuuki, which was probably why he erased her memories of Maria attacking Zero but why he allowed her to enter into the academy knowing her history is beyond me. It also seems as if they’re planning something. Oh, well I guess every anime needs an enigmatic main character right?

So, I found this episode really interesting and can’t wait for the next. So until next episode then! ;D



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