Some ‘Old’ Game Music for all you fans!

Firstly, I wanna know where is Allison To Lillia episode 10?! I’ve been waiting for like 2 weeks and I need to satisfy my ATL fix! Furthermore, the delay in episode 10 is making me break my 3 episode by 3 episode post streak.  >=O

Secondly, I wanna know why my broadband died on me yesterday. It’s been nearly 10 years and Streamyx still doesn’t can’t fix all their little problems. Slow connection, constant service errors and whatnot. However, I guess I should take the stand of the thankful on this right? After all, less stress usually equates to a longer life. =(

Anyway, on to the main topic. I’m sure quite a few of you here have played games from the Final Fantasy series right? We’ll I’m going to cover 3 theme songs from the earliest Final Fantasies I’ve played, namely FF7 to 9.

I guess I’ll start with my all time favourite theme (amongst all FF’s) which not surprisingly comes from my Favourite FF; Final Fantasy 9. Those who’ve played it would probably be hearing that soothing tune in your heads right about now. Yup, Melodies of Life  by Emiko Shiratori is indeed my favourite FF song ever and since the day I first heard it (thats like what, 8 years ago?) I’ve been in love with it. The world theme version of it; Crossing Those Hills is the only theme song from any FF to ever survive my harsh playlist pickings (my phone/player can only store 256 MB T–T). So, I present to you in all it’s youtube glory these two songs:



Crossing Those Hills (in all its polyphonic glory)

Asleep yet? If not let me introduce my second favourite FF theme of all time; Eyes On Me by Faye Wong. I got to say, who would have thought Square Enix (squaresoft in those days) would get a chinese singer to do their theme for Final Fantasy 8? Her voice coupled to this song is just beyond awesome. In fact I’ve got a few friends who are professional musicians and love this song to death, they’ve even sung it in concerts before! Anyway, the version I prefer is the version that they played when the Ragnarok was in space (for simplicity lets name it First version) while the second one is the ending theme.

First version

Orchestral second version.

Last but definitely not least the Main Theme of FF VII. Now i don’t think Final Fantasy 7 has a worded theme, but it’s world theme was more than awesome and I can’t imagine FF7 without this song. I’m gonna go of topic a bit, but let me say that FF7 was probably the longest FF I played and I can see why it’s been called the ‘first next generation game’. Oh, and If you guys were wondering I raged when Aerith died too =(. Anyway this was probably because I never really played any of the other previous FF’s. So without further adue, the Main Theme of FF VII:

The original

Tour De Japon’s orchestral rendition ( which I think is more amazing than the original)

So, these are the amazing pieces of music that (I think) are representative of their respective Final Fantasies. I’ve played all up till the recent Final Fantasy 12 and will (unless someone kills me) play the upcoming Final Fantasy 13. Anyway, time to pass the mic to you guys; what have the great songs from any Final Fantasy left you with? Do you guys have any favourites? If you do, leave a link cause I may have forgotten their names. So until the next music post! =D



10 Responses to “Some ‘Old’ Game Music for all you fans!”

  1. blissmo Says:

    I’ve never played Final Fantasy before, and my net often stuffs up too, and I don’t know what happened to Allison to Lilia, so in the meantime why don’t you watch a j-drama called ROOKIES instead? XD

  2. bakaraptor Says:

    My thought process when I first heard Eyes On Me:

    What the hell? Are they singing? In a video game?

    This is awesome!

  3. issa-sa Says:

    Any song from Final Fantasy 6!! Well, it’s the only one I ever finished, so yea, that’s my only suggestion -_-“

  4. issa-sa Says:

    And btw, I ‘hate’ all FF main themes because they reek of “Hah, you’ve just finished a game with all these characters you’ve probably became close to and now it’s time to say goodbye!” which reduces me to bubbly fits of nostalgia…

  5. rroknedaj Says:

    Holidays almost over for me. I may check that J-drama out if I have time though! =)

    Singing in video games is awesome! Always will be! xD

    Hahaha, I guess our responses are quite similar. I don’t think the nostalgia is too bad, but as individual pieces of music I’d say they’re gold. =D

  6. no name Says:

    Ah, this really brings me back :’). I had actually forgotten the title to FFIX’s theme (T_T). I also raged at Aerith’s death.

    *Searches for higher-quality files*

    Anyway, thanks.

  7. Shin Says:

    Eyes on Me remain my favorite till today, simply because FFVIII was the first proper RPG I’ve ever played.

  8. rroknedaj Says:

    No name
    No problem =D

    Eyes on me is one of my all time favourites. One good reason is probably because I’ve heard people sing it live, the difference between a live performance and a recording can really do a number on you. xD

  9. gundampilotspaz Says:

    Great post, all of these scenes hold a special place in my heart as well. Brings back good memories.

  10. Off Topic: Two ends of the spectrum - awesome music « Anime Under The Sun Says:

    […] special songs too. If you’d like you guys can go check out my music section for some of my other music centric posts. So, until next time God bless! […]

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