Allison To Lillia – 10 Well it’s about time! >=(

Forgive me for this late post. I guess thats one of the bad things of being a non-japanese anime fan; you don’t understand what you’re watching without some form of translation, unfortunately.

Anyway, this episode was totally worth the wait, 100%. So enjoy, the screenshots, put on your reading glasses and lets get started!

Allison To Lillia 10


I’ve got an exam tomorrow so forgive me if I make this short.

Before they go to bed Allison tries to tell Will something important. She takes a shower and steels herself to face Wil, only to find him asleep. She tries to wake him up but fails miserably. Pouting, Allison sits herself on a chair in an observation hall. She’s visited by Major Stork who’s patrolling the train. After finding out that Allison, like himself is in the military he tells her not to give up on her endeavours of winning Wil over. He asks for her name and is quite surprised to hear it.

Allison To Lillia 10.1

Plan ‘confess love to Wil’…….. Failed. D=

The next morning, Allison and Wil wake up together. Wil wants to go to the observation deck to get a look at the scenery but instead they accidentally witness a murder; a man in a stealth suit pushes the chief conductor off the cart. Allison tries to follow him up to the roof but loses sight of the man once they go through a tunnel. They immediately alert the remaining conductors and Benedict, who in turn informs Major Stork who is with his client. Immediately, the mans bodyguard, Eyen asks them all to get out for the safety of his master.

Entering the dining car, Benedict asks the conductors to gather everyone there and says that they should remain there until they reach the next station. Stork suggests they stop at the military base on the way, to which Benedict disagrees on the count that it’s supposed to be top secret. Reasoning that they’ll be able to contact the authorities sooner, Benedict manages to convince Stork.

Later on, all the passengers are gathered in dining car. Wil wonders why the assasin didn’t come after them, seeing that they witnessed the murder. While Allison asks him not to worry, they arrive at the base. After discussing with the base Benedict and Stork have some disturbing news; the telephone lines at the base are out. They are interrupted by Gaultier Terol, the head of a steel company, a war supporter, and the man Eyen was protecting who says, after showing them a death threat, that he’s the murderer’s target.

He demands to be isolated from the passengers. Adding on, Stork suggests that they should disconnect the front portion of the train (with Terol onboard) and head for the base themselves, to decrease casualties. He asks the gang to come along. Later on, we find out that Terol was the mastermind behind the murder. He plans to get back at Benedict for revealing the mural to the world, causing his business to fall apart. Outside, Stork remembers Oscar Whittington (Allison’s father) and wonders if Oscar’s cursed him.

Elsewhere, Wil and the rest are eating. Wil wonders if Terol was the real target of the murderer but shakes it off as an opinion. Stork arrives to tell them that they’ll arrive at the base in no time. Suddenly Allison notices something far behind, and runs to the back of the train with Stork. They find a military train on their tail, asking them to stop. Immediately Stork opens fire on the train, which does the same.

My thoughts;

WOW, just wow. I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I got the subbed version of this episode late, but it was totally worth the wait. If nothing else, this episode got my blood pumping again. I mean, not only a train episode, but an action packed murder mystery as well? AWESOME.


Okay, I think I’ve settled down enough. So first point, is Wil a blockead or what? Or is it just that Allison has horrendous timing? It’s getting hard to count how many times she’s been stopped by ‘the cirumstances’ in her quest to get Wil to acknowledge her love. I certainly hope (for the sake of my close-to-arrested heart) that they’ll get together soon. I mean, Benedict doesn’t seem to be wasting any time.

Allison To Lillia 10.2

Yes dear, release your anger on the pilow. Remember, crushing the man you love is not the answer! xD

Anyway, I guess we all knew from the start that short mustache man, I mean Terol, was the mastermind. Anyone who plots evil while eating can’t be a good man! Although, his plan to get Benedict onto the train seemed a bit flimsy don’t you think? I mean, there are many ways it could have gone wrong. Furthermore, what could killing the chief conductor without any witnesses accomplish? That is assuming Eyen is the murderer. Stark is also another enigma; what is his relation to Oscar? From what I picked up it couldn’t be very good.

Eitherway, this episode was brilliant and made me want to watch the next episode really bad. One good thing about the episode coming out so late is that episode 11 can’t be too far off. So until the next episode, hang tight! >=D



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