Gurren Lagann Parallel Works OST 2

Second one.

Can anyone say awesome? That pretty much summarizes my thoughts of this video, but as you know I’m gonna end up writing some long summary/impressions post about it. Yeap. xD

Anyway, the song this time is BafBaf! Sonna ni Moeru no ga… Suki Kai? (So this is burning? Do you like it?”) by Iwasaki Taku.

Lets start of with our poor villian turned hero; Viral. He got blasted, twice, is there no love for our intrepid cat/shark? The way he introduced the pachinko mecha to Simon and the gang was pretty funny too. Kamina’s try was hilarious, even more so when he lost. I mean you got to love how they used the black and white portraitof him from episode 8 to represent his loss. xD

Yoko’s turn was funny too. I absolutely loved the ‘whattt…..?’ face she made once she lost too. Yoko digging her nose? BOOYEAH!

Last of all, Simon’s turn was the perfect blend of spiral energy and win. I like how they’re maintaining the spiral energy theme, kinda cool eh? Oh one more thing, Kamina vs Lord Genome, now we know how potent Nia power is eh? Haha.

So, totally awesome use of Baf Baf! in this MV by our friends at Gainax. At this rate, I can only predict more awesomeness to come with the rest of the videos. So until then!

Oh wait, Leeron and Boota totally freaked me out. D=


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One Response to “Gurren Lagann Parallel Works OST 2”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    Yoko digging her nose will be my MSN pic for the rest of the week 😛 The video and the song were an excellent match imho.

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