Chocolate Underground First Impressions

So an anime about the derogatory effects of chocolate? This should be interesting. Screenie time

Chocolate Underground 1

Well this is interesting. I’ll admit that I wasn’t really expecting to be shocked by this anime, but by the time it finished I was going, “Huh? It’s over?”. 5 minutes, thats new. Well what could I say? I was expecting a full fledged 24 minute anime.

Anyway, lets get to the actual review. Animation-wise I have nothing to complain about, or rather I’d have to say that I don’t have an actual impression of it since it was so short. A few things I did notice however was that there were a few scenes that had CG in them and that the viewing format of the video went by a 4:3 ratio. The colour palate also seemed to be quite subdued; no bright and our of place colours.

Plotwise, the show seems to fit my depictions of it. After all, an anime about banning chocolate and a government which gives military power to its health department shouldn’t be taken all that seriously.

I didn’t manage to get much out of the characters since it was so short, however at most we know they’re not exactly in favour of the health food they’re being forced to eat.

Chocolate Underground 1.1

Different context, same expected reaction.

So, apart from an interesting premise and it’s short length I’m pretty much on the fence about this one. I may blog it if the second episode gives a better impression but until then, see you all!



3 Responses to “Chocolate Underground First Impressions”

  1. blissmo Says:

    Haha, too short to have an actual impression – I sorta agree!

  2. issa-sa Says:

    Well the second episode is only 3 minutes long… Dunno what kind of impression you’re hoping to get from that 😛

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    I’ve just watched the second episode. Forget about an impression, I barely even know whats going on. xD

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