Itazura Na Kiss – 11

Phew I’m finally done with my mid semestral tests and not a moment too soon, anymore and there would have been a bloody cavity where my brain now rests. Yeah, it was that bad! Anyway, putting aside my visions of impending doom (I’ll know when I get my results back >_< ) this episode, as usual was quite enjoyable. So, sit back, relax and lets go! =D

Itazura Na Kiss 11


Now, you’ve probably heard me say this a dozen (or more) times but I’m going to make this summary really, really short! Introducing my three paragraph rule specially thought up for Itazura Na Kiss! I hope you like it!

So, Kotoko finds out that Irie’s planning to transfer himself to the medical department. True enough half a year later, in typical Itazura time skipping fashion, he’s in. Right in time too, the holidays are here and Kotoko wants to go celebrate his admission, but Irie’s got other plans in mind. She finds out later from Sudou, promising confidentiality, that Irie’ll be working at a resort called the Romance Village. Annoyed with Kotoko and Yuuki’s sudden appearance, Irie has to contend with Matsumoto, and her sister Ayane, who thanks to Sudou  have also turned up.

As usual Kotoko dreams of kissing Irie while sleeping under a tree, but is actually kissed by Yuuki. Sudou organizes a forest exploration event with everyone pairing up in teams of two accompanied by a dog. Much to the dismay of everyone but Sudou the teams are; Kotoko and Yuuki, Matsumoto and Sudou, and Irie and Ayako. Thanks to Kin wandering aroud, Kotoko and Yuuki end up getting lost in the jungle, while Kin injurs himself by trying to help Kotoko, whom he thinks has fallen down a cliff. While lost, Yuuki and Kotoko get attacked by a stray dog but are saved at the last moment by Irie. Hearing Kin’s screams for help, he ends up rescuing him too. They all go home the next day.

Itazura Na Kiss 11.1

I think he did it on purpose. xD

Back at home, Irie’s father has found out about his transfer but wants him to succeede his company. However, in the heat of the argument, Irie’s father gets a heart attack.

My thoughts;

Haha, I actually managed to pull off a shory (by my standards) summary! Woohoo! \(*0*)/

Yeah, anyway, I know that I’ve said this before, but I think Nana Mizuki voices Kotoko very well. Although I’ve never watched any of other shows she’s worked on, I’ve got to say that her voicing of Kotoko is awesome. Apart from nailing that ditziness Kotoko exudes, she also manages to make her reactions seem believable. I thought the scene of Kotoko being licked by Chibi was really well voiced, making her adorable expression even more hilarious. xD

I was also wondering about that kiss Yuuki gave Kotoko. So is our boy actually interested in older women? or was there something else at work in his mind. I don’t really believe that they’ll turn this into another romantic pairing of some sort but one irritable male protagonist is enough don’t you think?

So, thats all for this review. Next episode seems to be about Irie having a marriage meeting, seems interesting! =D



One Response to “Itazura Na Kiss – 11”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    You’re damned right about Mizuki Nana, though honestly when I first watched Itazura, I could barely recognize her in the role (my first guess was her Nanoha comrade Ueda Kana XD). It’s a pity that Nana hasn’t gotten too standout roles eversince her WOAH one in the Nanoha series, but this season with Itazura and Allison has been a strong one for her imho

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