Telepathy Shoujo Ran First Impressions

So, I’ve just watched the first episode of Telepathy Shoujo Ran (using links are much more convenient) and yeah, I’ll be following this series but episode 2 should be the decisive episode on whether or not I’ll be blogging it episodically.

Telepathy Shoujou Ran

Okay lets start with the plot. As expected, I didn’t get too much out of the first episode except for a few rather obvious facts. One, this show should probably be centred around Ran’s high school life and two, it should involve psychics to a certain extent. After all, the first episode had more of a focus on introducing Ran and all the other supporting characters.

Animation-wise Telepathy Shoujo Ran doesn’t dissapoint. It’s background arts a real treat for the eyes with watercolourlike scenery and a detailed environment. One problem I had with the colour was that it was too dark. Now I’m not sure if this problem is exclusive to the file I’d downloaded but as you can see from my screenshots, all the frames are really dark. Anyone experiencing the same problems? I use the version from

Apart from the opening song, which was quite cool in my opinion nothing much about it’s soundtrack really stands out so far. However, the characters voice acting was done quite well in my opinion. Emiri Katou does Ran’s voice very well, right down to all the breathing. I liked her voicing of Momoko (from Power Puff Girls Z =D) as well so I don’t think she’ll have any trouble with her role. As for Midori, I see no problems as well because we’ve got Kana Ueda (sakuya from Hayate No Gotoku) doing her voice.

So, overall what do I think of the series? Well, for some odd reason, somewhere down the line I got some major Pretty Cure (right… =_+) vibes from this show . That said, I seriously hope it doesn’t take the whole magical girl route. I don’t know if I could deal with that. So, until next time then!



5 Responses to “Telepathy Shoujo Ran First Impressions”

  1. blissmo Says:

    Oh yeah, I agree, the colour was too dark XD

  2. usagijen Says:

    I don’t remember the color being too dark, or is the brightness setting of my monitor set to a higher level lolz.

    This feels like a more exciting Miracle Girls, for me. XD

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    Hmm, must be a problem with the file itself then. This could be a problem! =O

  4. usagijen Says:

    wow, looks like there’s something wrong with the encoding (or whatever you call it) of this thing… from which fansubber is this I wonder o.o

    here’s a screenshot I got from the raw I have (of the 5th pic you got there):

  5. rroknedaj Says:

    Aww, shoot! O_o

    I hope they fix the problem by the time I watch the next episode. xD

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