Kurenai Series Review

As usual, my posts are more than a little late, but then again a great series is supposed to be timeless right? =)

Kurenai Review

Well, I’ve got to say that watching Kurenai was a real treat. In my opinion it was probably the most solid show of 2008s spring season and I’ll probably miss looking forward to it each week. So this being a series review and all I’m going to touch up a bit more on what made this series so special.

Kurenai Review 1

Watch Kurenai! It’s got slice-of-life elements,

Animation-wise, its great. The animation is fluid, the background scenery is vivid and detailed, and its character design exudes uniqueness. Also, one plus factor is the fact that the animation stays constant throught the series, meaning that it was a treat to the eyes throughout each episode.

Kurenai Review 2

people punching and kicking each other silly,

Kurenai has a great plot too. Looking back at the previews, I thought this show was going to be another one of those shounen themed anime, with a teenager fighting tons of bad guys to get stronger and whatsnot; standard shounen fare. However after finishing, it I realized that couldn’t be further from the truth. Kurenai marvelled me with it’s slice-of-life pacing and stunning development. Ranging from slow spa trips to action filled thrillers, with great development throughout each episode.

Kurenai Review 3

people who can’t drive,

Kurenai also has a great soundtrack. I loved the upbeat jazz and blues for all the fighting scenes, however, it was the ballads that truly brought out the peacefullness of Kurenai. The music just accompanied and changed with each scene. The J-pop opening and ending themes we’re also a cool addition to the already diverse soundtrack.

Kurenai Review 4

and a main character with a giant retractable blade attached to his elbow. =D

So, all in all how would I rate Kurenai? Well since this is my first full series review I guess I’ll have to explain my rating system a bit. I’ll be sticking with a subjective review as well as a gauge of it’s genre. That said my rating system will be something like this;

Awesome – Best of the best, saved for my favourites
Great – Way above the normal, worth keeping
Good – A few problems here and there but still nice
Average – Baseline level anime, watch if you have the time
Mediocre – Mediocre
Bad – I doubt there would be any of these on my blog since i’d probably have dropped them. xD

That said, I’d say Kurenai gets a Great and would fit somewhere in the slice-of-life category although it has elements of mystery and drama too. So if you haven’t yet watched Kurenai and if you love random musicals, please do! So until the next great series pops up, see you all! =D



5 Responses to “Kurenai Series Review”

  1. issa-sa Says:

    You know how I knew this series is great? That I ended up liking all the other episodes more than the LULZ random musical episode one (I usually end up liking them random humour filler episodes in more serious shows).

  2. Shin Says:

    Came for the loli, stayed for the…… I never did figure out why I loved this, but I did.

  3. blissmo Says:

    I still haven’t passed episode 5

  4. Baka-Raptor Says:

    I’d say Kurenai has a few problems here and there…

  5. rroknedaj Says:

    Hahaha xD

    We discover things about ourselves everyday huh?

    Hmm, maybe you should try catching up

    Oh well, I guess thats why its not an awesome show, but I still love it though. xD

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