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Itazura Na Kiss – 15

July 30, 2008

Oh I guess I’m late with this post, but then again with stuff like Allison To Lillia and Avatar to write about I guess it can’t be helped right? xD


My exams are coming up once again so my summary will be short today.

Irie and Kotoko go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. While there, Kotoko is frequently interrupted by Horuichi Mari, another visitor who’s also come to Hawaii for her honeymoon. Whether it be at the beach or in the hotel itself, Irie is constanly stalked by Mari. Feigning sickness, Mari tries to get Irie to examine her, only to make Kotoko jealous which causes Irie to scold her. Mari tries to seduce Irie but he says he’ll never do it and goes into town to find Kotoko. The husband Takumi sets Mari straight with a slap. While lost in town, Irie manages to find Kotoko who thinks she’s being accosted by the local policeman. They make up and finally consummate their marriage later that night. Back at home Kotoko decides that she’s going to become a nurse to help Irie.

My thoughts;

Not a bad episode although everything seemed kind of rushed to me, getting married as university students isn’t something very common nowadays wouldn’t you say? I guess thats why they call the 90’s the 90’s. xD

Anyway, I was expecting Kotoko and Irie’s honeymoon to be less hectic and seeing Mari in action didn’t help one bit though. Which brings me to my first point; why get married if you don’t think your spouse is capable enough in the first place? Sure this is fiction and all, but Mari and Takumi’s relationship was painful to watch. Although Irie and Kotoko fared much better, his behavior towards his wife was just out of line in my opinion, you don’t shout at your spouse. Even though they made up towards the end of the episode, which we’re they not married would have sent me straight to fanboy heaven, I thought that they could definitely do better as a married couple. So, I guess my hope for Kotoko and Irie is to have them grow in maturity and understanding towards each other. =)

Thats all I really have to say about episode 15, with it’s less than stellar development. Oh well, I guess this is where the character development portion of Itazura Na Kiss comes in. The focus of episode 16 seems to be on Chris and Kin, which should be good I guess? Anyway, until next time guys!  <=)


Off Topic: Avatar; the Last Airbender Review

July 29, 2008

Now where do I start? Hmm, well, I’ve been an avatar fan since the day it aired, I’ve waited 2 years for the finale to air on Nickelodeon South East Asia (which hasn’t even aired the book of fire yet) and I’m also a Zuko fanboy. =D

Anyway, I’ve just finished the last episode of avatar Season 3 and despite that dragon ball-esque final battle (which was the most awesome fight I’ve ever seen on a cartoon channel, scratch that It’s the most awesome fight ever! D:< ), avatar ended so well that for I wasn’t even wishing for another season.

Book 1: Air, Cover

So, for all you sotongs (What we use to call noobs in the jolly land of Malaysia) out there who have no idea what avatar is all about, let me enlighten you. Avatar is the story of a boy, who being the incarnate of nature itself serves as the balance keeper of the world. Set in a beautifully diverse world thats divided into four nations; Earth, Water, Wind and (you guessed it) Fire. His job, after his 100 year hiatus is to stop the Fire nation from spreading all out war and disrupting the balance of the world forever. Sounds like generic anime? Well, I thought Gurren Lagann was something not worth watching when it first aired, how wrong I was.

Anyway, enough fanboy rambling, time to start with the review. Frankly speaking, in terms of characters avatar has a large enough cast to flesh its story out for many seasons. Each character is developed significantly and more often than not, they reoccur sooner or later. The main cast however are fleshed out superbly; whether their characteristics, background or character development, its hard to find a character without some sort of motive. My favourites are Aang and Zuko, although I adore the rest of the gang too. Going off topic a bit, I want to talk about Zuko. Most people see him as an overly emo character, a stereotype banished prince looking for his place back home. Despite all that buzz about his character, and that horribly controversial thing he did at the end of season 2, I think his character is the most interesting, and easily empathized of all. Aang’s just Aang, I don’t need any other reason to love him. =)

Avatar book 2: Earth, cover

The overall plot of Avatar is actually quite simple; defeat the ultimate badguy to save the day. Though seemingly simple, the episodes, being mostly episodic in nature, show good direction, utilizing whatever time given to deliver a really great story; I can’t remember any episode I didn’t like. Character development episodes we’re chock full of good drama, comedy episodes we’re gut busting, and of course fighting episodes we’re just too awesome for words. As for the setting, oh my gosh, where do I start? Most of the little nooks and crannys in the world of avatar have been explored, much to my delight. Every place in the four nations the guys visit is diverse and different from the others, from lush jungles to high walled stone cities and even tombs. The creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko as well as their entire team have done an awesome job in my opinion, making all 61 episodes of avatar something to look forward too.

A simple illustration of the four kingdoms

Animationwise, avatar has always been smooth, slick and stylish. The fighting scenes, be it duels ,dances, flying, avatar state action, you name it, have all been totally awesome to watch. Part of what makes avatar so fascinating to watch are its bending battles, Zuko’s powerful firebending, Toph’s solid earthbending, Katara’s grace, Aang’s fiesty airbending and Sokka’s goofy fighting (hahahaha). The backdrops in avatar are always detailed, and though the environment isn’t Seirei No Moribito level, it certainly manages to give the background a very vivid and full look. Oh, did I mention that the bending effects we’re just cool? xD

Avatar Book 3: Fire, cover. I LOVE AANG’S HAIR!!! =D

Now, on to the sound. The music of avatar is just brilliant. From the unearthly monk chanting to the subtle, harmony of the sunghi horn (I love Iroh so much for constantly playing that thing), the soundtrack is just so diverse and more importantly; it sounds absolutely beautiful (and sometimes sinister). Also, since I usually watch my anime subbed and very few dubbed, I’ve got to say, the voice acting in avatar is just so good. Dante Basco‘s voice acting as Zuko is great to the last notch, capturing all Zuko’s flaring emotions with ease. Jack DeSena as Sokka is just awesome too, I mean who else would be able pull of Sokka’s joke voice? The late Mako as Iroh was just inspirational too, since he got that whole wise-old-man gig.

Iroh on his sunghi horn. It’s mesmerizing. T–T

The Avatar theme.

Omashu’s theme, Agni Kai, Panda Lilly theme

So, after all my ranting how would I rate avatar? Well since the creators got the idea from anime (such as FLCL) I guess It’s only fair that I use my normal rating system for avatar. So;

Awesome – Best of the best, saved for my favourites
Great – Way above the normal, worth keeping
Good – A few problems here and there but still nice
Average – Baseline level anime, watch if you have the time
Mediocre – Mediocre
Bad – I doubt there would be any of these on my blog since i’d probably have dropped them. xD

Avatar, beyond a shadow of doubt, ranks Awesome in my books. What else could I rate this great show? I think that more shows (non-anime or even some anime) would benefit from studying avatar, especially those aimed at fiction. SO, I really hope I did this great series justice with my review anf for those who haven’t watched it yet; my advice go buy the DVDs now! Cheers! =D

School Rumble Sangaki – 25

July 28, 2008

WOW! Talk about a great episode! Raw emotions, men fighting for love and more Tenma cuteness. =D


– Takes place during the end of the unaired nature walk arc
– Tenma finally confesses to Karasuma, who rejects her because of his illness
– Harima being the man he is goes to duke it out with Karasuma in school
– Unexpectedly, Karasuma gives Harima a run for his money
– Harima wins and helps Karasuma to the airport
– In her house,  Yakumo, Suoh, Eri and Takano try to cheer Tenma up
– Harima tries to confess his love but ends up giving up. Instead he kidnaps Tenma and heads towards the airport to unite her with Karasuma.

My thoughts;

Someone asked me what I thought of this episode, the best analogy I could come up with was, was; like getting a bar of my favourite sweet, only to find out that half of the said bar was missing. School Rumble Sangaki 25 was just that; really satisfying, yet vaguely unsatisfying at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I totally laughed my head off every moment I could and enjoyed it more than I can say but I’m just dissapointed that we didn’t get a whole season. Anyone who knows me personally can testify of my avid fanboy-ness over school rumble. Oh well. =(

Eitherway this episode is a rendition of the final few volumes of the manga and also happens to be the climax of the series. It was a real joy seeing Tenma’s cute overreactions and Harima’s manliness in anime form again. It’s too bad I spoiled myself by reading the manga, so these developments aren’t too shocking or anything. One problem I have with this episode though is that the animation is quite subpar. I mean come on, you’re animating the final few episodes of what is probably the best love comedy ever. >_<

I can’t wait for the next episode though and while its a real shame that episodes 1-24 are missing (the numbering of the episodes makes me feel like I’m being conned), I’ll be looking forward to the climatic ending of this series. Cheers! <=)

Allison To Lillia – 13

July 26, 2008

Uwahh. What a sad episode. (T–T)


We start of with a flashback to the time Wil first meets Allison in the house of the future, in which Wil compares Allison to a dazzling fairy he’s just seen in his book. In the future, now happily married, Wil and Allison are living together. One day while on his way home from his campus, Wil is visited by Colonel Icacia who offers him a job in Sou Beil’s intelligence agency with two conditions; he’ll have to discard his name and nationality as well as giving up his life with Allison. Later on, they meet up with Benedict over a cup if tea.

After tea, Wil and Allison go to the park. Wil then has a flashback to his time at the house of the future, and promises to protect the serene world before him. Later that night, on their balcony Wil tells Allison that she looked liked the fairy in his book a long time ago. The next morning, Allison goes to a hospital for a pregnancy test and soon later that evening meets Wil on a hill overlooking an airfield. Sensing something on his mind Allison asks Wil what he’s thinking, and Wil says that he’ll have to go away soon. Allison understands his decision and decides to support him in turn. The next morning, Wil boards the train and shouts his love for Allison before he leaves. Back at their now empty apartment, Allison wipes away her won tears.

15 years pass.  We’re now introduced to their daughter Lilliana Icacia Corazon Whittington Schultz. Apparently, she thinks Wil died 15 years ago on a train accident and because of that she’s now living together with her mother. Atfer waking Allison up, Lilliane goes to open the door for her mothers current boyfriend, Major Travas. She pours him a cup of tea which he can’t drink immediately because of his inability to drink hot things. Apologizing, he just laughs it of saying that some things never change.

My thoughts;

My goodness, what a bittersweet episode. I was going to write about it earlier but I just couldn’t find the inspiration to do so, good thing I rewatched it. xD

Anyway, I’m going to try calming myself down before I start penning anything down. *deep breath* Ahh, much better.

So lets start with the obvious. Obviously, the storys skipped a few years since episode 12 and WIl and Allison are now married. Now, this took me by surprise since they we’re having trouble hooking up just one episode ago but I got used to it. I’ve got to say, they make a really good couple since they’ve got the whole supportive and caring thing down. From their daily endeavors; meeting up with Benedict, taking a stroll in the park, Allison’s pregnancy, and even Wil telling Allison how she resembled a fairy on their balcony,  the entire episode went into showcasing their happiness together, which was really sweet to watch.

I’d say that the only thing that bugged me in this episode was the fact that Icacia picked Wil, a student to work in his department. Now, I realize that they have had some previous experiences together and that he probably sees Wil as someone extremely capable, but you’d think that he’d be a little more discreet about it. Actually, I’m just unhappy with him because he’s probably the sole person responsible for separating Allison and Wil.

From young woman to messy lady; Allison.

Anyway, the scene in which Wil told Allison about his decision was done really well. The setting was there, the atmosphere was there, and that melancholic evening glow, agh, the whole thing was so heartbreaking. However, Allison’s decision to support Wil made me think of an old proverb which I think holds true even in todays society; behind every great man is a great woman because after all, God made humans in pairs. Allison’s sacrifice was just that; she knew Wil had a so called higher calling and that he probably wouldn’t be able to let it go by without regretting it later on.

I thought I would be able to handle the rest of the episode, but the train scene was just too much. Being the manly man I am, I didn’t shed a tear but inwardly I was devastated. Now, I won’t go into the heated topic of attachement to fictional characters but still, Allison crying alone in their apartment was a real clincher. T–T

From dashing young boy, to  handsome military man; Wil. Man, I wish I’d be able to look as good as him when I turn 40+. xD

Allison and Wil’s lives have come full circle with the introduction of Lilliane, this review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about her. If its any consolation, its good to see Wil (or Travas) and Allison back together in the sense of the word. Anyway, I think I understand what the first half of Allison To Lillia was all about; setting up the end of the war for the next generation. Allison, Wil and Benedict found the mural and effectively stopped the war, so it would make sense if the rest of the series dealt with the new generations lives due to it.

So with Lillia taking over where Wil’s monologue left off, we’re now going into the second half of this series. Pardon me for the long review, I can’t help it, but I hope this series will continue to be as enjoyable and touching as its been. So until next time! =D

Natsume Yuujin Chou – 3

July 24, 2008

If I were to vote on which summer season anime I like the most so far, Natsume Yuujin Chou would win by a landslide. That said, this episode was just brilliantly heart-warming.


Word has been going about in the youkai community that theres a spirit exterminator whos going around indiscriminately attacking/purifying spirits. At the same time, Natsume finds out that theres a new guy, Tanuma, who’s just transferred to his school and that this guy may be able to see spirits too. Meanwhile, Natsume keeps having dreams of his past, in which he met with a woman he thought could see spirits too.

After much pestering, Natsume and madara decide to check the place, called the Fields of Eight, out. They arrive only for Natsume to get assaulted by the youkai there, who think that he’s the exterminator. Out of no where, a massive burst of purifying energy is released and all the youkai scatter. They try to pursue the culprit but he’s disappeared. In school he finds out more about Tanuma, who apparently came to visit him earlier.

Back at the Fields of Eight they continue their search but are interrupted by Misuzu, a large youkai who’s come to get his name back. Being occupied at the mometn, Natsume asks Misuzu to wait but Madara sets him off on the wrong foot after he tells Misuzu about the youkai exterminator. Misuzu tries to attack the man, who turns out not to be Tanuma but his father, but is stopped by Natsume’s command. Apparently Mr. Tanuma can’t see the youkai and is just purifying the place blindly. So the problem is solved when Natsume asks him to keep his purification to a minimum. At school Natsume finds out that Tanuma can see youkai, but not as wells as Natsume.

My thoughts;

Wow, I don’t know if anyone else noticed it but this episodes production values went up quite alot; especially during the parts about Natsume’s past. I think they got that whole evening sun shading thing down quite well. I won’t comment on the music since I’d just be repeating what I’ve said in my reviews of the past few episodes.

One thing that struck me as interesting this episode was Natsume’s eagerness to find someone like himself. Or should I say that it’s kind of expected? I like how the director emphasizes Natsume’s loneliness, especially when it’s done through flashbacks as in the other episodes we see little snippets of Reiko’s life through the memories of the youkai Natsume free. Granted that in this episode it was Natsume’s own memory, but the story of that spirit who, taking human form, tried to comfort Natsume was so sad to watch. T–T

Excuse me for a moment while I restart my heart.

The conclusion to this episodes theme, the whole rogue youkai exterminator deal, totally took me by surprise. I was half expecting (probably due to watching too much anime with psychotic antagonists) Tanuma to be a villian of some sort. You know, with the whole “I hate youkai because they’ve made me an outcast and are evil” backstory. Instead we find out that his dad is the one going around purifying the area, whats more, he’s doing it unknowingly! I like how this series hasn’t created any arch nemesis’ for Natsume and I certainly hope they’ll keep the flow of this episode.

So, yeah, great episode, great music, great whatever. I think you’ll find that Natsume Yuujin Chou is quickly becoming my favourite anime of the summer, for those exact reasons. Anyway, until next time then! =D

Off Topic: God’s work in the muslim community and some other stuff in Malaysia

July 23, 2008

Okay, for today’s off topic post I’m going to be talking about something the preacher for last weeks sermon ( or better known as my dad) brought up. I thought I might just share this with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Anyway, watch the video first. Oh, and I mean no offense to any muslims watching this. < =)

Stuff like this is always interesting to see on the internet and considering this was a report aired on the RBC news channel, it must have been such big news that even they would consider reporting it.

Secondly, I want to address this to my christian brothers and sisters in Malaysia. Regardless of whether you’ve heard of it or not, the Malaysian Youth Prayer Gathering, have recently organized a nationwide prayer gathering in the district of Kluang, in Johor. I would write more about it here but since I’ve already covered it on my church’s blog I’ll just link you guys to it.

So, have a good day you guys. Oh, and yes, I’m still sick >_<

Natsume Yuujin Chou – 2

July 23, 2008

The second episode covers a little more on the dynamics of the Yuujin Chou and the returning of names.


While talking to his friends at school Natsume gets chased by a demon who wants the Yuujin Chou but gets saved by Madara right on time. Over dinner he gets visited by Tsuyukami, a spirit who wants Natsume to return his name. Natsume tries but he can’t because the page with Tsuyukami’s name on it it stuck to another page. The next day he goes to visit Tsuyukami’s shrine and meets Hana, an old lady who worships at the shrine, on the way. At the shrine, Tsuyukami tells Natsume the story of how he came to stay at the shrine. A long time ago, someone prayed at the shrine because of a drought and coincidentally it rained the next day. That was a long time ago but Hana is the only person who worships at the shrine now.

Upon Natsume’s suggestion, Tsuyukami tries to help him find the spirit who was captured by Reiko before him, but with nothing but his drawn picture they don’t have much to go on. Though they try to search for it they come up blank. They see Hana at Tsuyukami’s shrine and Natsume talks to her on the way back. She tells him that she’s been worshiping at the shrine since she was a girl because she saw an apparition of Tsuyukami, though she didn’t talk to him out of concern.

The next day, after Tsuyukami tells them he’s found the spirit, they set off to find it. While running through the mountain, they spot the spirit, whom we later find out is known as Susugi. While being strangled, Natsume is shown Susugi’s memory of Reiko. Madara then transforms and frees Natsume, who returns both Tsuyukami and Susugi’s names. As he does he also sees how Reiko met Tsuyukami. Soon after, as Natsume visits his shrine, Tsuyukami starts to disappear because Hana, being the only person who’s worshiped him, has passed away. Natsume offers to worship him but Tsuyukami declines saying that Natsume is his friend. In some place, we see Tsuyukami talking to the younger version of Hana.

My thoughts;

Now this was a brilliant episode; being both heartfelt and informational at the same time. Up to this point I’ve found Natsume Yuujin Chou and Mahou Tsukai Na Taisetsu Koto ~ Natsu no Sora to be the more solid shows of this season. I hope it continues like this!

Anyway, this episode we find out more about Madara, though most of the information came indirectly. He seems to have known Reiko rather well seeing that he knew of her bad habits as well as the method used to deal with Susugi. This makes me wonder what his connection to her really is? Well, that should be a good backstory for this series to deal with.

Looks nothing like the picture.

Tsuyukami and Hana’s story was really touching as well. Being alone all the time, I guess Natsume would be able to understand Tsuyukami’s feelings. Once again, I’m wondering how the human-spirit relations in this anime work. Do all the spirits get theur energy from human worship? Or are there other methods? Eitherway, the scene in which Tsuyukami’s decided to go on with Hana was really was executed very well.

Another thing I noticed was how well the music blended with all the scenes. I wasn’t thinking about it much during the last episode but the realization hit me rather hard in this one. I also like the way they transition from the end to the ending theme, which I totally love!

So, yes, I did enjoy the episode alot and I’m hoping the directors keep the pacing of this show as it is. After all thats what gives it that cool, laid back vibe its been giving off so far. Anyway, until next time then! (I’m still sick! >_< )

Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 4 – 6

July 22, 2008

Haha, I guess I’m being lazy again huh? Anyway, since I’ve managed to catch up on the latest three additions to the parallel works collection, I thought I might review them together.

So first up is number 4 directed by Ryouji Masuyama, animated to the song Pierce the Heavens With Your XXX!

I really liked the cowboy motif they were going for. Seeing viral and the rest of the 4 generals as the good guys was kinda amusing too.

Secondly, we have number 5;

What the cow?!

Ugh, nevermind. Lastly we have number 6 directed by Akira Amemiya to the tune of To Hell With Gattai!

I didn’t really understand what was going on but I’m guessing all the characters used are supposed to be references of the Gurren Dan. That was some nice animation though, good to see they kept to the original Gurren Lagann stlye for this one.

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 2

July 22, 2008

I’m down with throat infection today, so no long and fancy posts until I get better. D=


I’m going to go get some rest after I write this, so todays summary will be in point form.

– The Ryunka escapes while being transported and merges with Nakasugi, Senkawa’s classmate.
– Senkawa discovers that his body’s been sent for reconstruction on a foreign planet
– Birdy tracks down Bacillus, the other interplanetary villain that escaped to earth but he manages to escape.
– Bacillus who’s at his limit with his current body absorbs Geega.

My thoughts;

So, this episode Senkawa finds out that his body is being repaired and that he has to tolerate living inside Birdy’s mind for the moment. The funny thing is that they can’t talk to each other telepathically, but rather either of them have to speak out loud if they want to communicate. It’ll be quite interesting to see how Senkawa’s life will be affected because of this.

Although Senkawa’s situation is quite bad, Birdy’s not exactly unaffected either. She loses track of both Bacillus and Geega two times in a row. It’s safe to say that their symbiosis is making Birdy’s job harder, since Senkawa’s doing a good job of keeping Birdy’s recklessness in check.

So, sorry for the short summary but I’m off to sleep now. D:

Vampire Knights – 13 (END)

July 20, 2008

Wow, what an awesome season finale!


We’re shown Shizuka’s past. The reason she killed the Kiryuu family was because they killed her lover. As he stands over Shizuka, Ichiru confesses that he’s always loved her while Shizuka tells him that she doesn’t drink his blood because she wants him as a friend not a servant before fading away.

Failing to drink Shizuka’s blood, Zero turns into a level E and is isolated by Touga and Kaien. Aidou hints to Kain that he knows more about Kaname that he’s letting on. While talking with Kaname, Yuuki realizes that everyone has their own pains be it Ichiru, Zero or even Shizuka herself. In his room, Kaname still has trouble controlling the new powers he’s gotten from Shizuka.

In isolation, Zero’s condition is getting worse though he still maintains his conciousness. Kaien and Touga, who’re watching over him have no idea what to do but they’re distracted by a crashing sound and run to check it out. Kaname manages to sneak in and gives Zero his blood to prevent him from turning into a level E, saying that it’s only for Yuuki’s sake.

My thoughts;

Like I said earlier, I thought this episode did a good job of wrapping things up while setting the stage for the second season.

Anyway, I remember stating in my previous reviews that I thought Ichiru was an interesting guy. Watching this episode, I can understand why I find his character interesting; he’s no one special but yet he  follows Shizuka around because of his loneliness. It’s good to see that they’re going to keep him around for the next season.

They actually make a cute couple.

Also, Kaname’s intentions are finally let out of the bag this episode. It seems the chess piece he’s always fiddling with represents Shizuka. Seeing that their goals are the same; the destruction of the person who ‘ruined the destiny of pure bloods‘, I finally understand why he let her into the school. They we’re aiming for each others blood to enhance their own pure blood powers. Anyway, Kaname won, which i think will make for an interesting second season.

So, at the end we have Shizuka’s sad past,

It’s also in this episode that Zero finally succumbs to his inner vampire. True to his character though, even after turning into a Level E he’s still able to retain his consciousness. I was wondering how the directors were going to handle his condition since Shizuka died but it seems that Kaname, having obtained the power of Shizuka’s blood could save him too.  So I guess Zero’s problems are solved; he no longer has to worry about becoming a Level E, which makes me wonder what his role in the next season will be?

Kaname getting some funky new powers,

I’ve always thought of Yuuki as a damsel-in-distress like character but it seems that her role in this series will be bigger than that. Two other characters that i think we’re fleshed out very nicely were Aidou and Kain. In episode 12, we know that Aidou saw Kaname kill Shizuka which made me wonder how he’d react when Kaname brought it up. Instead of fearing Kaname he seems to have understood that Kaname had his own mission to complete too. That said, I forsee these two having a bigger role to play next season too.

and Zero finally cured of his Level E problem!

All in all what did I think of Vampire Knights? Well seeing that I enjoyed the development of its plot quite alot and that while airing it became my weekly staple, I’d say it was an interesting view. Also, it’s the first series I’ve completed covering episodically here on Anime Under The sun, and I really did enjoy blogging each release.

So, how would I rank Vampire Knights? As I mentioned in my Kurenai series review, I go by this rating system;

Awesome – Best of the best, saved for my favourites
Great – Way above the normal, worth keeping
Good – A few problems here and there but still nice
Average – Baseline level anime, watch if you have the time
Mediocre – Mediocre
Bad – I doubt there would be any of these on my blog since i’d probably have dropped them. xD

Coupling its interesting plot, melancholic atmosphere, and multi dimensional characters with great skill, Vampire Knights ranks Good in my books. It could definitely have been better; the animation definitely needs some work, and at times the plot is too draggy but regardless, I still enjoyed it a lot. Oh, if you were wondering, yes, I’ll definitely be blogging the second season.

Oh I’m also going to be rating it’s character attachment factor. Bluntly put, it’s a rating how attached I got to it’s characters over the course of the entire series. After all, character attachment is important in an anime. So, Vampire Knights scores justifiably, an 8.

So, thats all guys, I hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I did. See you next season!