Vampire Knights – 11

Hahaha, what should I say? Late as usual? Anyway this episode follows true to Vampire Knights storytelling method; reveal only what needs to be revealed, but with the climax coming soon, I wonder how It’ll end?

Vampire Knights 11


Zero, having woken up talks to Ichiru. Questioning him about his disappearance Ichiru, tells Zero his tale. Apparently, it was Ichiru who conspired with Shizuka over the murder of their Kiryuu family. Ichiru hated his weak body, his family, and Zero as well as their sympathy for him. Meeting Shuzuka gave him the power to rid himself of his weakness. Stating that he’ll forgive Zero for his existence if he joins up with Shizuka, he calls Shizuka a god which angers Zero. He attacks Zero but is parried, however, still weak from his earlier fight Zero stoops down. Ichiru taunts him and tries to leave but is stopped by Touga who barges into the room to save Zero. Zero sends Ichiru’s sword flying with a parry and just as it’s about to impale Ichiru, Touga stops the blade with his shoulder but gets injured in the process allowing Ichiru to escape. Zero then brings Touga to the headmaster’s office and runs off.

After patching himself up Touga asks Kaien whether still wants to play the role of an observer. At the dance hall, Yuuki is preparing decorations until Zero barges in looking for Maria. They both enter am empty room and noticing Zero’s wound Yuuki asks him to helf himself to her blood, this time he doesn’t hesitate and is very much disgusted by the fact. Exiting his room, Zero is asked by Kaien to be security for the dance. In her room, Yuuki is given a parcel by Yori who says its a gift from Kaname and opens it to find a dress. While on duty, Kaien asks Zero to relax but is stopped short by Yuuki who’s wearing the dress Kaname gave her. She drags Zero into the dance hall and tidies him up, asking him to have fun too. She goes on to find Kaname who’s on the roof, and accepts his offer for a dance.

Vampire Knights 11.1

Hurts like an arrow through the head.

Yuuki suddenly asks Kaname why he keeps treating her like a child, bringing up the incident with Maria. Kaname hugs her and replies that he just wants to protect her. Thinking about Maria’s offer Yuuki breaks free from Kaname’s hug, apologizes and runs off. Aidou also gets Kain to come with him and they leave the hall. Zero notices Yuuki running off and asks Kaname where she is. All Kaname does is say that Zero promised to be her shield, and sensing danger runs after her. Elsewhere, Kain and Aidou find Shizuka’s body underground but are stopped by Seiren who asks them to leave. Aidou tries to question her but Kain says that Kaname has his own plans.

My Thoughts;

Well, things are picking up nicely and it seems that everything falling into place. That said, i’ve got nothing much to say about this episode.

One of finer points of the plot that caught my attention was Yuuki’s relationship with Kaname. I’ve got to say, up to this point Yuuki’s fawning over Kaname seemed to be slowly decreasing but it was in this episode that she actually took action by openly rejecting Kaname. Of course it wasn’t so much of rejection as it was coming to a decision, but it’s good to see her finally make a choice. As usual though, Kaname himself seems pretty torn up about just letting Yuuki go. If I had to guess I’d say he knows a bit about Shizuka’s deal with Yuuki.

Oh yeah, one more thing; Ichiru is really weak. Despite getting a so called ‘new body‘ he couldn’t even stand up to Zero. I mean he lost not once, but twice in this episode and was still unfazed by his defeats. Although, he’s quite an interesting character to follow.

So, I hoped you’ve enjoyed Vampire Knights as much as I have up till now and since it’s climax is coming up soon and all, stay tuned! =D



3 Responses to “Vampire Knights – 11”

  1. Hynavian Says:

    Ah nice episode. I also think that Ichiru is weak and rather useless too. Art-wise, there’s great improvement in the recent few episodes as compared to the first few. (:

  2. pcbon Says:

    hey you wrote the synopsis yourself too?
    XD so rajin~~

  3. rroknedaj Says:

    Agreed, although its still a far cry from many other series still airing

    Hahaha, because writing synopsis is fun ma. xD

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